Mercury Retrograde

Looking back on the days of family road trips, I remember sitting in the back seat as we rode past traffic, 18 wheelers in particular. If traffic was heavy enough, we would ride alongside one for a while. After a few minutes, I would be hypnotized by the wheel rotation. It appeared as though one of us was traveling backwards. This is Mercury retrograde from Earth’s perspective. 


The first planet from the sun, Mercury is known as the “messenger”. He rules Gemini and Virgo on the zodiacal wheel, and rules communication in different forms to include writing, music, and artistic expression. He is the divine healer as well. Thoth (etymology of the word “thought”), son of Ra, invented writing and cultivated the arts. The ibis-head Neter is scribe, wise counsel, and architect, to name a few of his gifts. He is also Tehuti (Djehuty), Hermes Trismegistus (3x’s great), Merlin, Apollo, and of course Mercury.

Mercury has a higher octave outer planet, Uranus, currently with the Sun in Taurus.


Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius, our intuition and higher consciousness. It also rules science, electronics, sudden and natural events, freedom, sudden breaks and breakthroughs. These two planets together rule social media and the internet. When Mercury goes retrograde, generally three times per year for an average of three weeks, we often experience miscommunication. This retrograde is special because of the full moon eclipse in Libra/Scorpio May 15-16th. 

Not only does this Mercury retrograde and full moon eclipse asks us to reflect, review, and revisit recent thoughts, actions, and documents, people resurface in our lives.  

This “blood moon” eclipse requires us to re-member who we are. This is not just a short-term memory exercise though. We are asked to reach into the deepest aspects of self to re-member parts of ourselves that may have been fragmented and broken along our path. For some, it may include past life regression. Scorpio goes deep into an investigative look at things. Emotions run deep for Scorpio natives. It is after all, a water sign ruled by Mars. Time for balance. Is your heart as light as the feather of Ma’at?

Experiences can be challenging for some who have Libra/Scorpio placements or even Capricorn placements where Pluto is currently retrograde. If Saturn, or Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are aspected in your natal chart, this creates yet another  layer. Twelfth house placements and aspects to the moon’s nodal axles, Rahu and Ketu, will definitely be impacting as well. To find out where your natal planets are, go to You will need your birth name, place and time for accurate placements.

Astro Viktor and Maurice Hernandez posted an excellent YouTube video explaining the intensity of these transits. Molly McCord also offers a comprehensive explanation of the upcoming lunar eclipse and its significance to healing. These videos could be of interest to those who experience depression and other mental health conditions. The suggestion however, is not meant to replace the need for professional assistance. (links below)

Thoth and Anubis

Transformation is happening for a lot of people at this time. Anyone can re-invent themselves though through The Great Arcana; the metaphorical and metaphysical. We can transmute energies to work for our highest good with intention. What are your intentions?

7 Stages of Alchemy

  1. Calcination (Burn it down! EGO)
  2. Dissolution (Dissolve) (Meditate, Balance Chakras, Prayer, Connect with Nature)
  3. Separation (Head/thoughts & Heart/emotions)
  4. Conjunction (subconscious with conscious) (Union of the luna and Sol)
  5. Fermentation (Breakdown, Putrefaction) (Gut Health)
  6. Distillation (Purification)
  7. Coagulation (Authenticity!) 

Toltec principals: The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Luis)

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally (It’s not about you)
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best

The Fifth Agreement

  • 5. Discernment (Be skeptical, yet listen) 

I am tickled to give this example of transmutation and transformation of energy. I wonder who re-calls Sway’s Universe interview with Birdman. For those who slept on it, and didn’t re-cognize, Birdman shape-shifted into “The Alchemist”. He didn’t re-act, nor hide when others re-acted. He coined a new synonym; then went on a media junket, stacked his chips and cashed ‘em in! 

All the while, critics were wondering how he simply re-wrote the Queen’s English to suit himself without shame. As for the rest of us, we learned how to spell R.E.S.P.E.C.T from Aretha, and now we know how to pronounce it… Birdman’s way. What? Now that you’re transformed and brand new, with a re-birth of the cool in you, make people put some RESPECK on your name. Thanks Birdman! We got that Mercurial message brotha. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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The Great Purge

Yoooo! Peace be still. I haven’t heard so many references to the word purge since the days of anorexia and bulimia awareness. What exactly are we purging? I guess that depends on who we pose the question to. There are so many planetary aspects happening between Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto; that last week there was a visible planet parade in the sky. Venus and Mars have been doing the tango for the last couple of months. Its also eclipse season, so Sun and Moon are competing for maximum exposure…in the other one’s space and time. Then to further complicate things, Mercury is about to go retrograde! What the…?

