Amun-Ra, Carbon, and Cephalopods

Kushite King Taharqa (690-664BCE)
Ashmolean Museum UK

Amun, the Hidden One and Ra, light of the sun, join forces to make Amun-Ra, the hidden divinity of the sun’s power. The powers of darkness and light is the representation of duality. The universal Law of Polarity teaches us the nature of opposing forces in our lives. We possess a shadow side, indicative of the energies we came to this incarnation to balance, so we can walk in the glory of our personal sun. This is the light we present to the world, potentially as powerful and bright as the noon day sun; our highest self.


Aries the Ram was Khepra in the days of ancient Kemet (Egypt). The morning sun begins to rise in the sign of Aries, between the hours of 6-8am. In gestation, we are protected by the amniotic fluid of our mother’s womb. After 36 weeks, the waters of Nun breaks, and we dive headfirst through the darkness of the birth canal into the light of the world. The Ram is also the Lamb of God, who represents the children. Above, Taharqa (Tirhakah), the Kushite king of the 25th dynasty (690-664 BCE) stands under the ram, whose horns represent fertility. Amun is the king of kings, and creator neter/god who is said to have created himself and the universe. He also destroys, and is considered the god of war as well.

Amun is spelled several ways to include Ammon, Amon, and Amen. This archetype is the  inspiration for the pantheon of neteru (gods/spirits of nature), and the conclusion of our prayers. The name Amun inspired, and is represented in the three most popular religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, in addition to others. The etymology of the word Ammon is considered Hebrew for teacher or builder, associated with Jupiter in Rome, and Zeus in Greece. It is the prefix of several words, such as ammonia, a plant that grows in Libya in particular, yet found throughout North Africa, and Asia. 

The Nautilus Shell

In biology, Ammon is associated with the spiral, which builds upon itself and is most recognizable in the nautilus shell. Since it is impossible to examine the milky way spiral as close, we study the spiral of the nautilus shell as one of the best examples of sacred geometry. We add the number or unit presenting itself to the former number to achieve the next, i.e., 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13 and so on. This spiral progression is also known as the Fibonacci sequence. From the builder’s perspective, even today, it is called an amenity.

The nautiloid is a sub-classification of ammonoids from the Carboniferous period, which stemmed from around 416 million years ago to around 250 million years ago. This period is the fifth subset of the Paleozoic era, which is Greek for ancient life. The Permian era, which follows, is divided into four epochs lasting from 541 million years to 252 mya, and right before the greatest earth extinction event of all time. We lost approximately 90% of marine life and 70% of terrestrial vertebrae animals. Dinosaurs came 50 million years later.


This carboniferous period produced carbon (motion) based plants and cephalopods, which are part of the mollusc family of octopus, squid, and cuttlefish; while the trilobite is an arthropod; an invertebrate with multiple appendages.The trilobite was also part of the Paleozoic epoch, produced in the Cambrian era, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. This is important because marine arthropods, like the trilobite, was the first known to have eyes. I’m going somewhere with this, so roll with me. 

According to Baba Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, eyes are made of pure melanin. Ammonoids, as seen above,and nautiloids produced shells instead of exoskeleton. These shells generated septum. Septa are walls dividing each gas and/or fluid chamber of these creatures. Could the gas be related to ammonia? Yes, it is related, while the ink is a form of melanin, used as a defense against predators, as well as to capture prey. We now know these marine creatures to be highly intelligent, with an IQ around 40 according to experts. Melanin, produced by the pineal gland in humans, is carbon based, and a source of intelligence. Because cephalopods, meaning head-feet, are so clever, shells have become obsolete in many species.


The ink from cephalopods is currently used in medicine for high blood pressure, considered for anti-cancer drugs, and several other breakthrough applications. Yet, this ink has been used for thousands of years for a host of chemical compounds (Natl Library of Medicine, 2014). Ammonoid fossils, often called snake stones, eventually become crystalized in the earth to produce the rainbow effect similar to opal and moonstone. They are used as gemstones called ammonite, related to the signs Aquarius and Cancer. Ammonites are associated with the third eye chakra according to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in Grants Pass, OR. 

 The metaphysical significance of the spiral feature of ammonoids relate to the rising of kundalini energy, the life force. Could this be the reason Alexander of Greece blew off the noses of Kemetian (Egyptian) monoliths? The septum contains the breath of life. If the life force is no longer present, nor is the spirit or energy. Before the energy rises through the chakra system of the living, it lies dormant at the base of the root chakra in a snake-like spiral. 

Amniote eggs are important to reptiles, birds and tertiary mammals like us. The protective shell over the fluid membrane, paved the way for the evolution of land births. “Which came first, chicken or the  egg”? Well, now we can answer that question. As for “why the chicken crossed the road” well, perhaps people were bulldozing its habitat. 

The stratigraphy of the carboniferous period consisted of a two-layer system of soil and rock. The Mississippian subsystem, which is the limestone layer of the southern hemisphere, and Pennsylvanian layer which is the coal bearing system of the northern hemisphere. Most of this subsystem was made from fossilized ammonoids. Both subsystems were part of supercontinents Gondwana and Laurasia, separated by the Tethys ocean. 

The supercontinent, Gondwana, which is modern day Africa, South America, India, Australia, Antartica, and Madagascar crashed into Laurasia which contained present day Europe, North America, and Asia. In time, continental drift eventually produced the single land mass, Pangea. This supercontinent ultimately separated only to collide again to make the mountains of Appalachia, the Hercynian of the Uk, as well as those of Ural in Siberia in combination with the Eastern shores of Europe. Although Mother Gaia/Earth has been repopulated with new life, our climate is going through another transformation. 

Carboniferous Period

In summary, while we are still identifying new creatures of the deep, over 60% of marine life have become extinct in the past 50 years. Many of our favorite land animals have faced extinction as well. As the most intelligent among them, being humans, we are less fertile, and at war in places we once considered Eden. 

Are we balancing the forces of Amun-Ra? As the youth continues to search for Eden, wise elders can tell you, “…they’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot” long time ago. Now, there are very few places for wildlife to even lay eggs. However, we should extend gratitude to those dedicated to the cause.  As for the rest of us, we’re dedicated to our screens, our money, relationships, and for a few… just sitting around counting crows, and yellow taxis

                                                                Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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James Webb Space Telescope’s First Images

SMACS 0723

Oh my word! The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), exceeded expectations for so many, including me. We are looking at light that has traveled 13.9 billion years to the present. It is a very exciting time in our lives. Energies from Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, came through with spectacular views of our beginnings. I am so excited, for I’ve been following the process of manufacturing this awesome telescope for a decade. We thought Hubble was sending phenomenal images, but this is other worldly. Lets analyze what we are seeing with our very own eyes, starting with the telescope. Wow!

