360 Meridians: The Highways and Byways of the Body

360 Meridians & 72,000 Nadis

We are all connected to the Oneness of Divine energy, frequency and vibration. Although we may vibrate on different frequencies, our energy is always on the move. There is no stopping on the highways and byways of the human body. Electromagnetic current flows from the sun, through the circuitry of the human body, into earth’s atmosphere and back out into the vastness of space. Our primary chakras and nadis (Sushumna, Ida and Pingala), process and transmute this energy while the 360 meridians serve as intersections and channels for traveling life force energy.

You can read The 7 Layers of the Body or Aura in my earlier writings, to learn more on how these components come together. On the physical level, we are made up of trillions of atoms working cohesively to maintain molecules that make up our tissues, organs and other parts of our anatomy. The etheric body contains our chakras, nadis and aura, which is the energetic layer where Qi, Chi, or Prana travels as life force energy. The 360 meridians are points of this body where there is an increase in electron and proton activity. We can liken them to energetic portals. 

Isis and Seti I

Our ancestors knew more about Ka (life force energy), and the Ba (body) than previously known. This is proven by the Edwin C. Smith and other medical papyri, recently found in Kemet (Egypt). Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is as ancient as 3500 years, and has become more mainstream in the Western contemporary world. This culture maintained the knowledge of life force energy through the teachings of Taoism. The Prophet Muhammad encouraged fellow Muslims to take a trip to China, if necessary, to acquire this knowledge.  

Yin & Yang

The dualistic principals of Yin and Yang and those of Wu Xing are applied to healing practices. Yin and Yang principals operate in recognition of metaphysical opposing forces (Acupuncture & Massage College, 2018). Acupuncture and acupressure are healing modalities that utilize the 360 meridians known as acupoints. There are 12 pairs of meridians for each major organ. In addition, two more sets unite the physical and etheric bodies. Wu Xing on the other hand, applies the elements, wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. These elements are associated with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Note, the continuity of culture and cosmology in the number 12. 

Whenever there is an imbalance in the body, it is made manifest on the energy level first, then outward to the physical body. The ancient Chinese obviously used the Law or Principal of Correspondence and the Law of Polarity to address issues of imbalance and blockages of Qi or chi energy. That is not to say the other Hermetic principals were not applied. Wu Xing honors the cyclical nature of the cosmos. 

Zang Fu matches yin and yang organs, which produces Qi energy, to one of the five elements. Qi then travels through the body’s highways, byways and meridians, known as jing lou (Acupuncture & Massage College, 2018). Any blockages or sluggish energy flow will show up as health problems in that area or particular organ. Applied pressure to any area of meridians work to promote healing just like acupuncture. 

Acupressure is a practice which can be performed inexpensively without tools or equipment. A quick example is the application of pressure to both sides of the thumbnail. Just one minute of slight pressure will instantly relieve anxiety and stress. A DIY foot massage to corresponding organs will relieve unrest in that part of the body. This is the nature of massage and reflexology. These healing modalities incorporate our meridians, and have been proven to relieve a whole list of ailments. Here are a few:

  • Pain Relief & Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Nausea
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Fertility
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ

Our meridians are not visible components of the human body. They are much like chakras, nadis, and our aura. They are essential; however, to maintain homeostasis in the communication of information between the body’s systems. It is the information highway for its host. Working with the 360 meridians of the body is only advisable for minor conditions, and not recommended during pregnancy, according to many practitioners. 

Always seek professional help for more acute or chronic conditions. We can avoid the onset or progression of ailments with good nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. Traffic jams are not tolerated on these highways and byways. Meanwhile, as the meridians work on the energetic level, in the physical, protons and electrons dance on the cellular level, and as they do, there’s no parking on the dance floor. They simply, keep it moving.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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Energy Healing

As a plant receives energy from the sun, it grows from a seedling to maturity. The health and strength of the plant is determined by the amount of chlorophyll and life force energy produced. Once the plant is mature, it can be used for fuel. We consume the plant and therefore, harness its energy source. Whether consumed vicariously or directly, we are fueled by energy sources, most of which are powered by the sun. 

Ancient civilizations practiced energy healing for their ailments, and supplemented the healing process with nature. Integrated medicine is presented to us as many traditional medical professionals have taken early retirement or left the profession all together. This transformation of the medical community does not negate the need for doctors, yet teaches us how to be more proactive in learning to heal ourselves with proper nutrition and pranic, or life force energy. 

Sekhem which means power and/or might. is a living light energy and was the inspiration behind the name Sekhmet. Sekhmet, the goddess counterpart of Ptah, represented destruction in the absence of ma’at, or balance and order. She did not tolerate evil. She was also the patroness of healing, and advocated physicians of ancient Kemet (Egypt), who were educated in her healing powers. Sekham became a healing energy practice of ancient Kemet.

The healing practice of Sekhem or Seichem, as also spelled, has been revived by Patrick Zeigler and Helen Belot according to a Wanderlust article by Jaha Browne. This technique is similar to Reiki, a Japanese form of healing, using the hands to channel energy through the body. Sekham is used on a higher vibratory level, in that it works with the energy in the auric field. It is  complimentary to Reiki which works best in the physical body. Sekham therapy is excellent for therapeutic emotional adjustments and chakra realignment.

Energy gets trapped in the body and auric field as a result of trauma and stresses. These stresses may include environmental factors which may seem minute, yet may lead to respiratory issues and chronic diseases if not addressed. There are several forms of energy vampires that rob us of our vitality. Sekham, as ancient as it is known, is not the only form of energy healing emerging in our communities. Several of them, we can perform ourselves with a short tutorial.

There is an array of alternative medicine resources we can tap into without spending a dime. One of the simplest forms of energy healing, and my fave, is sound therapy, otherwise known as listening to music. It has to match the levels of healing frequencies, however. If we are vibrating on a low frequency and add low vibrational elements, we get more low frequency as a result. Qigong, Shamanic drumming, and meridian healing is favored in many holistic circles as well as breathing exercises, or aromatherapy.

There are many alternative healing modalities available to us today. Many of them are considered trends and have become obsolete. Examples of that obsolescence is colonics. ear candling, and camel urine. Some may still engage in these practices, but not many. Although there are some in the science community who consider alternative medicine as pseudoscience, they do not fully appreciate the body’s intelligence and resilience. 

Managing stress levels in the body is important to homeostasis or a balanced, harmonious state of being. To prevent imbalances in the body, which may lead to more imbalances that eventually manifest as disease, we must maintain, protect and preserve our energy fields. Sometimes that means removing ourselves from toxic environments, wherever they may be in our lives. The benefits will add years to the life span, plus minimize trips to the doctor.

If we are all energy, frequency and vibration, it is necessary to use the same to get results. When there is trauma to the physical body, it is often necessary to see a doctor. It is also advisable for emotional or psychological trauma that is more serious than a bout of depression or anxiety. Once we receive an acceptable diagnosis, it is up to us to follow our doctor’s instruction, and follow it up with a lil self TLC. Although a lil throwback to “Waterfalls” would get my energy moving again, self tender loving care is my prescription. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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The Houses in Astrology: The Path of the Sun

The Zodiac Wheel

Somewhere in the world, there is a new soul coming into our midst from the House of Virgo sun. From today forward, every twelve months, the sun will cross the same degree, in the same house until the new addition to our population transitions back to the spirit realm. Virgo (Auset) occupies the sixth house of the zodiacal wheel and is ruled by the planet Mercury (Thoth). The location of the other planets and points in this person’s natal chart will mark the path of their journey throughout time, in this life. As above, so below; as in the Law of Correspondence; and so their journey begins.