Our energies are on mach speed. Many of us are acting out in ways that render surprising manifestations of sadness, anger, envy, and other lower vibrational energies. So how do we shift down and rise above the illusion? Perhaps we can start with acknowledgement of our particular reality, gird our loins about the truth, and stand on our square.  

Experts have taught us that suppressing emotions can lead to depression and unresolved depression may lead to anxiety. Hurt people surely hurt other people. Over the past couple of years many of us have lost something, someone, or both. Some of us have lost enough money to make a C17 do a belly flop from thirty-thousand feet. 

In her 2000 album, Mama’s Gun, soul sista Erykah Badu sings, “…If its all in the air, then its all on your mind”. Meanwhile empaths wanna know, “Can we get it out the air, please?” 

The following study could have been performed anywhere with similar results: “46.1% of Dutch participants in a Cambridge survey felt that not being able to cry affected them negatively; however despite these findings, only 2.9% sought any professional help,(Hesdorfer, Vingerhoets, and Trimble,  2017)”. Researchers went further to say over 8% of men and a little over 6% of women loss the ability to even cry at all. Ultimately, the study concludes more research is needed to say it actually leads to psychopathy. Most had PTSD or some type of detachment style of dealing with emotions (energy in motion). This is what we need to Purge.

Alexithymia, the inability to be empathetic or connect with one’s emotions, was for me, a new word. Naturally, I thought the psych community had come up with another label for society, but alexithymia may have been a part of their lexicon all along, and I just didn’t know it. It’s not a condition so much as it has been described. It prompted me to perform a self imposed EQ test. 

Nope! That doesn’t apply to a sap like me. Then I hesitated, only to realize that crying doesn’t occur for me until I am out of fight or flight mode. If I’m in crisis mode, it’s no time to cry. Its time to complete the mission! Then it’s ok to cry (chuckle, chuckle). Too many men skip this step. 

 Although many women are just as guilty, fellas tend to repress emotions as a result of cultural conditioning. We pack it up and call it “baggage”. Now we’re slinging pilot bags, duffle bags, and backpacks all over the place. As a healthier choice, most of us will go outside in the rain, put on a slow jam, let it flow and we’re good to go. Others will leak a little here, and when triggered, a little there. If not addressed, you could find yourself in the following scenario me and my girlfriend would joke about.

Mariana Trench (The deepest place on earth)

You’ve planned a nice evening. A tasty meal filled with love is done. You’ve given it a taste and the final “Bravissimo!” You take your luxury bath/shower, and put on something glamorous. Hang with me… You go in the room and make a disappointing and curious discovery. This dude is crying! (Call the grammar police. I’m about to go there)…with a puzzled look and furrowed brow ask in falsetto, “what’chu cryin fuh now man?” 

In all seriousness, it may be a good time to reach out for help or he could just be a deep diver and thats his way of purging. We women love the strong, sensitive type just as much. Just like rain cleanses the earth, tears cleanse the souls of man. 

Mariana Trench

Often times, its not until we become adults that we begin to recognize our childhood wounds, if ever. Just because we’re no longer children doesn’t mean we can simply put aside the pain we may have endured. We don’t realize how the pain affects us and our relationships. At some point circumstances may force us to sit at the house, put on our metaphoric scuba gear, and take a deep dive. Just be sure, when you come up for air, you bring back the biggest, strongest and most beautiful iridescent pearl your heart can muster under tremendous Mariana Trench like pressure. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman


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God Made Dirt

Dirt don’t hurt. At least it’s’ not supposed to. 

Yet pestilence and famine stare down my brother,

Steals nourishment from my mother. 

Red Dirt

        Black dirt

                     Gray dirt

                                Pay dirt

 …and back to the clay dirt, 

Fashioned on the potter’s Wheel by the architect of the four corners of the universe;  

In the triple blackness of Ptah before the first verse. 

The possibilities swept up in a spiral vortex,

                         restricted to the confines of the matrix; 

                                                              Man-made complex;

Life is about the process.

Four sides of the cube; North, south, east and west. 

Nun, Geb, Shu, and Tefnut. 

           The man, the lion, the ox and the eagle; 

                                                 …the Angels and the angles to boot. 

Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydro;

a few trace minerals to go.

…and a pillar of salt. 

God made dirt. Dirt don’t hurt. At least it’s not supposed to. 

Its’ all in the soil. Getting to know myself made it worth the toil. 

In the fourth dimension of the time and space,  striving for the fifth. Along the way I spit out the pith. 

It no longer serves me. I’ve peeled the skin and eaten the fruit. 

Nourished from the root 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22

The Essence & The Ego

The dynamic duo is the essence and the ego. They’re like Batman and Robin complimented by the personality. The indivi’dual wants to express itself. It wants to thrive in the world through self actualization. It wants to express itself through the five and if developed, six senses. Who says we should relinquish our egos? Our egos drive us through the bush of self preservation. Its primal and tribal, and yet, at the heart lies the truth. Its strong, but vulnerable, sometimes fearful, and connects us to the whole world of oneness. 