The JWST was a stellar idea made manifest in the Ames Research Dept. The launch was delayed several times. If I recall correctly, the original anticipated launch was back in 2015. Greg Robinson, JWST’s program director spoke on how elated they were to “share this special day with the world” (NASA 2022). The program was a collaborative effort with The European Space Agency (ESA), the  Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, and the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). Each team is composed of experts in their respective fields. 

Ten years in the making, the telescope was manufactured in a sterile environment comparable to an operating room. Technicians adorned themselves in hazmat looking suits. The telescope is made simplistically of four parts:  

  1. The Optical Telescope Element (OTE); 18 hexagonal mirrors
  2. Integrated Science Instrument Model (ISIM)
  3. Sunshield
  4. Spacecraft Bus 

 The 18 hexagonal mirrors were constructed at Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation in CO as a subcontractor for Northrup Grumman, an optics corporation. They were then sent to Goddard Space Center where they were meticulously attached to the base. Then the craft was carefully transported to the Marshall X-Ray and Cryogenic Facility, in Huntsville, AL for temperature testing. The 21.3 foot main mirror is made of a lightweight element called beryllium, from the mines of Utah, and covered with a thin layer of gold for the best infrared reflection. They were polished with water to around 20 nanometers of thickness. One nanometer is one-millionth of a meter. 

The sunshields are like mylar and can withstand extreme temperatures on one side and maintains cool temps on the side facing the instruments. The spacecraft bus fits in the center to contain most of the technology. The reason the hexagon shape was chosen was so the mirrors could fold into the rocket for launch, and unfold into close fitting segments to create one huge mirror.

James Webb Space Telescope

The telescope was finally launched on December 25, 2021. “JWST is flying on its own” an administrator announced from Mission Control. This statement was followed by cheers (Fox, K 2021). It was launched into space towards Jupiter, to save on fuel. From Jupiter, it was sling shot across the galaxy. With minimum jet propulsion. It reached Its destination, one million miles away to the Lagrange Point (L2) in late January. This is a point of balance between the Earth and the Sun. Without a glitch, the mirrors opened over the following weeks. It was exciting for all who kept tabs on the JWST’s progress. 

Test Image

The Science Institute worked in conjunction with the participating above-mentioned agencies to select the appropriate images to unveil to the public. The first infrared shot was the above test image. We all waited six months after the craft reached the Lagrange point, to see if the mission was a success. There was no way to repair the craft in case of malfunction. It had to go through a cooling process while the technical components adjusted themselves in preparation for the first images. 

Cosmic Cliffs

“Cosmic Cliffs” is the name given to this image of a gaseous cloud nursery of the Carina nebula. Hubble captured the same image, but it does not look like this, as observed in Hubble’s shot of NGC 3234 below. 

 Hubble NC3324
Stephan’s Quintet

Some people may recognize this image from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” albeit in a totally different light now. This high resolution infrared version is the largest image JWST has taken thus far. It took 1,000 image files to compile 150 million pixels for the completion of this image. One galaxy shows shockwaves bursting through as these five regional galaxies reveal young stars in the making.

Southern Ring Nebula (2,500 Light Years Away)

 JWST’s snap shots of The Southern Ring nebula reveals dusty gas emanating from this star for thousands of years, according to NASA. Before  the telescope’s infrared exposure, the gaseous dust was invisible. Nebulas are formed from dying stars or supernovas. 

Atmosphere Composition

The atmosphere composition image is indicative of an exoplanet’s water. JWST will be able to determine this type of information in our solar system. We can look forward to traveling back through the cosmos to our beginnings to become more knowledgeable about ourselves. 

Although the JWST cost 10 million dollars, it turned out to be a good investment. As an astronomy enthusiast and poet from humble beginnings, I love to play Gill Scott Heron’s 1970 classic, “Whitey on the moon” (linked below), just for laughs. In a new wave of inflation it is old, yet new again, like the images from JWST. In conclusion, NASA, ESA, and CSA, and all the engineers, technicians and contractors deserve special recognition for their efforts and accomplishments. I, for one, am very grateful for their success, with hopes that each and every one are rewarding themselves with a much needed vacation, and self care, as I wish them all Godspeed.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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Earth’s Luminaries: Sun(Sol) and Moon(Luna)

The Sun in the light spectrum (Ultra Violet to Infrared)

The best disinfectant on the planet; if needed, rest assured, the sun will sterilize it.  Seven rays of the sun illuminate the earth, and the hearts of man, likewise, the moon is a reflection of its essence. Therefore, the eight phases of the moon is a reflection of our hearts and minds. Its manifestation is Earth, the place we call home. We tend to take our luminaries for granted when we should really know more about them. They sustain life on earth.

7 Rays of the Sun 

  1. Blue Ray – The Will or Strength & Power of the Divine
  2. Yellow Ray – Divine Wisdom, Intelligence and Understanding
  3. Soft Pink Ray – Higher octave of Love, and Beauty
  4. White Crystal Ray – Purity, and Joy
  5. Green Gold Ray – Truth, Health, and Focus
  6. Orange, Ruby Ray – Peace and Abundance, 
  7. Purple Ray – Justice, Freedom and Compassion

Our sun is the star of the galaxy. It projects an electric plasma across the Milky Way, with radiation capable of sterilizing planets.The seven rays are the 7 stars in the right hand of Christ in the Book of Revelation (1:20). They appear in several other mythologies as well. Nicolaus Copernicus, sat on his heliocentric view of the heavens until his dying days, during the Renaissance. Fearing heresy, he eventually helped society veer away from Ptolemaic, earth centric views. 

When scientists discovered black holes in  other galaxies, I knew there had to be a black hole in the Milky Way. I wasn’t aware of  previous research, but It’s spiraling after all. Where do spirals lead? Well, usually to some type of vortex. That’s just my logic, yet scientists found it in Sagittarius A in the mid 1970s, via radio waves and old technology. Although they weren’t able to get a good image until April 2019, the Milky Way’s black hole turns out to be a huge one! Ancient Kemetians probably knew of its existence just as they knew the earth orbited the sun. 

 As the sun travels the ecliptic, it’s never more than 23.5° from the earth’s plane. It travels in a wave pattern called the sine wave. Most of us have seen it in old world maps. The distance of the earth to the sun is approximately 93 million miles. The distance of the earth to the moon is approximately 238 thousand miles. The radius of the sun is 432 thousand miles, while the radius of the moon is approximately 1080 miles. A comparison of these numbers to multiples of 9 are amazing, and are available in “Afterskool” videos.  