The Dendera Temple to Hathor (Het Heru) is the complex in ancient Kemet, dedicated to the path of the sun. Hathor or Het Heru represents fertility, love, and beauty. Her image is of the cow, whose udders provide milk from the Milky Way. Her ears and face remind us of the fallopian tubes and uterus of the female. Although her temple earns the respect of all who enter, it honors the feminine principal. As the Goddess Nut represents the sky, and Geb the earth, other Gods and Goddesses in the ancient Kemetians’ pantheon of constellations and planets stand guard at important angles and points in the sky. 

The Dendera Temple
(House of Het Heru/Hathor)

These angles and points form the twelve houses of the zodiac, with the native (person/soul) in the center. Although Vedic or Hindu astrology is more predictable, and is actually from the perspective of the stars, the Babylonians influenced Tropical astrology, as we know it in the Western world. The Babylonians narrowed the zodiacal wheel down from 36 houses, as shown on the Dendera Temple ceiling, to the 12 houses, as seen today. This is from the earth’s perspective at the solstices and equinoxes. 

The solstices and equinoxes form the Grand Cross at the cardinal signs, Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn. The zoological aspect is where the name zodiac is derived. Asian and Aztec cultures use animal totem spirits to describe the timely cycles and characteristics of the cosmos as well. It was the ancient Kemetians; however, who introduced the astrological cycles to the world.  

Zodiac with 36 Houses
(Dendera Temple Ceiling)

The pie or wheel chart is the easiest to explain and is most recognizable. The first house of astrology is called the ascendant, which is where the sun is rising at the moment of birth. This is where we start in interpreting the birth chart. The relationship between the planets are called aspects. An aspect less than seven degrees forms a conjunction, 30° is a semi-sextile, 90° forms a square and 180°, an opposition, and so on. Each house represents our path through life. The sun’s position, in the lower half or upper half shows whether we were born during the day or night. A daytime birth would show a diurnal chart and if born at night, a nocturnal chart. 

Diurnal and Nocturnal Chart

The First house represents our appearance, the personality or the ego . The first house’s declaration is “I Am”. This is how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us. The ascendent is our everyday self. It represents our childhood, independence, and self-esteem. The house of Aries (Khepera) is ruled by the planet Mars (Set). More experienced astrologers in the field, can look at a person and have an idea of their sun or ascendent. Taurean natives, for instance, have thick necks. 

The Second house is Hathor’s (Het Heru’s) house; significant for our survival. It is where we plant the seeds of harvest, thus “Taurus the bull” pulling the plow. This house represents liquid assets, cultural inheritance, personal possessions, income, emotional security, ethics, values, and talents. The declaration of the 2nd house is “I have”. The second house is ruled by Venus (Isis). Think of all the strength and beauty you possess.

The Third house is the house of mobility, siblings, communication, media, and transportation, or short distance travel. The 3rd house of Gemini(Sphinx) represents our neighbors, networking, information, ideas and inquiries. It is our k-12 education, and conscious mind. The 3rd house’s declaration is “I think”. It is ruled by the planet Mercury (Thoth), who retrieves the message for communication. 

The nadir or IC is the Imum Coeli(Latin), which is the bottom of our sky; the IC is located on the cusp of the Fourth house. It is the part of our sky that is home, our roots, and where we come from. The Fourth house is our mother, physical security, and the affairs of the home. It represents real estate, domesticity, and all of the creature comforts of home. It is lastly, the end of things. This house is occupied by Cancer (Geb and Nut), and ruled by the Moon (Khonsu). The declaration of this house is “I feel”.

The Fifth house is the house of fun! It represents children, love affairs, sex, entertainment, games, confidence, creativity, drama, and luxury. This is the house of innovation, new starts, risks, pioneering, and endeavors. The fifth house is the house of Leo (Anubis), who rules the heart. It is ruled by none other than the sun. The fifth house’s declaration is “I will”. 

Dendera Temple Relief

The Sixth house is the house of Virgo (Nekhbet). This house is also ruled by Mercury (Thoth), but here the information is analyzed or critiqued. “I analyze” is the declaration of the sixth house. It represents health in the physical body, service, meditation, mystics, healing, and spirituality. This house also represents our pets, work, details, devotion and sacrifice. The sixth house angle is the location of the descendent, which is our sunset. It leads to the outside world and relationships outside our immediate family.

The Seventh house is the house of committed relationships such as marriage, business partnerships, cooperation with others. This is the outside world. Everything that involves teamwork, and co-existence is related to this house. It’s the change house, balance and harmony. The seventh house is occupied by Libra (Ma’at), which is ruled by the planet Venus (Auset). Its declaration is “I balance”. 

The Eighth house is the house of other people’s wealth and money. This may be related to mortgages, taxes or insurance, stocks and bonds. It’s all about joint finances, inheritances, and contracts. This house also represents death, and transformation. It is responsible for the astral (star) plane and spiritual experiences, or occult topics. Eighth house’s declaration is “I desire”. It is occupied by Scorpio (Bast), and ruled by Mars (Set). 

The Ninth house is the house of consciousness, philosophy, and higher education. Its related to expansion and spirituality. It also represents, religion, foreign affairs, and long distance travel. This house is where mass media, publishing, and marketing resides as well. The ninth house is that of Sagittarius (Sekhmet) and is ruled by Saturn(Sobek). Seventh house’s declaration is “I aspire”.   

Dendera Temple Relief

The Tenth house is the house of Capricorn (Khnum), and is ruled by Saturn(Sobek). Tenth house is the Medium Coeli or MC of the birth chart, and is located at the cusp of the tenth house. It is opposite the IC, which is at the cusp of the fourth, signifying home.The tenth house, at the MC, represents the zenith or top of our sky, highlighting life and career. This is the house of achievements and leadership.

The sun sits at 0° of Capricorn (khnum), opposite 0° Cancer (Geb & Nut) on the winter and summer solstices. Tenth house and fourth houses sit on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, whereas the 10th is the house of the father or  disciplinarian, the 4th represents the mother or nurturing parent. When we look at it this way, there are six axis with dual characteristics. Finally, the tenth house is where we see our fame, and destiny, Its declaration is “I use”. 

The Eleventh house is the house of our hopes, visions and dreams. Its where we see our friend groups, trends, and organizations. This is the house of culture, and society. This is the collective. It is ruled by Saturn(Sobek), and occupied by Aquarius (Ptah). Its declaration is “I know”. Peace and harmony on the larger scale lives here, as does arts and humanities. Cooperation and all manner of shared activities occupy this house. 

The Twelfth house is the house of inspiration, illusion, escapism, institutions, illness, and karma. It is the where we see conclusions, and hidden enemies. We also see resolutions and problem solving, hidden support, systems, tools, and skills here. It is ruled by Jupiter (Heru) and is occupied by Pisces (Sothis). The twelfth house’s declaration is “I believe”

The houses of astrology are not confined to this order. We can place any sign at the ascendent and interpret any birth chart from there. Often, we will see the absence of a planet in a particular house. This simply means there is no particular emphasis except when the sun, moon and other planets transit, or pass over these houses. The significations of the zodiac houses lay out the possibilities for our experience. We can capitalize on these planetary traveling transits, by making choices that make the best of this procession. From the spring and fall equinoxes to the winter and summer solstices. Where do your natal planets live?

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Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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The Macrocosm and the Microcosm:  

The Macrocosm and the Microcosm
(Old World Geocentric View)

I am the universe and the universe is me. I am the light of the sun which shines bright in me. Just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so does the blood and life force within. The microcosm is man, a reflection of the macrocosm, the universe. They contain one another; they are one another. The Law of Correspondence proves this paradox over and over in nature. The ancients did not take this for granted as we do today. They left us knowledge of the sacred science to teach us of our connection to the cosmos. 