We’re not forced to react to everything that offends us, nor do we have to dignify it with a response. However, if we want our boundaries known, we must step up and say, “awww nah, you can’t cross that line; not without consequences”. If we choose to provide a response; does it have to be a snappy fusion of wit and sarcasm? If people are around, will a lack-luster reaction bring us shame? Is a comeback even appropriate? Depending on the situation, we can allow the offense to marinate in our minds and address it in due time. We can strive to relate with a sense of humility, although its good to have a healthy ego that exudes confidence, boundaries and potential. Its when confidence and over zealous ambition is used to abuse or exploit others that the ego reveals imbalance.  

Where do we draw the line of dignity? How much vulnerability do we subject to the ill-willed, malicious and inhumane forces of society? When we exercise tolerance, where do we draw the line of intolerance, respect and disrespect, dignity and indignation? This is the process of discernment for the essence and the ego. As we divide ourselves amongst our commonalities, we decide which roles we want to play. This is where possibility lies. It’s the present moment that determines the outcome. Does the heart agree with the mind?

We came to the Earth School to experience duality, and man are we experiencing duality today. It’s “us vs them” on so many levels of our so-called hierarchies. Despite a collective desire for new challenges, on a basic level, we are confronted with the same challenges in a different time with different people and events. Imagine the spiral, for the line is obsolete. Are we going to continue to solve our problems on the superficial level of intelligence, and go back to “normal” or are we going to finally confront the human experience from the essence of who we are as intelligent groups of beings? What we create today in our society is going to benchmark future times in which we live.

Truth, justice and an open heart and mind is all that is required of me. If the ego intends to hurt people, it will surely backfire. The way may be clear for a season, but at some point the cycle wanes and the seasons change. Does the empath then trade places with the narcissist? Maybe not if they meet somewhere in the middle. Carl Jung said, “The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories”. Perhaps that’s the summation, but with a bit more to it than the ability or inability to tell our stories. In addition to the struggle for resources and basic needs, I am able to hear and feel the breezes, smell the flowers, taste the rain, and see the setting sun, Does my life serve a specific purpose? Who cares? Will those I’ve opened my heart to remember my name?

Karen Kliethermes

Heartbreak is no laughing matter, and everything we protect is either someone or something close to our hearts. We may justify our actions with buffers and scapegoats but when it comes to what makes us vulnerable, it’s that which matters to the heart. If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak then you know it sometimes causes physical heartache, and scientists have recently proven this fact, as well as the subsequent heart attacks that followed in some cases.

The desires of the heart often include material things that protect the heart from loneliness and contemplation. In fact the Buddhata means little soul. We suffer for our desires. Buddhists say, it is desire that is the cause of our suffering. Perception and momentary intention is universal intelligence engaging all five (or six) senses. We should always act with the best of intentions. Do one thing at a time, with intent. Consequently, we desire less to fill in the gap. Perhaps we will lessen our suffering. 

Although we’ve deserted the heart as the center of our existence, we still yearn to love and be loved. We must keep in mind however, when our emotions tower over logic or logic towers over emotion we are imbalanced. The level of imbalance ultimately becomes obvious if it strays too far to the left or right. You’ll know if or when you start to display signs of sociopathy, psychopathy, and narcissistic behaviors that make people around you go “hmmm” and look at you sideways. Furthermore, despite the attempts to hide behind the money of which we give limitless value, it is only a form of currency and consideration for our necessities and desires. 

Have you ever made a comment in anger expecting an argument, only to have the person drop their defenses and reveal how terrible the comment made them feel? Do you stand there in shame, or find an excuse to leave the room? The experience makes us think twice about the necessity for aggression in the first place.The essence of who we are is open to learning how to recognize that the thing we don’t like about another is usually reflective of something we don’t like about ourselves. It’s called projection.

Experts say we build the personality between ages 7-21 although it starts to show itself earlier in our terrible twos and threes. Did Freud give us a fraudulent explanation about the ID and the ego? Are we regulated to our egos through self gratification? We can exist without the ego as exemplified by the ascended masters. The ego is conscious and regulates the ID, or does it? Although the personality is developed through our conscious and unconscious thinking, the subconscious knows all since the essence of who we are remembers far beyond this life time.

The accumulation of experiences assist in the balancing act. Exploring reasons why we developed certain beliefs is important to our ascension in consciousness. However, we don’t usually explore our own imbalances, idiosyncrasies, and belief systems until we are forced to by some trauma, grief, and other life altering excruciating pain. If we want relief, we must go through the fire to get to the other side. The fire burns inside, and I’m not talking bout acid reflux. Transformation is like growth spurts; hard, painful and awkward. 