The path of the sun travels through the constellations, and this process is called the procession of the equinox. Although we are most familiar with 12 (some say 13) constellations, there are many more. Many we have linked to mythologies.The twelve to which we relate, are those through which our luminaries travel. The ecliptic was given its name based on the eclipses that occur when the earth, sun and moon are aligned on the same plane. The directional points, north, south, east and west create the vernal or spring, and autumnal equinoxes. The ancients knew the power of both luminaries; sun and moon

Our astrological birth charts are either diurnal, meaning daytime, or nocturnal meaning a night birth. This is indicated in the western or tropical charts, divided by the ascendant and descendant. A diurnal birth will show the sun’s glyph above the dividing center line, or below for those born at night.

The ascendant is simply the moon’s position at the time of conception and fertilization. This is where the sun was located on the horizon at birth. It dictates our physical form, which is based on the combination of our parent’s natal moon placements (Master E.K. 2015). I found that to be fascinating stuff, and had to let it marinate for a minute. 

The Moon

Master E.K.’s “Spiritual Astrology” explains much of the Secret Doctrine (Isis Unveiled) by Madam Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891). Madam Blavatsky, born in central Ukraine, was an initiate of sacred wisdom and cosmology, She was also co-founder of the Theosophical Society. She explains the seven rays of the sun as sound and colored numbers from a central source. The sun in the heavens are radiations of the Unity, in Blavatsky’s view. Our inner sun projects our personalities to the world, while the moon reflects our emotions and feelings. 

Phases of the Moon

The moon has eight phases, and can be expanded to 16. The Moon is called Chandra in sacred texts, and its Luna principal, Soma. The four main phases include:

  1. New Moon – Initiate new beginnings, Set intention and release emotions 
  2. Waxing Moon – Get it in gear, and get moving. Rising energy 
  3. Full Moon – Intense, reactive and strong sensitivity. Time for gratitude.
  4. Waning Moon – Refinement, clarification and releasing (let it go)

The magnetism of the moon is responsible for our material state of being. The moon holds us down, so to speak. Its responsible for the magnetism in plants and animals also. The perfect time to lay eggs for amphibians, reptiles and crabs, as well as other animals, depend on moon cycles. It also impacts our magnetic polarity as well. We should be aware of the cycles of the moon for dental and surgical procedures.

We should not, unless it’s an emergency, have surgery when the moon is in our sun sign nor the sign which rules that body part. We can have a propensity to bleed more at this time. As the moon becomes full, so do we. We have a tendency to retain fluid and experience more births, heart attacks and strokes during full moon.  We should eat light meals at this time and increase our water intake. Feminine menses occur every 28 days which is a complete moon cycle. 

Ovulation occurs at the half moon phase; day 14. This is when females are most fertile. When we reduce the numbers, 2+8 = 10 and 1+4=5; one and five are significant to beginnings and creation (conception), for the material world. Remember, six represents the material  The Luna energy has a strong impact on our mental and emotional health. This is why we’ve coined the term, lunatic. The moon’s Soma principal in our natal charts assists us in processing our lessons of karma during our journey also.

When we are sleep deprived, we experience anxiety. When we go too long without sun, we can become depressed. Take a stroll in the morning before 10am when the sun is in Aries or Taurus which rules the head, and neck. Sol energy is good for the immune system, teeth and bones. The last hour of the day is as beneficial, as the sun produces vitamin D. 

Bathing under the full moon is grounding, especially if you are barefoot in the grass. Grounding in Luna energy reconnects us with our Mother Earth, Geb or Gaia. Shucks, if no one’s around, go ahead and howl. Still feeling yourself the next day?  Share with the family, friends or neighbors. The world needs your Sol energy. Just try not to singe anyone, nor let ‘em take your shine.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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“Aum/Om”: Cosmic Sound Therapy

In the beginning was the word, and the word was “Aum/Om”. It created a vibratory thunder of life in the cosmos.  Amen: and so it is in creation. The cosmic, primordial sound resonates throughout space and time. A silence follows as it reverberates in the ethers. The word travels in waves and creates all form. As the number three is recognized for the trinity, it unifies universal intelligence. 

Once we bring union to our mind, body and spirit, we unify with the divine. You know; “Where there’s two or more gathered in my name…”. Applied to the cosmos, this is Brahma. This principal applies to the self as well as the collective consciousness. When it applies to the self, this unifying principal is yoga. 

Aum/Om represents the vibrational trinity of creation, preservation, and liberation. It is also expressed in terms of creation, preservation and destruction. The acronym is expressed as follows:

A = Creation – waking state

U = Sustenance – dream state and consciousness of thought for manifestation

M = Destruction – dissolution of the ego and union with the divine

 Ancient Kemetians practiced yoga and knew the importance of sound waves. Most know by now that it was sound frequency and harmonics used to build ancient Kemet. I have yet to experience the acoustics so many people emphasized in the temples they’ve visited. The ancients recognized this practice of harmonics as “toning”; similar to “tuning”. 

 “Aum/Om” pronounced properly, includes all vowels, and sends vibratory energy from the crown chakra to the root. The letter “M” was once considered a vowel, and creates the heaviest vibration. Many vocalists use the concept of vowel unification for vocal exercises, using the standard list of vowels. The “oo” sound is used for the letter “u”.

 Chanting the word “Aum/Om” clears dense, or negative energy from your surroundings. It also clears the mind as vibration fills the body. In Hindu culture, the lesson is to recite “Aum/Om” 108 times to signify oneness, zero point, and the infinite. It reduces to ‘9’ which is completion. 

Internally, chanting stimulates the vagus nerve, which is responsible for the electrical activity of the brain. It operates the parasympathetic nervous system and some critical involuntary responses such as breathing and digestion. We can stimulate the vagus nerve vocally or manually for its numerous benefits. Vagas nerve stimulation (VNS) relaxes the mind as it reverses fight or flight responses, and reduces heart rate, inflammation, and pain. 

Countless clinical studies have been performed and confirm the benefits of meditation and chanting. The vibration produced by the sound of ‘Aum/Om’ soothes anxiety and depression as well as so many other imbalances. 

Imbalances in the body simply signifies disharmony, which leads to disease. Like the musician tunes his/her instrument, your body is your instrument and must be kept in tune. Studies are now proving the relationship of music to healing. As it turns out, music runs alongside opioids for pain management in its effectiveness. 

This was proven in several post operative procedures such as heart surgery. Although it does not substitute the need for opioids, it’s a good supplement and accelerates healing. ‘Aum/Om’ resonates at a frequency of 136.1 hertz. As long as it hovers around 432 Hertz, music is healing. 

 The vibration of “Aum/Om” doesn’t require a meditation session to be beneficial. Any hum-a-long, sing-a-long can generate the benefits of this mantra. Simply making the “Mmm” sound produces vibration throughout the body, especially the heart. It doesn’t cost a thing, and soothes discomfort. The sound made by “S” does the same. 