A Fingerprint and the Milky Way

Spirals, toruses, spots, and branches are examples of the fractal patterns in nature. Ontology; the first philosophy, coined by Aristotle, is the study of being or existing. From the fingerprint to the spiral of the Milky Way, and other galaxies, we all have something in common with all living things. Only entities with something in common can interact. If we slice an apple, orange or other fruit we can identify the torus that surrounds the core. When we eat it, we receive nutritious energy to fuel our bodies.

Although our torus is invisible to the naked eye, it is our aura or energy field, with the physical body at the core. This is called the toroidal field, and emanates from the heart. When we interact with other people, we interact with their toroidal field. We feel their energy as we share our energy with them, and the planet. The energy we share with the planet is the energy we share with the sun. Positive energy enters the body through the crown chakra and negative energy enters through the root chakra, and like the earth’s polarity, that energy is transmuted at the core and is reversed and expressed outward. 

The harmony of the spheres correlate with the harmony required for balance on the earth plane. It is the balance and harmony which keeps all living things associated with time and space in a natural, cyclical, and orderly flow of energy. The purpose of actions and activities in nature is to maintain balance and harmony. Dr. Surendra Pathak offers the familiar rock in the pond example, which causes a ripple effect in the water. It ripples back and forth until balance and harmony is restored. She offers the following Existential Harmonic Chart of the microcosm and macrocosm.

* EH in the Cosmos – Nature – Material/Mineral order – Ecology Environment – Chemical Order – EH in Molecules – EH in Atoms, Particles, & Quarks

* EH in Bio Order – Animal Order – Plant Order – The Human Body – EH in Cells – EH in Genes – EH in DNA/RNA

* EH in Human Activities Evidences and Reference – Historical/Religious Reference – Philosophical/Theology Reference – Legal/Constitutional Reference – Socio/Political/Economic – Relationships in Society – Family Life – Individuals as Expectation

(Pathak, S 2014)

The image created by the imagination is what we draw from to create in the physical. We are reflecting and mirroring the picture in our minds. At the same time, corresponding images naturally occur in nature as part of cosmic order. The Nile Valley is the central nervous system of the earth according to geographic lay lines. It resembles man’s central nervous system. The heart shaped Faiyum Oasis on the picture is located in the same place as the heart of man.

A paradox, contrary to our belief, presents itself repetitively. We separate ourselves from nature as if we are not a part of the grand scheme. The ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) knew the correlation between humans and the cosmos. They built temples to teach us about ourselves, and life’s journey. They devoted a lot to the soul’s immortality, as we are all curious about what happens after our transition to the spirit realm. The Temple of Ipet Isu (Karnak), or Temple of Man, where the monoliths are constructed as if they are living and evolving, must be interpreted in order to understand, inner-stand and over-stand this particular paradox.

Temple of Ipet Isu (Karnak)
Magical Egypt Series

The temple arch displays the winged disc at the position of the pineal gland, while the two adjoining sides represent the two hemispheres of the brain. The “Hall of 12 Columns” represent the 12 optical nerves, 12 hours of day and night, and 12 hours of the duat as explained by John Anthony West in the Magical Egypt series. I highly recommend this series featuring scholars like Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and Micheal Schneider, who informed us of the binary math used by ancient Kemetians. The ancients used sacred geometry to build these temples to perfection. They knew the importance of ma’at in nature and in man.

As the heart electrifies, so do the synapses and neurotransmitters of the brain. The branches of veins throughout the body carry the life force energy like lightning in the sky. We can make many references to the macrocosm and the microcosm like this. From the moment of conception, there is a phenomenal cycle that appears to begin at this point, but does it really? Do our souls rest in the Amenti, with purpose, before descending to the earth plane? Do we actually come to balance our energy or karma?

As we explore these questions, we are left to fend for ourselves from the age of adulthood, while interacting with dual forces. Dual forces come in the form of relationships and situations. People whose energies vibrate in low frequencies challenge our ability to maintain harmony. Those who vibrate in high frequencies challenge us to be a better person than we were the day before. Once we recognize that higher frequency in others, we begin to self reflect and become aware of the disharmony in ourselves. 

A lack of harmony in a group of people is like singing or playing off key. Everyone else notices the disharmony and strives to bring balance. Meanwhile, the person out of tune may not know, or continue in denial and impose their disharmony onto others. It sends a ripple effect of cognitive dissonance in the other band members. At some point balance and harmony has to be restored in order for the song to flow, and create pleasant music to the ears. With practice, we will eventually get it right…on earth, as it is in heaven. Ase’

 Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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Change: It’s Guaranteed

The one thing that is constant in life is change. When times are good, we want them to continue long term. When the opposite is the case, we wish for them to end, as soon as possible. One thing is for certain, trouble don’t last always, as my grandma used to say. When we resist change, it brings us pain and suffering. When we adapt to change, we learn and grow. That is not to say adaptation is easy, for we know it can be an excruciating experience, but once we get to the other side, we are forever changed.

We often become frazzled when life changes occur, such as a job loss, a loved one passes, or unexpected relocation. Our routine is uprooted and we have to take steps, or a series of actions necessary under the circumstances. How do we make our transitions smooth when we are under stress? There are things we can do to make the transition easier.

  1. Acknowledge what is happening.  
  2. Make time for self care; whatever that means to you. 
  3. Plan and prioritize as necessary and possible.
  4. Reach out to your support network (one or two confidants should suffice). 
  5. Remember to take things one step at a time, starting with the conscious breath. Sometimes, all we can do in the moment is breathe.          

When we acknowledge the situation at hand, we are exercising awareness, which is the first step to overcoming any challenge. It is equivalent to being present in the moment. Taking time to sit and reflect is most helpful. It is also a good time for giving special attention to good nutrition, hydration, and loving ourselves.  Connecting with nature, or a sea salt bath could be ways you nurture self. We could overindulge in eating, drinking or whatever makes us disconnect, but at some point, we have to pay the piper for our choices.  We can also channel that energy through sports, exercise, music, and even laughter, believe it or not.

 If we devise a good plan, we can simply walk through the steps, if the change is that simple. If not, we may have to incorporate other resources that require time and other people. If there is someone we can talk to, it helps tremendously to have a sounding board. They must be a good listener, however. Most often than not, we find ourselves working out solutions just by verbalizing facts out loud. A prompt or question here and there from your trusted person(s) encourages critical thinking. 

I remember reading a book on decision making, which taught me to critically think my way through a serious dilemma, by asking questions like, “Then what?” The perforated cue card included in the book was a bit much, but the wallet-sized list of critical questions sat on my desk for easy reference until they became second nature. However, it certainly did not prevent me from making future mistakes, but I could think better under pressure. 

Grief is a process that requires special care. A short illness or medical procedure surely requires an intermission in life’s pursuits. Terminal illness is one of the most challenging times for the patient, as well as the caretaker. In a study performed at a conference by the Archstone Foundation in 2009, terminally ill participants were more likely to experience transformative changes versus those that were not sick. The patient was more likely to go through a spiritual transformation. The caregivers transformed in their core values, compassion and empathy. They developed better coping skills in addition to flexibility and adaptability (Penman, 2009). Acceptance was the overall result of the patient and caretaker’s  transformations. 

Grief gives us pause in life’s journey. Although, we would like to skip steps in the process, they come up anyway, when we don’t honor our feelings and emotions. We may not recognize the dynamics of Cause and Effect behind the scenes of bad choices, often after losing a loved one. It’s definitely not the time for making major decisions. In talking with people who confided in me over the years, and comparing their experiences to my own, I saw a pattern. When we dismiss the grieving process, it manifests one way or another, often at the most inconvenient times. 

It’s not always cool to wear our hearts on our sleeves in public or at work, yet through the process, we may repeat certain steps. We have to honor them when they show up, and it is therefore necessary to make space and time for privacy. There are seven stages of grief, which can be reduced to five. They include:

  1. Shock
  2. Denial
  3. Anger
  4. Bargaining
  5. Guilt
  6. Depression
  7. Acceptance

One and two are often combined and some people may or may not experience depression at all. On the other hand, some stages may take longer than others. Managing the associated stress and recognizing these emotions when they arise, is the key to minimizing their effects. 

Several psychological triggers can make us resistant to change, such as post traumatic stress, abandonment or out-dated belief systems. Sometimes change is necessary for people in our lives. The most memorable thing I learned from Iyanla Vanzant’s One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, is, “People come into our lives for a reason, season, or lifetime” (Vanzant, 1999). She may not be the first to coin that expression, but it sure helped me in transitioning to another state. 

Moving is yet another uprooting challenge. Whether it be for a job, upgrade or downsizing, we still have to pack it up, and unpack it on the other side. It’s not so bad when we’re moving to a nicer place. Someone once said, “Nothing can grow or evolve without movement”. Preferably, we’ve done our homework, while prioritizing, so we can treat the experience like a new adventure rather than a grueling task. 

Some changes can be exciting and anticipated. New love relationships, marriage and children can be welcomed changes to life. These challenges require a new level of maturity and responsibility. Whether we plan or allow things to happen organically, we are prompted to make adjustments to these new chapters. Charting new courses for ourselves can be awkward at first, yet somehow we adapt.

In the end, change is as necessary for spiritual and mental ascension, as it is  for our physical health. We can resist or persist.  Sometimes it requires a little help and support, but either way, change is inevitable. Another poignant quote I recall, “We have no right to treat others better than we treat ourselves”. That one stuck, since we can be our own worst critics in the face of change. So, give yourself a break and some grace, for the winds of change can toss you about like an autumn leaf, or float you in the breeze like a feather. One way or the other, it’s guaranteed to happen.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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 Lion’s Gate 88: The Path of Ausar/Osiris

Sothis (Sirius) over the Great Pyramid

The cycle of Sothis, the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) name for the blue star Sirius, brought new life to the River Nile same time every year. This window of time, we call the Lion’s Gate, is when the constellation Leo is in alignment with the pyramids of Giza, Khufu, Khafre, and Merkaure. The alignment of Sothis (Sirius), our Sun, and planet Earth occurs between July 26 and August 12th, and peaks on August 8th (8/8). Sothis (Sirius) is the brightest star in the visible night sky, in the constellation of Canis Major. We sometimes call it the “dog star” in connection with the dog days of summer, but the Dogon, of Mali, and ancient Kemetians had knowledge of an even deeper meaning;  

Ausar (Osiris) aka Orion

As we migrate from our comfort zones, we tend to travel with things that are precious to us, along with our accumulated knowledge. It has become apparent to contemporary minds, the people of ancient Kemet (Egypt), brought existing knowledge to this land. The temples show a progression of knowledge that obviously came from the South and spread north, east and west. The Dogon of Mali certainly had knowledge similar to that of ancient Kemetians (Egyptians). The star Sothis (Sirius), and its white dwarf, dark companion, Sopdu, which is Sirius B is a star system. Some of us call it Home.

Inside the Great Pyramid Chambers

The universal Law of Polarity, or duality was sacredly recognized by the Kings and Queens of antiquity. Every god had a goddess, even in their different states of being. The human experience is only temporary; therefore, our ancestors left us a cast of divine feminines and masculines to help us in the interpretation of 3D history, as well as the 5D realm. The name “Sirius” is a combination of the Greek names Isis and Osiris. Orion is also Greek. In ancient Kemet, Ausar and Auset are the most familiar of divine lovers.

The Stars of Ausar’s (Orion’s) Belt

Eight and a half light-years away, Sothis (Sirius), is most bright right before dawn, and dips below the horizon in December, for 3 days, at the winter solstice. It rises in alignment with the sun, which shines on the face of Amun-Ra’s Holy of Holies, in the temple of Ipet-Isu (Karnak) on December 24th, in the constellation of Virgo. Heru (Horus), the son of Ausar (Osiris), and Auset (Isis) is our Sun. We see Horus on the horizon, every morning. He’s the rising Sun (Son). 

Sopdit (Sirius A) & Sopdu (Sirius B)

The Hidden One is Sopdu (Sirius B), which is 10,000 times dimmer than his feminine counterpart Sopdit (Sirius A/Horus in Sothis), yet equal to the mass of our Sun. Horus in Sothis is the state of potentiality, and possesses the key to the Lion’s Gate. Heru (Horus) is dawning in the underworld, and about to choose his path. The Lion Path: You Can Take it With You, by author Musaios, uses the butterfly in the chrysalis example. The butterfly creates a cocoon similar to Ausar (Osiris) in mummified form. 

He goes through the initiation steps of the underworld in the book Coming Forth into Day, otherwise known as The Book of the Dead. While the great moon Sopdu (Sirius B) decides who is regenerated, Sopdit (Sirius A) regenerates those who pass their initiation. Sopdu (Sirius B) provides the power and Sopdit (Sirius A) provides nourishment in the chrysalis. 

The initiation starts after the death of Ausar (Osiris), who is regenerated in the duat (unlike purgatory). After achieving 70 hours, and a wave of 13 dual steps of development, with a single step at number 14, he can access the door to heaven. There is a total of 27 sessions, and they were represented in 9 steps, each with three levels. 

Nine gods occupy the steps while Ausar carries his own scales of ma’at (balance). This is the dark night of the soul. As above, so below, as within, so without; and so is the Law of Correspondence. 

These steps of the duat are the administrators of power; the 7 visible planets and their higher octaves. They are Wadjet (Uranus), Nephthys (Neptune), Anubis (Pluto), Pan, and Vulcan. The last two are dwarf planets near Pluto. Pan is extra-Plutonian, and Vulcan is infra-Mercurial. What does that mean to me, you might ask? Well, as Heru (Horus) climbs the initiation stairs in the duat, or dark night of the soul, so do we in the 3rd dimension. This is our soul’s journey, and the S/Hero’s Journey. Just as Khepra, the scarab beetle climbs to high noon and becomes Ra, after he bursts from his chrysalis. 

These stairs correspond with the powers of the planets and their higher octaves, which we access before birth. This combination becomes our birth chart. The 13th dual step is the Eye of Horus, Sopdu (Sirius B)’s power and Sothis (Sirius A)’s nourishing regeneration. This energy is accessible right before Heru (Horus) gets his wings and breaks through the chrysalis. There are three paths in the duat, Bardo or Berzakh (duat inter-state), but only one leads to the regenerative powers of Anubis (Pluto), in addition to the powers of the rays of Heru (Horus). The Book of the Three Paths, is under re-construction, for it dates back as far as the book, Coming Forth into Day. It teaches us how our ancestors perceived our developmental walk through life as well as our walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

We can take the Hippopotamus monster’s path that leads to disintegration of the soul. The soul is re-cycled back to the earth plane without choice. We can also take the cow’s path, which offers us an option of the path of regeneration while in the duat, if we have not already entered that path on earth. However, it is the Lion’s path that gives us both the powers of Sothis (Sirius), and that of Heru (Horus). So, it is not the path on the left, of the Hippo-monster, nor the cow’s path on the right, which is the unconscious dream state. It is the central path, which is the Lion’s Gate, that leads to higher consciousness.