 During labor, the “S” sound is encouraged in rapid succession to ease the pain of childbirth. Although words like ‘Omega, Amen, Amin, and Ase’ complete our thoughts and prayers, it is the sound of “M” at the end of words like ‘Shalom’, ‘Hum’, and ‘Aum/Om’ that produce the reverb needed to project energy further through the nostrils. 

Some say ‘Aum/Om’ is the energy that travels behind the sun, or the cosmos in its entirety. Others call it the ‘Atman’ (self within). Despite the different ways we recognize this vibration in various cultures, it takes us to a place of unification. The ancients called this state of consciousness ma’at, zen, nirvana and perhaps other names I have yet to learn. 

In conclusion, I certainly hope I’ve dropped what you consider gems for your treasure chest. Now you can choose your zen spot, and recite this mantra a few times although, 108 is recommended. Even a few however, will change your mindset. While you’re musing and sighing in the land of ‘ahhh’. I’ve done my part so I’m following De La Soul and Redman back to the land of “Ooh” Baby. Ase’, Ase’, Ase’.

                                  Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22



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Seven Chakras: Our Power Generators

Generation, Operation, Destruction (GOD), return and repeat…perhaps more consciously this time. We are powerhouses of energy held together by seven main generators; our chakra system. They hold the seven layers of the body together for this 3D or third dimensional experience, we call life. These generators function automatically, but to operate with full efficiency and proficiency, the “Seven Seals”,(KJV, Book of Rev) must be broken. If we do not crack open these seals, we will not receive the light downloads necessary to reach our full potential. We suffer from arrested human development and ultimately premature destruction, for lack of knowledge.

The vibration of the chakra system is the data base of communication throughout the body, and all its systems. Chakra is translated from Sanskrit meaning circle of energy (light). We actually have 114 chakras, 2 of which are outside the body. 108 are able to be adjusted, and 4 open spontaneously in response to the others (Sadhguru, 2021). There is a sacred geometric and electromagnetic relationship between the universe external and internal, significant to the Law of Correspondence: As above, so below; as within, so, without. We transmute energy from the earth at her resonance frequency of around 7,8 hertz. 

As we stand barefoot, preferably, we literally ground ourselves. Energy travels through the secondary chakras in the feet to the root or base chakra. If we live above the equator, the primary base chakra spins clockwise, and counter-clockwise if we live in the southern hemisphere. Energy travels through the auric fields, nadis and meridians. Energy then proceeds through the nervous system, mental, emotional and ultimately, the physical body. The root chakra is generative, and is responsible for our survival.

Represented by the color red, the Muladhara (Sanskrit for root) chakra, controls primal energy. Our fight or flight responses generate pure adrenaline in the warm climate of the lower chakras. Stress loves to reside here as it produces all manner of ailments. We tease our loved ones and co-workers about being anal retentive when in fact, it may be true. Bacteria and viruses reside and proliferate here. This chakra is located between the anus and testes or vagina. It is known as the perineum. Life is generated via intercourse or union of genitals. The root chakra’s mantra is “I Am” and spins with a positive polarity. It opens with four petals since it is the densest.

The Great Heru-em-Akhet

Self preservation is the first law of nature, yet we are challenged to rise out of our animal nature as symbolized by The Great Heru-em-Akhet (The Sphinx). This is how the late archeologist, John A. West describes what he learned from Rene Schwaller de Lubicz. De Lubicz spent thirteen years studying the remains of ancient Kemet. The name Egypt or Aegyptos is Greek, and means “mansion of the Spirit of Ptah”. This was the name given to “Hwt-Ka-Ptah”, the City of Memphis, which was the capital city and main trading hub, according to elders, such as, Karakhamun (Anthony Browder), historian/excavator, and Professor James Smalls. Feeling a sense of safety and security gives us the confidence to thrive. It is common to develop blocks in the lower chakras. Was it by coincidence that it was built facing the constellation Leo? Ancient Kemetians erected all temples and monuments with purpose and symbolism for generations to come. 

Orange is the color of the Sadhisthana, or sacral chakra. The main nadis, Ida and Pingala via the Shushumna draws energy upwards, through each chakra’s vortex as it spins and opens like the symbolic lotus flower. The sacral chakra opens with six petals and is associated with our social relationships, intimacy, creativity and artistic expression. It is our pleasure center. Passion operates in the sacrum; the fire in the belly. Its mantra is “I Feel”. It spins with a negative polarity. Imbalances manifest in the kidneys, large intestine and reproductive organs. 

The body’s power center is represented by the color yellow. The Manipura chakra is where the nerve control center (our other mind) or sympathetic nervous system communicates with major organs. The network of braided nerves appear like the rays of the sun, thus the name. It determines the level of power and confidence we experience. Our egos tend to raise up from the solar plexus. it is also where we get that gut feeling we all experience. It is our genetic memory center. All diseases start in the belly. Its where the body’s filtration system is affected when blockages exist. It spins with a positive polarity and opens to ten petals. The mantra associated with this power wheel is “I Can”. The solar plexus is where we rest our hands when our power light goes out, soul leaves the body and becomes spirit.

The heart chakra is represented by the color green and a soft pink. It divides the higher chakras from the lower. The Anahata chakra energy expands further in the auric field than any other. It represents love in all forms. Forgiveness, empathy, and compassion are the operative words related to this chakra. It opens to 12 petals and spins in a negative polarity. Its mantra is “I Love”. Do you love unconditionally? Unconditional love is healing, as the lack thereof manifest in unhealthy ways. I love the Dave Brubeck quote; “Our mother’s heartbeat is the first sound we hear, and the last sound we hear, is our own”.


Represented by blue, the throat or Vishuddah chakra is where we speak our truth and communicate our needs. It opens to 16 petals and spins in a positive polarity. All systems communicate with the brain through the neck. A broken neck is definitely not equivalent to a broken leg. “Protect your neck”. We can literally feel the throat chakra’s vibration through the larynx and vocal cords. As energy climbs to the higher chakras, vibratory frequency is increased. The Vishuddah chakra’s mantra is “I talk”.


 The Ajna chakra is called the third eye, when in fact, it’s the first eye. This is Central Command. It contains rods and cones like the retina of the visible eye. It is our conscious awareness, insight and intuition. It should be acknowledged first in our decision making process and speech. We all have psychic ability. It’s a matter of developing our abilities with practice. The pineal and pituitary glands form a 90 degree angle and project light information from the Ajna chakra like the iris projects light to form colored objects in the visible eye. Ironically it only opens to two petals. Its polarity is negative and is represented by the calming color indigo. 

The Sarasrara, or crown chakra opens to one thousand (972) petals. It is represented by the color white or violet. This is our connection to spirit or Universal Intelligence. Some say its the seat of the soul. Others consider the Ajna chakra as such. When we are born the triangular fontanelle bones fold over one another to allow the head to pass through the birth canal. It closes six to eight weeks after birth. It is said to be the portal of spirit. There are 22 bones of the skull. 