 Sothis (Sirius) has a special relationship with Auset (Isis), who is Venus, Heru (Horus)’s mother. Sothis nourished him in the underworld as he was regenerated from his father’s energy to his own. He is the Lion of Judah. Sothis (Sirius) was with him as Hathor assisted. On a passage of the Coffin Texts, Utterance 6 reads:

The Lion’s Path, 

“Your Mother Sothis nurses you on the celestial horizon. As Isis she makes you bright and fair on this happy day”. ~(Pg 56)

The harmony of the spheres create windows of time when their celestial bodies generate combinations of light, which elevates our consciousness on a quantum level. An example was October 26, 1984 through March 20, 1989. All you have to do is study the children born with Anubis (Pluto) in Scorpio during those years. The aspects made by the outer bodies to the seven visible planets bends, and folds light energy in ways that are not present without these aspects. Since they slowly orbit the sun, we are forced to re-member what the ancients already knew. So, we are currently standing at the fork in the road. Which path do we take? Who dares to take the path of courage, of love and regeneration? 

Finally, as you receive your downloads, light codes, and upgrades, I’ll leave you with, “Dialouge Between the Disciple and a Master” from The Lion Path: You can Take it With You.

Disciple to Master: “What is love in it’s highest strength and power, in its height and greatness?”

Master to Disciple: “It’s height is as high as God in one sense, greater than the highest manifest

Godhead since Love contains the mysteries of even unmanifest divinity…

Love has poured itself into all and is the innermost cause of all things. 

                                      Even hell parasitizes on its power…Love is brighter

                                       than the sun, sweeter than food or drink and more 

                                       joyous than all joy, who attains is richer than any king on earth.”

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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The Planets: Administrators of Energy

The Planets/Energy Administrators

Part 1

We are free will thinkers, and therefore able to believe, achieve, and create whatever we choose. Despite our beliefs, the energies from our solar system are constantly at play. They influence, persuade, and manage our lives whether we acknowledge them or not. They could be described as The Administrators of destiny. The placement relationships between planets, as they interact with one another in the cosmos, can effect the individual, as well as collective conscious, in thought and action.  

The planetary aspects at present, are raising a bit of concern. We are in an evolutionary cycle that could help the collective consciousness of the planet ascend or descend. Are we spiraling up or down? Our collective choices will determine whether we have learned from our past experiences as a species. It is no longer a question whether the energies of the sun and moon impact the earth, as well as the human body. So, how is it these energies somehow escape the effects to the human mind, or collective level of consciousness? How can we exclude the energies of our Milky Way galaxy, and possible impacts on our psyche? 

 The magnetosphere is the ozone layer, or Earth’s aura. Her electromagnetic frequency (Schumann resonance), hovers around 7.83 Hertz. Although the frequency of humans in a standing position ranges from 9-14 hertz with an average of 10-12 Hz, The Ph balance of human blood however, is about 7.5, while our resting heart beats around 72 beats per minute.

The number 72 is repetitive in nature, and corresponds to the 72 years it takes earth to move on its axis one degree, through the procession of the equinoxes. This is the procession of the ages as taught in sidereal, or what many identify as Vedic astrology. It creates a cross at the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These are the four gospels as described in John’s Revelation (KJV 4:6-8), and Ezekiel (KJV 1;10). Yet, something is happening! Changes are occurring that we don’t see in the average 72 year life span.

Although the Schumann resonance averages around 7.83 hertz, it can spike as much as 40 Hz. Surprisingly, thats the range in which it has been spiking lately, causing an increase in gamma rays. They are the strongest of the photon(light) spectrum, with radio waves being the lowest. Meanwhile, we are exposed to a tremendous amount of these lower vibrational frequencies, such as micro, and infrared waves. Radio waves of the 5th generation or 5G, can emit waves as high as 300 GHz, while 4g only went up to 6 GHz. Although scientists have concluded in some studies microwave and infrared photons are superficial to the body, radio waves can penetrate  human tissue. 

On May 7, 2022, the Schumann resonance spiked to about 45 hertz, due to solar flares. The plasma filaments eject streams of radioactive space weather or solar winds to planet Earth. The sun has an 11, and a 400 year cycle of solar maxima and minima. During the maximum cycles, the sun is often riddled with sunspots, causing more coronal mass ejections or CME’s. 

According to studies of global advancements in health and medicine at the National Library of Medicine, the earth’s magnetic field is highly affected by the sun’s solar cycles. Recorded research from 1749-1926, yielded receipts to prove the impact geomagnetic energies had on the human brain, heart, and economic standings. Consequently, solar maximums effect society as a whole (Library of Medicine 2014). These invisible energies are in addition to those within the 7 colors of the visible light spectrum of waves. 

Schumann Resonance Spike May 7, 2022
Global Awakening Tracker

Radio waves from other planets are not as widely studied, although it is common knowledge to the scientific community they emit their own levels of radiation. Subatomic particles from the family of neutrinos are currently studied at several observatories around the world. What they are finding, is astonishing. Their conclusions also answer a lot of questions. 

As we apply the archetypes, left by our ancestors, and their significations, we learn the harmonic energies and frequencies of the spheres.  We also learn how to apply them to our lives according to our natal charts and current planetary transits. The transits indicate how the planets move through the constellational houses, relative to Earth’s position.

At the moment of birth, the planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies were at a particular point. These points of degrees are reflected in our individual natal charts. The moment we establish a particular place, as in a country, or project, as in a business, we create an origin, and thus a chart for that place or business. The US, for instance, was established July 4, 1776, and therefore has a chart of reference. 

Light energy is deflected, and redirected at certain angles of that chart depending on the transient relationships of the Administrators or planetary objects at that time, in space. Light does not always travel in a straight line. It usually travels in wave form, at different vibratory speeds, and on different frequencies. It also bends and curves, for two energies cannot occupy the same space, yet they can co-exist and vibrate harmoniously. 

Part II


The sun’s archetype Amun-Ra, is the Hidden One, which incorporates the sun’s destructive force and its life-giving force. It is representative of the Sol of man, or our essence. It is also representative of the ego, which is rooted in our personality and serves our need to survive. The sun represents the heart space in our world of duality. Whichever house the sun sits in your natal chart, tells others of the light you bring to the world. It teaches us what we need to work through on our shadow side. The sun is our center of gravity, as it is the center of gravity for the solar system. In Western Astrology, it is Leo, the lion. Its frequency is 126.22 Hz. The sun is currently in its home sign, where this masculine energy rules and influences the energy of courage.


Thoth is the archetype of the planet Mercury. In fact, Mercury is its Greek name. Apollo, is the name given by the citizens of Rome. He metaphorically brings the message of the rulers to earth. Mercury makes a revolution around the sun every 88 days. He resonates on a frequency of 141.27 Hz in the 30th octave of harmonic proportion. Thoth (Mercury) is said to be the morning star of Gemini and evening star of Virgo, the astrological signs of communication and intelligence. They are both ruled by Thoth (Mercury). This ruler is currently in the constellation of Leo. 


 Isis, is the archetype of Venus. Some call her Aphrodite, but she is the planet of love, sensuality, fertility and beauty. She does a revolution around the sun every 225 days. Her eclectic orbit around the sun makes a 5 petaled flower. Some say she forms the five pointed star. She oscillates at 221.23 Hz, in the 32nd octave. Venus rules Taurus, the sign of physical beauty, as well as Libra, the sign of Ma’at, truth and justice.


Geb, the archetype of earth has a counterpart, Nut who is the archetype of the sky. They are the children of Shu and Tefnut, neters of air and moisture. She is Gaia in Greek mythology, and Tallus Mater in ancient Rome. We set our clocks and calendars to the rotation of Earth around the sun which takes 365 days. During the days of ancient Kemet, we used a 360 day calendar and reserved the last five for the pantheon of neteru (spirits of nature). Earth resonates at 136.10 Hz on the 32nd octave of the year frequency. There is a Platonic frequency of Earth as well as a day frequency, as the Earth turns on its axis.


Set, the archetype of the next frontier is intriguing to modern day scientists and enthusiasts. Mars is considered the action planet represented by aggressive motion. Mars rules the signs of Aries, and Scorpio. It activates the energies of the zodiacal  houses and other planets within those houses. Mars makes an orbit around the sun every  687 days. It is currently making a conjunction, which is within 7 degrees of another celestial body. This conjunction is to the planet Uranus, and north node of the moon. 

This conjunction has the potential to bring the energies of sudden change, surprising events, weather conditions, and aggression. Set or Mars, if you like, usually moves within a constellation or house within 6 weeks. However, it is about to go retrograde in Gemini this fall, and spend the next six months traveling back and forth over the same degrees. Gemini influences communication. Set (Mars) oscillates at 144.72 Hz on the 33rd octave.


Horus is the ancient archetype for the planet Jupiter, as we know him today. We also know him as the Greek god, Zeus. Horus, rules the constellations Pisces and Sagittarius. This giant gas planet is considered the planet of spirituality, philosophy, joy, abundance and expansion. I associate the stormy red eye of Jupiter to the eye of Horus. Hathor restored his left eye after losing it in a fight with Set. 

Horus currently sits in the constellation Aries, where he is expanding Set (Mars) energy, the ruler of the first house. Horus orbits the sun every 12 years approximately. He oscillates at a frequency of 183.58 Hz in the 37th octave. 


Sobek is Saturn, the Roman god, and Kronos the Greek’s representation of time. Sobek is the dragon-crocodile head neter, who acts as Set in the underworld. This is his archetype after he kills Osiris, in Kemetian (Egyptian) mythology. This battle of the old vs the new is one we are facing as a society today. Sobek or Saturn represents restriction, limitations, loss, and lessons learned through karma. Sobek orbits the sun between 28 and 29 years. Sobek is the warrior spirit of duality. He represents the struggle we all share in this life, duality.

We feel our Saturn returns, and are probably able to associate the energies of Saturn to our experiences between the ages of 28-30 and 56-60, which is our second Saturn return.  Many of us will not live to see a third, since the average lifetime is 72. Sobek(Saturn) has a frequency of 147.86 Hz. He rules the signs of Capricorn, and lower frequency of Aquarius.


Wadjet, is Uranus in ancient Kemet (Egypt). She is the awakener, and brings about sudden change, breakdowns and breakthroughs. She is the cobra head warrior who tussled with Sobek to bring about the new. She is but one of the “Two Ladies” who protected Upper and Lower Kemet. The other is Nekhbet, the vulcher head warrior spirit. 

Wadjet (Uranus) is the higher octave of the planet Mercury (Thoth), the mind of man. Wadjet represents the mind of the cosmos, and collective consciousness; the higher mind. She is the first representation of change, as brought about by the outer planets. Her energy is swift and unpredictable enough to make quantum leaps into the unknown. 

Wadjet is currently in the constellation of Taurus, which represents our foundation, and stability. She does a revolution around the sun every 84 years. Many of us have not had the experience of the energies offered at her current position and degree. She oscillates at a frequency of 207.36 Hz.


Nephthys is the ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) counterpart of Neptune, the Roman god of the seas. Poseidon ruled the seas in Greece, as did Shiva in India. Nephthys is the high Priestess, and veil of Isis (Venus) as explained in the book Shamanic Egyptian Astrology (Star Wolf & Faulkner 2010). This is her shadow side as she moves slowly and rigidly around the sun every 160 years. She is mysterious and “full of illusion, delusion, and confusion” (Ibid. p 67). On the other hand, Nephthys influences our intuition and imagination, especially in the sign of Pisces.

When we have Nephyths highlighted in relation to other planets and houses of the natal chart, she can represent addictions and mental illness. Nephthys or Neptune has a frequency of 211.44 Hz, and oscillates on the 40th octave. She currently sits in the constellation of Pisces where she is comfortable in her dreamy state. Pisces is the 12th house on the zodiacal wheel, where things are hidden, and mysterious as the outer planets. 


Osiris, the brother of Set, is the higher octave of Mars. Despite the power Pluto carries in astrology, it has been downgraded to a dwarf planet. It’s size doesn’t qualify for planet status. Pluto is the Roman god and Hedes, the Greek god of the underworld or death. While Mars is the planet of motion and aggression, Osiris (Pluto) represents total annihilation, destruction, transformation, and rebirth, or regeneration. This is the higher octave of the red planet. Set killed his brother Osiris, who was pieced back together by his beloved Isis. One missing piece was his phallic, which she manifested with her regenerative power. Horus was the offspring of this union, representing new energy, and the next generation.

Osiris (Pluto) currently sits retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Osiris rules the sign of Scorpio, whose natives are curious about the occult, or hidden knowledge. Scorpio represents transformation and regeneration. Pluto’s (Osiris’) frequency is 140.25 Hz, and resonates on the 40th octave. 

This dwarf planet takes about 250 years to orbit the sun, at 17 degrees above the ecliptic plane. It stays in one constellation 18-20 years, what we consider, a generation of people. The US is experiencing its Osiris (Pluto) return, and collective transformation. The future of our planet is a mystery. Not only is this dwarf planet harmonious to its mysterious neighbor Nephthys (Neptune), but he is harmonious with Khonsu, Earth’s moon. I think I’ll just let that one drift off into deep space…


Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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Amun-Ra, Carbon, and Cephalopods

Kushite King Taharqa (690-664BCE)
Ashmolean Museum UK

Amun, the Hidden One and Ra, light of the sun, join forces to make Amun-Ra, the hidden divinity of the sun’s power. The powers of darkness and light is the representation of duality. The universal Law of Polarity teaches us the nature of opposing forces in our lives. We possess a shadow side, indicative of the energies we came to this incarnation to balance, so we can walk in the glory of our personal sun. This is the light we present to the world, potentially as powerful and bright as the noon day sun; our highest self.


Aries the Ram was Khepra in the days of ancient Kemet (Egypt). The morning sun begins to rise in the sign of Aries, between the hours of 6-8am. In gestation, we are protected by the amniotic fluid of our mother’s womb. After 36 weeks, the waters of Nun breaks, and we dive headfirst through the darkness of the birth canal into the light of the world. The Ram is also the Lamb of God, who represents the children. Above, Taharqa (Tirhakah), the Kushite king of the 25th dynasty (690-664 BCE) stands under the ram, whose horns represent fertility. Amun is the king of kings, and creator neter/god who is said to have created himself and the universe. He also destroys, and is considered the god of war as well.

Amun is spelled several ways to include Ammon, Amon, and Amen. This archetype is the  inspiration for the pantheon of neteru (gods/spirits of nature), and the conclusion of our prayers. The name Amun inspired, and is represented in the three most popular religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, in addition to others. The etymology of the word Ammon is considered Hebrew for teacher or builder, associated with Jupiter in Rome, and Zeus in Greece. It is the prefix of several words, such as ammonia, a plant that grows in Libya in particular, yet found throughout North Africa, and Asia. 