Balancing our chakra system is not complicated. It is as simple as making a conscious and consistent effort. Is it not ironic that we have 22 chakras in our hands alone and 27 bones. Are you seeing these numbers? We can activate hand chakras using mudras (finger positions). We can stimulate our hands by generating heat, and heal ourselves simply by placing our hands in the area afflicted. Conscious breathing exercises like pranayama, or uijayi, used often in Vinyasa yoga practice, is another tool. I like to fashion it to making a hole or “O” in my throat. Others describe it like ocean or Darth Vader breathing. It allows breath to flow freely to the base of the spine. 

Imbalances in the chakra.system can be corrected by a little color coordination. We transmute energy from the planets relative to our chakras as well as the foods we consume for sustenance. Red root veggies and fruits align the root chakra, while beta carotene in carrots and cantaloupe balance the sacral chakra. Leafy greens are crucial to our overall well being. Why? Because it operates the heart chakra. The first and last hours of sunlight are best for vitamin D consumption, which is a lasting remedy to balance.

UCLA studies conducted in the 70’s, concluded, those who mediate consistently for three years maintain opened chakras throughout the rest of life. Other great tools for balancing our chakras include crystals which should be color coordinated also. Essential oils are an excellent addition to bringing balance as well. Rolfing is deep tissue massage, and serves to open blockages.

We have the ability to be the Generator, Operator and Destroyer (GOD) of this incarnation. We only need 21 of our chakras to participate in spirit having this human experience. Are we gonna allow the other chakras to shine like cloudy oxidized headlights? They won’t pass inspection! Take it from me, I’ve tried. Its like driving in inclement weather. We must polish the headlights and turn on the windshield wipers to avoid crashing. As conscious beings, we are wise to unblock our light paths so we can see clearly.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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How the Caduceus Represents Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Energy

Although we’ve been conditioned to think of medicine when we see the caduceus, it carries a deeper meaning and relationship to healing. Dating back 3000-4000 yrs B.C.E. or more, the image of two serpents climbing a staff obviously relates to some type of ascension process. Serpents prove to be rather intimidating symbols of wisdom in several myths and stories. In metaphysics, they serve as the messengers of kundalini life force energy through the chakras to enlightenment. 

This energy force (prana) is represented throughout history in different cultures and religions. This kundalini energy represents the union of Lower and Upper Kemet (Egypt), as Queen of Sheba (Makeda/Merkaba)traveled to King Solomon (Sol-o-mon/Sol of man/Sun).There, she seeks and challenges his wisdom. If we apply the Law of Correspondence and note, as above, so below; as within, so without, we can make several references to the internal universe, earth school, and the cosmos. 

 The cobra Goddess Meretseger (She who sat in Silence) of Thebes, was guardian of the Valley of the Kings. She sat on a pyramid (Mir) like hill, that appeared to lead to the entrance of the underworld. The desert area in Necropolis was filled with snakes and scorpions. Meretseger punished violators with blinding venom, as well as gave safe passage to those who presented her with gifts and offerings. Furthermore, she was said to  have healed those afflicted…if she deemed them worthy. 

Thoth at Abydos

The Thoth at Abydos relief displays the original depiction of the caduceus. The cobra(protects lower Kemet), and vulture (protects Upper Kemet) at the end of each staff, represents success in ascension and higher consciousness. They join the lower and higher natures(Neters/Ntru). Note, the before and after enlightenment transformation of the initiate. The whole initiation process surely inspired, what many of us recognize as, The Lord’s prayer and The 23rd Psalm, in the Bible.    

Imhotep, the original father of medicine, practiced in the only temples/hospitals available for miles in ancient Kemet. It’s still written on the walls. In Divine timing, The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in various places. Teenaged boys found clay pots that contained the Edwin C. Smith papyri, as well as others while playing. Subsequent papyri found are too numerous to list. Although, not considered a publisher’s reference (anyone can revise it), this is a good list of medical papyri found thus far:

The caduceus was carried by Hermes/Mercury and represented “the message”. The staff also relates to the Greek God of medicine, Asclepius.  However, Asclepius’ staff had only one climbing serpent. Aaron and Moses saw the magic of serpent symbolism in The Book of Exodus 4:2 and 7:8-13. In Hindu, Lord Shiva has a cobra around his neck to symbolize the management of “ahamkar” or his ego. He is also the destroyer of darkness, which is ignorance in my interpretation.

Thoth: scribe and wise counsel

Hindus were entrusted with Hermetic wisdom by the Gnostics during the religious crusades and inquisition. As were the Free Masons. Consequently, many of the terms used are Hindu, yet by no means take away from this sacred wisdom. The Vedas teach the wisdom of Lord Khrisna’s Song, in The BhagaVad Gita which was translated from Sanskrit.

Ida and Pingala

In this school of thought, we learn the cosmic energy is coiled in the base of our root or Muladhara chakra. The energetic staff and two serpents are called nadis. These main nadis are composed of three energy vessels; the Shashumna, centralized along the spine, is where energy is released into the Ida and Pingala. Each of our seven chakras are opened like a portal or lotus flower, as we ascend in consciousness. The prana, or life force energy, climbs through the Ajna (3rd eye chakra), and ultimately the Sahasrara, or crown chakra. Here’s where we receive our wings, as shown in the Ancient Kemetian King’s diadem. S/He rules over upper and lower Kemet (Egypt). 

King Tutankhamun

The Ida(pronounced long e), is Luna energy, which feeds our emotions and is regulated by the moon. Where was the moon the day you were born? Look it up good people. We should know this! The Pingala (pronounced long e), is our Sol energy and comes from the sun and give power to the Luna energy. Together, the Ida and Pingala delivers information in the form of spinovial fluid to the brain and energy to the pineal and pituitary glands. This is the kundalini energy rising!

This energy is carried through the sympathetic nervous system which is connected to the central nervous system. This energetic exchange takes place through 72,000 nadis and 360 meridians in the body. This field is how we experience and interact with our environment and other people. 

Ophiolatreia, is a word used to describe serpent worship in esoteric circles. However, enlightenment is not about worshiping serpents. It’s about the symbolism that best illustrate the experience.  As we learn to stop looking to external sources for our truth, through meditation, mantras and recognizing the Law of Vibration, we can experience our own ascension. Is The Arc of the Covenant under lock and key somewhere on planet earth? I don’t really know, but what I do know, from empirical evidence, is its location in the metaphysical realms. I am happy to tell you, It is within you!

 Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22 


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We Remember!