The Nautilus Shell

In biology, Ammon is associated with the spiral, which builds upon itself and is most recognizable in the nautilus shell. Since it is impossible to examine the milky way spiral as close, we study the spiral of the nautilus shell as one of the best examples of sacred geometry. We add the number or unit presenting itself to the former number to achieve the next, i.e., 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13 and so on. This spiral progression is also known as the Fibonacci sequence. From the builder’s perspective, even today, it is called an amenity.

The nautiloid is a sub-classification of ammonoids from the Carboniferous period, which stemmed from around 416 million years ago to around 250 million years ago. This period is the fifth subset of the Paleozoic era, which is Greek for ancient life. The Permian era, which follows, is divided into four epochs lasting from 541 million years to 252 mya, and right before the greatest earth extinction event of all time. We lost approximately 90% of marine life and 70% of terrestrial vertebrae animals. Dinosaurs came 50 million years later.


This carboniferous period produced carbon (motion) based plants and cephalopods, which are part of the mollusc family of octopus, squid, and cuttlefish; while the trilobite is an arthropod; an invertebrate with multiple appendages.The trilobite was also part of the Paleozoic epoch, produced in the Cambrian era, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. This is important because marine arthropods, like the trilobite, was the first known to have eyes. I’m going somewhere with this, so roll with me. 

According to Baba Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, eyes are made of pure melanin. Ammonoids, as seen above,and nautiloids produced shells instead of exoskeleton. These shells generated septum. Septa are walls dividing each gas and/or fluid chamber of these creatures. Could the gas be related to ammonia? Yes, it is related, while the ink is a form of melanin, used as a defense against predators, as well as to capture prey. We now know these marine creatures to be highly intelligent, with an IQ around 40 according to experts. Melanin, produced by the pineal gland in humans, is carbon based, and a source of intelligence. Because cephalopods, meaning head-feet, are so clever, shells have become obsolete in many species.


The ink from cephalopods is currently used in medicine for high blood pressure, considered for anti-cancer drugs, and several other breakthrough applications. Yet, this ink has been used for thousands of years for a host of chemical compounds (Natl Library of Medicine, 2014). Ammonoid fossils, often called snake stones, eventually become crystalized in the earth to produce the rainbow effect similar to opal and moonstone. They are used as gemstones called ammonite, related to the signs Aquarius and Cancer. Ammonites are associated with the third eye chakra according to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in Grants Pass, OR. 

 The metaphysical significance of the spiral feature of ammonoids relate to the rising of kundalini energy, the life force. Could this be the reason Alexander of Greece blew off the noses of Kemetian (Egyptian) monoliths? The septum contains the breath of life. If the life force is no longer present, nor is the spirit or energy. Before the energy rises through the chakra system of the living, it lies dormant at the base of the root chakra in a snake-like spiral. 

Amniote eggs are important to reptiles, birds and tertiary mammals like us. The protective shell over the fluid membrane, paved the way for the evolution of land births. “Which came first, chicken or the  egg”? Well, now we can answer that question. As for “why the chicken crossed the road” well, perhaps people were bulldozing its habitat. 

The stratigraphy of the carboniferous period consisted of a two-layer system of soil and rock. The Mississippian subsystem, which is the limestone layer of the southern hemisphere, and Pennsylvanian layer which is the coal bearing system of the northern hemisphere. Most of this subsystem was made from fossilized ammonoids. Both subsystems were part of supercontinents Gondwana and Laurasia, separated by the Tethys ocean. 

The supercontinent, Gondwana, which is modern day Africa, South America, India, Australia, Antartica, and Madagascar crashed into Laurasia which contained present day Europe, North America, and Asia. In time, continental drift eventually produced the single land mass, Pangea. This supercontinent ultimately separated only to collide again to make the mountains of Appalachia, the Hercynian of the Uk, as well as those of Ural in Siberia in combination with the Eastern shores of Europe. Although Mother Gaia/Earth has been repopulated with new life, our climate is going through another transformation. 

Carboniferous Period

In summary, while we are still identifying new creatures of the deep, over 60% of marine life have become extinct in the past 50 years. Many of our favorite land animals have faced extinction as well. As the most intelligent among them, being humans, we are less fertile, and at war in places we once considered Eden. 

Are we balancing the forces of Amun-Ra? As the youth continues to search for Eden, wise elders can tell you, “…they’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot” long time ago. Now, there are very few places for wildlife to even lay eggs. However, we should extend gratitude to those dedicated to the cause.  As for the rest of us, we’re dedicated to our screens, our money, relationships, and for a few… just sitting around counting crows, and yellow taxis

                                                                Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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James Webb Space Telescope’s First Images

SMACS 0723

Oh my word! The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), exceeded expectations for so many, including me. We are looking at light that has traveled 13.9 billion years to the present. It is a very exciting time in our lives. Energies from Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, came through with spectacular views of our beginnings. I am so excited, for I’ve been following the process of manufacturing this awesome telescope for a decade. We thought Hubble was sending phenomenal images, but this is other worldly. Lets analyze what we are seeing with our very own eyes, starting with the telescope. Wow!

The JWST was a stellar idea made manifest in the Ames Research Dept. The launch was delayed several times. If I recall correctly, the original anticipated launch was back in 2015. Greg Robinson, JWST’s program director spoke on how elated they were to “share this special day with the world” (NASA 2022). The program was a collaborative effort with The European Space Agency (ESA), the  Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, and the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). Each team is composed of experts in their respective fields. 

Ten years in the making, the telescope was manufactured in a sterile environment comparable to an operating room. Technicians adorned themselves in hazmat looking suits. The telescope is made simplistically of four parts:  

  1. The Optical Telescope Element (OTE); 18 hexagonal mirrors
  2. Integrated Science Instrument Model (ISIM)
  3. Sunshield
  4. Spacecraft Bus 

 The 18 hexagonal mirrors were constructed at Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation in CO as a subcontractor for Northrup Grumman, an optics corporation. They were then sent to Goddard Space Center where they were meticulously attached to the base. Then the craft was carefully transported to the Marshall X-Ray and Cryogenic Facility, in Huntsville, AL for temperature testing. The 21.3 foot main mirror is made of a lightweight element called beryllium, from the mines of Utah, and covered with a thin layer of gold for the best infrared reflection. They were polished with water to around 20 nanometers of thickness. One nanometer is one-millionth of a meter. 

The sunshields are like mylar and can withstand extreme temperatures on one side and maintains cool temps on the side facing the instruments. The spacecraft bus fits in the center to contain most of the technology. The reason the hexagon shape was chosen was so the mirrors could fold into the rocket for launch, and unfold into close fitting segments to create one huge mirror.

James Webb Space Telescope

The telescope was finally launched on December 25, 2021. “JWST is flying on its own” an administrator announced from Mission Control. This statement was followed by cheers (Fox, K 2021). It was launched into space towards Jupiter, to save on fuel. From Jupiter, it was sling shot across the galaxy. With minimum jet propulsion. It reached Its destination, one million miles away to the Lagrange Point (L2) in late January. This is a point of balance between the Earth and the Sun. Without a glitch, the mirrors opened over the following weeks. It was exciting for all who kept tabs on the JWST’s progress. 

Test Image

The Science Institute worked in conjunction with the participating above-mentioned agencies to select the appropriate images to unveil to the public. The first infrared shot was the above test image. We all waited six months after the craft reached the Lagrange point, to see if the mission was a success. There was no way to repair the craft in case of malfunction. It had to go through a cooling process while the technical components adjusted themselves in preparation for the first images. 

Cosmic Cliffs

“Cosmic Cliffs” is the name given to this image of a gaseous cloud nursery of the Carina nebula. Hubble captured the same image, but it does not look like this, as observed in Hubble’s shot of NGC 3234 below. 