Everything that was, is, and ever will be is still lingering. The tension is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. We often use this cliche’ to describe the obvious energy present when we walk into a room. Somehow we can tell whether it’s lighthearted or dense and dark. It eventually dissipates, but does it ever go away? The Book of Life, Hall of Records, or The Akashic Records is a phenomenon; an archive of our thoughts, deeds, and other actions. 

Scientifically, we know energy can never be destroyed. Metaphysically, we create elemental structures with our thoughts and they eventually become their own entity, visible or invisible. The Akasha presents us with a forcefield of choices from which to draw. We only experience past, present and future in space-time. Otherwise, it all happens in the now moment. Regardless of space and time, cause or effect. It’s done.

Although our ancestors are no longer with us to guide us in the physical, their genes are in us and their energies are always with us. They will help us if we ask. It is our human experience and our own will; therefore, it is ultimately our own choice. There is no right or wrong, it just is. Cause and effect is the underlying principal at work. 

The Akasha (Field of Records), and the Amenta (Cosmic Heaven) seem to be the same space, yet different energetic experiences. Sadhguru explains the Akashic records as “always there”; therefore he doesn’t have to carry it with him (Sadhguru, 2021). We can draw from this data using vasanas, which means smell in Hindu. It makes sense in that animals learn things from their strong sense of smell. As the intellectual, we’re able to use our minds, and still smell it a mile away…metaphorically that is.

Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene simplified the correspondences and cross references apparent to me on my path. Baba Kaba, as we refer to him, says, “Spirituality is unseen science, and science is unseen spirituality”. He gives a detailed account of the Amenta in his book Spirituality Before Religions. There are 12 hours in the AmDuat; the soul’s journey through the 12 gates of the underworld as told in ancient Kemet (Egypt), and the Book of the Coming Forth to Day, by Night (The Pert Em Heru). 

The Akashic records are entrusted to Anubis, the abandoned son of Osiris. Although he was never really alone, he represents our evolutionary ascension in consciousness. He protects and guides us through the shadow of death. Anubis, the jackal shaman, prepares us through the embalming and mummification process. It is necessary for our journey, so we won’t get burned in the lake of fire. Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer, authors of, “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology“, identifies the lake of fire as the abyss. 

During daylight hours Anubis is Leo, the lion, who stands as guardian of the solsestial gates (the lions gate). He is also Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron returns to the position of our natal charts around the age of 50. It is like our annual solar return (birthday), and Saturn return every 28-30 yrs. 

Similar to many stories of triumph and courage, Anubis takes off on the hero’s journey and overcomes life’s challenges. The worst of which are the proverbial darkest before dawn. He then returns home and claims his birthright; his place on the throne.

Our collective consciousness is one with the All, the Creator. It cannot be divided as the individual; consequently, we may experience a sense of déjà vu that could be from a past life. It could also be genetic memory. The spirits of our ancestors reside within us, not outside. So when we call on them, they are activated from the inside, out. Along with their gifts, we carry their traumas and phobias.

It may be that we have a phobia to heights, spiders, etc. We can also go back in history, and see repetitious decisions made. At first they may seem original, but only under new and different circumstances. If you don’t implement that idea you have, someone else will beat you to it. It’s already in the collective consciousness. There is nothing new under the sun, as taught to us in religious texts.

Everything we need to know is already within us. This is becoming more apparent as we evolve as a species. We simply need to tap in and connect to Source. Whether that be through our ancestors, spirit guides, or archangels, the answers are there. We must be able to see it, smell it, taste, it, hear it and ultimately feel it though. This is but one of our challenges in the ascension process.

The Akashic records may be accessed with a quiet mind. Carl Jung talks about the importance of “Our Dreaming Minds” in his book titled the same. In a trance-like state, Edgar Cayce accessed the Akashic records through his subconscious mind. In meditation, we experience alpha/beta waves as we consciously access our subconscious. We can access the past, get answers in the present and receive direction and guidance for our future. 

In our Vedic astrology birth chart, the South node of the moon, Rahu, highlights what we have mastered in previous lifetimes, as tools for this life. It is the IC or 4th house (the bottom of the sky/midnight). The North node or MC is directly opposite, at high noon, and tells us which direction we should be going. It is commonly called the “midheaven”. If we tap into the Akashic records of our past, perhaps we can find a clue to our future. 

The key to the future lies within. If we can remember who we are, maybe we can determine our purpose here in this lifetime. Whatever is our purpose, we are in an interesting time of transitions and transformation. Some people just know their purpose. Others of us have to figure it out. It helps to have GPS for navigation. If we have anything to do with bringing balance to the our collective consciousness, we must face the brutal, honest truth in front of us in order to see the beauty of life intended for us.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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Water: The Ultimate Shape-Shifter

Its ironic, the more we pay for water, the more we are encouraged to “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate”.  We increasingly realize how crucial it is to our very existence and overall health. There seems to be an upset in the ebb and flow, however. There is too much water when and where it is not needed, yet not enough at the time and places it is.  Despite the shifts from solid to liquid, and gas, its all the same water; just recycled and redistributed throughout the planet as one of four forces of nature. 

Waves of communication and information flow through its currents.  Lately though, the larger bodies of water are about as aggressive as the human bodies that consume it.  If you’ve heard of Haley’s comet then you know comets are ice bodies that travel from the Oort Cloud or Kuiper Belt. Comets and meteorites brought water and matter to planet earth.  Our energies have traveled light years to get here. 

Tectonic plates produced by trapped water under lava fields distinguish earth from other rocky planets. This is how the earth’s mantle was formed over 13 billion years ago. Biologists found several small ponds of little Eco systems around volcanos, each one different from the other. Water, heat and the chemical elements of life bind together in a soup. The hydrothermal activity in this soup produces bubbles of cell membranes and amino acids, which are the basis for life. 

Snowball Earth

We’ve experienced at least two ice ages, one resulted in what is known as Snowball Earth. Only a few organisms survived under the ice. By the time we experienced the more recent mini ice age, approximately 11,600 years ago, human civilization was well developed. It was after this mini ice age that we experienced the Great Flood depicted in the Bible, other cultural holy books, and in oral history. 

 Drop stones were left behind as evidence of the power of water. It’s only been over the last couple of decades that geologists determined these huge stones were left across the plains by water. The most magnificent evidence of how it cuts through rock, is the Grand Canyon. Today, glaciers and ice shelves are melting. According to scientists, calving is increasing at alarming rates. Its rather fascinating to see them collapse and crash in the ocean though. With enough force they can cause tsunami waves,    

Water is spiritual energy and responds to vibration. Sound waves travel faster through water than through air. For nine months, we  are surrounded by amniotic fluid in the womb, before we even take our first breath of air. Miraculously, we already know our mother’s voice at birth. Not only is water a necessary sustenance for life, it is also a destructive force we often take for granted, but we should be forewarned. 