 Hubble NC3324
Stephan’s Quintet

Some people may recognize this image from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” albeit in a totally different light now. This high resolution infrared version is the largest image JWST has taken thus far. It took 1,000 image files to compile 150 million pixels for the completion of this image. One galaxy shows shockwaves bursting through as these five regional galaxies reveal young stars in the making.

Southern Ring Nebula (2,500 Light Years Away)

 JWST’s snap shots of The Southern Ring nebula reveals dusty gas emanating from this star for thousands of years, according to NASA. Before  the telescope’s infrared exposure, the gaseous dust was invisible. Nebulas are formed from dying stars or supernovas. 

Atmosphere Composition

The atmosphere composition image is indicative of an exoplanet’s water. JWST will be able to determine this type of information in our solar system. We can look forward to traveling back through the cosmos to our beginnings to become more knowledgeable about ourselves. 

Although the JWST cost 10 million dollars, it turned out to be a good investment. As an astronomy enthusiast and poet from humble beginnings, I love to play Gill Scott Heron’s 1970 classic, “Whitey on the moon” (linked below), just for laughs. In a new wave of inflation it is old, yet new again, like the images from JWST. In conclusion, NASA, ESA, and CSA, and all the engineers, technicians and contractors deserve special recognition for their efforts and accomplishments. I, for one, am very grateful for their success, with hopes that each and every one are rewarding themselves with a much needed vacation, and self care, as I wish them all Godspeed.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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Earth’s Luminaries: Sun(Sol) and Moon(Luna)

The Sun in the light spectrum (Ultra Violet to Infrared)

The best disinfectant on the planet; if needed, rest assured, the sun will sterilize it.  Seven rays of the sun illuminate the earth, and the hearts of man, likewise, the moon is a reflection of its essence. Therefore, the eight phases of the moon is a reflection of our hearts and minds. Its manifestation is Earth, the place we call home. We tend to take our luminaries for granted when we should really know more about them. They sustain life on earth.

7 Rays of the Sun 

  1. Blue Ray – The Will or Strength & Power of the Divine
  2. Yellow Ray – Divine Wisdom, Intelligence and Understanding
  3. Soft Pink Ray – Higher octave of Love, and Beauty
  4. White Crystal Ray – Purity, and Joy
  5. Green Gold Ray – Truth, Health, and Focus
  6. Orange, Ruby Ray – Peace and Abundance, 
  7. Purple Ray – Justice, Freedom and Compassion

Our sun is the star of the galaxy. It projects an electric plasma across the Milky Way, with radiation capable of sterilizing planets.The seven rays are the 7 stars in the right hand of Christ in the Book of Revelation (1:20). They appear in several other mythologies as well. Nicolaus Copernicus, sat on his heliocentric view of the heavens until his dying days, during the Renaissance. Fearing heresy, he eventually helped society veer away from Ptolemaic, earth centric views. 

When scientists discovered black holes in  other galaxies, I knew there had to be a black hole in the Milky Way. I wasn’t aware of  previous research, but It’s spiraling after all. Where do spirals lead? Well, usually to some type of vortex. That’s just my logic, yet scientists found it in Sagittarius A in the mid 1970s, via radio waves and old technology. Although they weren’t able to get a good image until April 2019, the Milky Way’s black hole turns out to be a huge one! Ancient Kemetians probably knew of its existence just as they knew the earth orbited the sun. 

 As the sun travels the ecliptic, it’s never more than 23.5° from the earth’s plane. It travels in a wave pattern called the sine wave. Most of us have seen it in old world maps. The distance of the earth to the sun is approximately 93 million miles. The distance of the earth to the moon is approximately 238 thousand miles. The radius of the sun is 432 thousand miles, while the radius of the moon is approximately 1080 miles. A comparison of these numbers to multiples of 9 are amazing, and are available in “Afterskool” videos.  

The path of the sun travels through the constellations, and this process is called the procession of the equinox. Although we are most familiar with 12 (some say 13) constellations, there are many more. Many we have linked to mythologies.The twelve to which we relate, are those through which our luminaries travel. The ecliptic was given its name based on the eclipses that occur when the earth, sun and moon are aligned on the same plane. The directional points, north, south, east and west create the vernal or spring, and autumnal equinoxes. The ancients knew the power of both luminaries; sun and moon

Our astrological birth charts are either diurnal, meaning daytime, or nocturnal meaning a night birth. This is indicated in the western or tropical charts, divided by the ascendant and descendant. A diurnal birth will show the sun’s glyph above the dividing center line, or below for those born at night.

The ascendant is simply the moon’s position at the time of conception and fertilization. This is where the sun was located on the horizon at birth. It dictates our physical form, which is based on the combination of our parent’s natal moon placements (Master E.K. 2015). I found that to be fascinating stuff, and had to let it marinate for a minute. 

The Moon

Master E.K.’s “Spiritual Astrology” explains much of the Secret Doctrine (Isis Unveiled) by Madam Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891). Madam Blavatsky, born in central Ukraine, was an initiate of sacred wisdom and cosmology, She was also co-founder of the Theosophical Society. She explains the seven rays of the sun as sound and colored numbers from a central source. The sun in the heavens are radiations of the Unity, in Blavatsky’s view. Our inner sun projects our personalities to the world, while the moon reflects our emotions and feelings. 

Phases of the Moon

The moon has eight phases, and can be expanded to 16. The Moon is called Chandra in sacred texts, and its Luna principal, Soma. The four main phases include:

  1. New Moon – Initiate new beginnings, Set intention and release emotions 
  2. Waxing Moon – Get it in gear, and get moving. Rising energy 
  3. Full Moon – Intense, reactive and strong sensitivity. Time for gratitude.
  4. Waning Moon – Refinement, clarification and releasing (let it go)

The magnetism of the moon is responsible for our material state of being. The moon holds us down, so to speak. Its responsible for the magnetism in plants and animals also. The perfect time to lay eggs for amphibians, reptiles and crabs, as well as other animals, depend on moon cycles. It also impacts our magnetic polarity as well. We should be aware of the cycles of the moon for dental and surgical procedures.

We should not, unless it’s an emergency, have surgery when the moon is in our sun sign nor the sign which rules that body part. We can have a propensity to bleed more at this time. As the moon becomes full, so do we. We have a tendency to retain fluid and experience more births, heart attacks and strokes during full moon.  We should eat light meals at this time and increase our water intake. Feminine menses occur every 28 days which is a complete moon cycle. 

Ovulation occurs at the half moon phase; day 14. This is when females are most fertile. When we reduce the numbers, 2+8 = 10 and 1+4=5; one and five are significant to beginnings and creation (conception), for the material world. Remember, six represents the material  The Luna energy has a strong impact on our mental and emotional health. This is why we’ve coined the term, lunatic. The moon’s Soma principal in our natal charts assists us in processing our lessons of karma during our journey also.

When we are sleep deprived, we experience anxiety. When we go too long without sun, we can become depressed. Take a stroll in the morning before 10am when the sun is in Aries or Taurus which rules the head, and neck. Sol energy is good for the immune system, teeth and bones. The last hour of the day is as beneficial, as the sun produces vitamin D. 

Bathing under the full moon is grounding, especially if you are barefoot in the grass. Grounding in Luna energy reconnects us with our Mother Earth, Geb or Gaia. Shucks, if no one’s around, go ahead and howl. Still feeling yourself the next day?  Share with the family, friends or neighbors. The world needs your Sol energy. Just try not to singe anyone, nor let ‘em take your shine.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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