If water carries vibration, information and communication, it is only natural that we be concerned about the water we consume. What kind of information is contained in the bottled water we drink? Did you know you should transmit nice thoughts to your water? We bless our food, yet we are not concerned about the water, which is much more abundant in our bodies at around 72%. Dr. Masaru Emoto (7/22/43-10/17/14) proved how the power of thought and words impact the water we drink. His name and experiment has become world-renowned. 

While oxygen rises from ocean water during the day, carbon dioxide rises at night. This is when light is combined with carbon dioxide to produce plankton, the bottom of the food chain. Generating over 800 tons per day, according to scientists, everything from the smallest fish to humans  depend on phytoplankton. The sediments sink to the bottom of the ocean and become flakes of diatomite. These flakes are carried through dust across the desert to the Amazon, the lungs of Mother Earth. 

Water carries current through a jet stream which produces our weather conditions. Ice particles in the clouds are responsible for the static electricity that makes lightening. Nitrogen nitrates dissolve to produce rain, which makes chlorophyll for plants and the proteins necessary for the human body. Keeping the waterways of the body free flowing (blood, excrement, etc.) and replenished, is the fountain of youth! Large bodies of water seduce us to partake in its inviting waves.

Restricted water energy is a prelude to a dam break. It causes all types of back-ups and toxicity. These days, we are restricted water energy being summoned to our larger bodies. Although close to 30% of the population live near the shores already, its summertime and tourists will yet again encroach on the locals. We’ve been cooped up inside, and as in anything we anxiously anticipate, we wanna get outside and play. As we run around in the upcoming heatwaves, most of us will feel the urge to hydrate the body with water, find a large enough body of water, and dive right in.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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I See Sacred Numbers

The Absolute is One with All there is, period. Exogenous, omnipotent, and omniscient, there is no name. Universal Intelligence has many names at the same time.The One is Creator; the Waters of Nun is pregnant with possibility and has the potential to be overwhelming. At best, its force is exponential and in harmonic proportion. Are you one with the One? That divine spark; the sine wave; first frequency, the I Am that I Am, is that you? Word is born.

We can make a long list of opposing forces. The masculine principal initiates linear, projected energy while the curved, creative and receptive energy is feminine. One pole is blue shift and magnetic while the other is red shift and electric (AC/DC). Love, desire, and that which can only be expressed through experience, reconciles the Two opposing forces with the Trinity. 

The Three principals of creation are Salt, which represents the Mother, Sulphur, the Father and Mercury, the child. It is the Sun, Moon and Stars. The Trinity in ancient Kemet is Ausar, Auset, and Heru. Many recognize it as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Quickening is “The Word” and the principal of Vibration. E-motion can only take place at the heart space, like the musician to his/her instrument. The creation is “The Song”. It’s the spiritual relationship with the divine that makes 3 special. It brings the relationship of 2 back into union with The One.

Three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas, are thrown to the Four corners of the earth. In Heliopolis (The City of the Sun), Geb and Nut produce four children, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. The directions of possibility being north, south, east and west while 4 seasons created the conditions for life to thrive. In time and space, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and carbon are representative of the four basic elements. It is scaffolding and structure for the Primordial Scission.

The primordial scission separates heaven and earth. It gives way to Five via the principal of male and female polarities plus reconciliation represented by three. Two plus three equals Five (2+3=5), which is procreation; love in the physical sense. From the root of 2, 3, and 5, harmonic proportion is established. This is where the interplay of ideas and possibilities in time and space form the pentagram or five pointed star. The Golden Ratio of 1.6186… brings balance and harmony to all fractions of the whole, as the circle of fifths bring forth the song  to the third dimension. Abracadabra, and the sixth point produces form in 3D.

Six is wo/man, in time and space; the physical. Have you ever noticed the hexagon on Saturn’s north pole? “Mmm” a few thoughts follow that question. It was discovered in 1981. This is the last of the visible planets. We have associated time with Chronos, who is“Father Time”. Isn’t that why we count numbers chronologically? Seems we are “The Beast” Big Baby. The carbon atomic mass has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, (666). Whereas the first five sacred numbers are spiritual and metaphysical in nature, numbers six through nine include form. It’s the prima materia’, or first matter

Seven is representative of growth. We call it God’s number, for it organizes the progression of heaven and earth. Matter comes into union with spirit and calm is restored. The seventh house in the zodiac is Libra, the scales. Ma’at rules here, along with the planet Venus (Love).This is the quantum leap in the increments of time, as in 7 days of the week, and every 7 years of human development. 

Add the number 5 and it becomes the higher octave of systems which is 12. The higher realms of time and space are not only represented on the chromatic musical scale, but the clock, the zodiacal wheel, (Ezekiel’s  wheel).months of the year, 12 systems of the body, 12 disciples and 12 judges (people of the jury), for example. Before we double down with double digits, we must complete the cycles. There is still potential growth here.

Turn the number Eight on its side and we are looking at infinity. Our continuous pursuit of spiritual growth and infinite knowledge, wisdom and understanding are essential. Surely we can call it “King Solomon’s wealth”.This representation of dharma and karma are our debits and credits. Sowing seeds and reaping harvests is the wheel of fortune incessantly turning in our favor, and for our highest good. At the end of each cycle, there is rebirth and resurrection. Nine completes the cycle.

A multiple of itself produces the product of Nine when we reduce it; for example, 9,18,27, 36, 45, 54, 72, and 81; (1+8=9, 2+7=9, etc.). When we complete our cyclic lessons in life, we can level up to 10 and experience new advanced cycles and beginnings in double digits as wise adults. Some of us are old souls and somehow we know it. Moreover, the signs are there. If you calculate your birthday by adding the digits and reducing them to a single digit, you will discover your life path number; for example someone born 5/29/22 will be calculated by adding 5+2+9+2+0+2+2= 4. This person has a life path number of “4”. This person is practical, and makes rational decisions, they also desire stability. The destiny number is determined by adding the 2 digits of the birthday. This person is born on the 29th and 2+9 is 11. We don’t reduce master numbers. I would suspect this person is an old soul.

You are now conscious and creative. You see the vision represented by the “pillars” or “portal” of Master 11, The master builder 22, is the architect who builds his/her masterpiece using  intuition to bring  the vision to manifestation,  and the master teachers 33 carry the message to the world. The master healer is number 44, and so on across the world stage.

Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) studied the heavens intently to identify the cycles of time and our relationship to them. They went through cataclysms and catastrophe’s (possibly Atlantis), and left a fragmented account of what happened written in stone. Myth was infused with reality as in the Great Flood. Numbers in single digits were represented with one strike, while the symbols in the Mdu Ntr (hieroglyphics) represented increments of ten, hundreds, etc. Researchers are still attempting to sort through the ruble of chaos and restore order, as we seek answers to our past. 

Somewhere in our collective subconscious, there is a knowing that is being unveiled. Numbers and symbols are the gems dropped in our individual subconscious bubbling up to consciousness. It makes some people nervous, but this initiation forges on. There is something under Horemahket (The Sphinx), or is it in the Akashic records of our subconscious minds?  Only time will tell us, as we move out of the age of believing and into the age of knowing; Aquarius. Perhaps as we come to know, our energies will vibe on a higher wave frequency, and in harmonic proportion. At least that’s where I’m headed…and that’s my word!

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22



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The S/Hero’s Journey

Ptah and Sekhmet

So we’re trapped in 3D; now what? If you know the answers, share them with the rest of us. The winding road is narrow with high cliff elevations and jagged rocks to  greet you at the bottom. Its like driving blindfold as we attempt to stay in our lanes. The uncertainty around the corner of life, and the attempt to avoid the proverbial fall from grace is analogous to The S/Hero’s Journey. 

The story has been told in many allegories. The immaculate conception has at least 16 different interpretations. The many mythologies and every nursery rhyme tells the story of the s/hero’s journey. We cannot limit our walk to Joseph Campbell’s version, albeit a classic. We have our own. We can associate our story with the archetypal pantheon of choice. We are a bouquet of peoples. Take your pick, just don’t forget to buckle your seatbelt because its quite a ride. 

Insomuch as numbers are significant in the cosmos, myths are also significant to our overstanding, innerstanding and understanding of the s/hero’s journey. John Anthony West, author of “A Serpent in the Sky” gives his account in the following statement: “Myth dramatizes cosmic laws, principals, processes, relationships, and functions, which in turn may be described by numbers and the interplay between numbers” (West, 1993). One example of this is how we identify the number three with creation, while the number seven organizes. 

The sun has seven rays and there are seven octaves on the musical scale. There are also seven notes, just to mention a few examples. The notes and octaves are in harmonic proportion. Our bodies too are made in harmonic proportion. It is amazing stuff. 

We’ve descended from our galactic home to our earthly home. In the whirlwind, we collected the elements that construct life. Universal intelligence packed us up, and sent us to the hell plane! Separation has taken place. The hermaphrodite is now male and female. What did we do to deserve this? How do we to get back home? Most of us will claim plausible deniability and cling to our childhood mantra; “I didn’t ask to come here.” Uh, yes you did. Well, at least your soul did…numerous times it seems.

Spinning at it’s polarities, vertices, and angles, the Mer *Ka*Ba plays our particular song, and creates our uniqueness apart from any other creature on earth. The Ka represents the spirit and Ba, the body. We are the five pointed star as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The “Merkaba” is our chariot, light-body, our energetic vehicle, the star tetrahedron.

Metatron’s cube contains our superpowers, our genetic memory, and our electro-magnetic energy. Its all enveloped in a matrix destined to become a combination of the 5 platonic solids:

  1. Tetrahedron – 4 faces, 6 vertices, 4 edges       
  2. Cube – 6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges
  3. Octahedron – 8 faces, 6 vertices, 12 edges
  4. Icosahedron – 20 faces, 12 vertices, 30 edges
  5. Dodecahedron-12 faces, 20 vertices, 30 edges

Seven circles represent the seed of life and expands to thirteen, representative of the flower of life. Finally, the egg or ovum is fertilized at conception. Mitosis begins and while some say by day 42, others may argue when spirit enters the body. Through the tropic of Cancer, the angel has fallen. S/he has many names, to include Neo.

As we spiral through the solar system, we pick up planetary energies. The moment of birth is indicative of the planetary aspects present. The moon is the last orb before we reach earth. It moves our emotions with the tides. It’s logical since our bodies hold the same percentage of water as the earth. Depending on the energies present at birth, there are parts of the body that will be sensitive and require extra attention.

Our energetic body (chakra system) is connected to our physical body through the endocrine system. The endocrine system consist of glands, to include:

  •  1. Testes/Ovaries                                 5. Thyroid Gland
  • 2. Adrenal Glands                                6. Pituitary Gland/Hypothalamus
  • 3. Pancreas (endo & exocrine)        7. Pineal Gland
  • 4. Thymus

We receive our talents, our personality traits, genetics and even epigenetic composition from our ancestors. Dr. Joy DeGruy and Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how we potentially carry the imprints and engrained experiences of our environment as far back as fourteen generations. These DNA proteins are crystalized in its structure. One X or Y chromosome from each cell is a contributing factor. 

The Tree of Life is also the Tree of Knowledge. Universal Intelligence has order. The Kabbalah, known in Hebrew for “traditional, received knowledge” is the most common presentation, yet not the only. It is the major arcana of the tarot. It is also the foundation for all possibilities; a pathway.

 Star-seed. It’s your B’earthday! We’re allowed to create here on the earth plane. Any image that comes to mind can be made three dimensional. Shucks, we have 3D printers now. Who thought of that idea? Something tells me it’ll be in my social media recommendations tomorrow. We can bring whatever comes to our mind’s eye to fruition and completion. 

The dung beetle is the strongest creature on earth with proportion to size. It rolls animal dung over a thousand times its own weight, home. This insect tills the soil as the recycling process cleans the environment. It is also represented over the doorway of every temple of ancient Kemet. Its Khepra (Khepri, Khepera); the morning sun, as it pushes its way towards noon; the pinnacle of success!


At the noon day hour, Ra shines the brightest. It’s the highest point in the sky; its June 21st. in the great year of life. You’re shining! How do you feel? Does integrity rule the day or are there regrets? If there are regrets, we are allowed to make mistakes as long as we are willing to reflect and correct. It’s all about the will. Resistance gets us in trouble, and taking the path of least resistance is not always the answer. 

With every cause there is an effect and vise versa. The cycle of life can also be described in seven stages. Along the way, we are faced with challenges to overcome. If we don’t overcome them in a loving way, we experience pain. Then we are faced with a different challenge to learn that same lesson.

The objective is to experience this life using our senses. Then its important for each one to teach one before Set, representing the setting sun, finds us at dusk. We will continue to be faced with opportunities to exercise self love, and ultimately love for others until we get it right. If we don’t learn this lifetime, perhaps we’ll learn in the next. 

Each time we climb out the asteroid craters of life, we are rewarded with a new outlook along with new tools and resources. Eventually we learn the opposite of love is not hate, but fear. Although indifference is the logical opposite, we’ve even given fear an acronym for false evidence appearing real (F.EA.R). Soon thereafter we learn how to recognize our fears and plow through them anyway. With love for self, and the understanding that the experience is all an illusion, we simply learn to confront challenges with grace. As we continue to seek the kingdom of heaven within, we will eventually escape the external wheel of Samsara and find our way home. 

                                                                                          Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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