Combined, the essence and the ego, the dynamic duo works harmonious to one another when we show up for ourselves by doing the internal work. Then and only then can we reach out to share unconditional love in all its forms. If we can look in the mirror and ask “how you like me now?” We can be so bold as to stand on our soap box, roof top, or ground if you prefer, and yell, “Blaooh! How you like me now?” Do it… I dare you.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


Karen Kliethermes

Involution and Evolution

We are Galactic Hue’mans

Apes and chimpanzees are still here. So how did homo-erectus evolve from them? I don’t know if experts have a succinct answer to that question yet. Most people believe we were either created by an entity, divine spirit, or evolved from apes. Does the answer have to be either, or? Was the big bang more scientific than divine? In our scientific development, we now know how to identify stars, planets, super novas, gamma rays, pulsars, neutron stars, black holes and their possibilities, but wait…are they not all part of divinity?

It is also commonly known that atoms can never be destroyed. They can only be transformed, and yet atoms are not the smallest particle as proven in collider experiments. Yes, they’ve been smashing atoms in colliders, as we slept. Scientists are learning about neutrinos, quarks, leptons, taus and muons which can be erratic before they form particles of atoms and molecules. Physics has come a long way since Max Plank, as did biology since Jane Goodall. Among the cosmic dust that permeates our atmosphere, quarks and leptons containing muons, taus, and other short-lived particles have been proven to penetrate rock. One hundred trillion neutrinos pass through our bodies per hour.

Muons are particles that are 206.77 times heavier than electrons, yet they are said to decay within 2.2 microseconds. They were discovered as they produced a wobble during an experiment. That’s the only reason they became evident. So neutrinos, quarks and muons generate potentiality. This is a huge phenomenon in the world of quantum physics in determining whether we live in a parallel universe or multiverse. For me, it validates not only the energy we exchange with the sun but the energy we receive, and exchange with the planets in our solar system. This happens along the photon belt which is the light spectrum. It turns out we have more in common with the stars and planets than we thought.

Mt Kilamanjaro

If we are made of star dust (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, & nitrogen) while comets are credited for bringing water to earth, and astroids created by iron and other elements make their contribution, it offers an evolutionary image of the heavens coming to form. Then, around 200,000 years ago man, as originally formed with approximately 75% water,“ at the “foothills of the mountain of the moon where the God Hapi dwells”; as stated by Dr. Ben Jochannan, historian, refers to “Tanzania, Kenya’s Mt Kilimanjaro and DRC/Congo area”. This is where the ancients likely roamed until their migrations around the globe. As they circumnavigated the earth, they learned about their relationship with the world around them, to include the heavens. One of the most important lessons that came out of these teachings is, to know thyself


Which came first, the ameba or the trilobite? Geologists and anthropologists say the trilobite went extinct, yet it’s clear the ameba evolved into hearty fern, conifers and palm. Did the trilobite become extinct at the end of the Permian age or did they evolve into mammals? Well, we know plants have evolved into fruitful trees and beautiful flowers as minerals evolved into stunning gems beneath the earth, so what are we evolving into? I think we must experience involution to find out. 

Google and dictionary definitions refer to organs involuting (turning inward) after it goes through a procedural change. The uterus is used as an example ironically, to make the point of how it turns in on itself after childbirth. The mathematical definition refers to “an inverse number divided into itself to give it identity” (Meriam-Webster Dictionary). In other words, it goes inward to identify itself, to become a whole number. This is the definition with which I resonate. After all, the universe speaks to us in numbers, cycles and form.

The Early Cosmos

There is no external power, other than the collective consciousness, whether you identify this source as God, Creator, or the Absolute, the scaffolding darkness and light is the only acceptable and intuitive answer to our questions. If The All, Oneness or Universal Intelligence is within us, then there-in lies the answers. How do we go within? Lets explore our options. Our options are plentiful, yet we are usually prompted by some life experience or trauma.


We can use our collective experience with the latest pandemic as an example of how many of us have used this past year to reflect on our priorities. We realize we are only here for a nano-second in the space and time of earth’s existence. The average life span of 72 years which breaks down to 7+2=9 (completion) and travels through the progression of the equinox 1 single degree within one zodiacal sign. We are living in a profound time of transformation and regeneration which is represented by the dwarf planet Pluto. Pluto takes 248 years to make a revolution around the sun. The US is about to experience its Pluto return. 

Annually, we experience our solar return. We say, “Happy Birthday”. I say, “Happy B’Earthday” since this is when we took our first breath in this incarnation. At that moment in time the planetary energies were in a certain configuration and that combination created the potential for who you are and everything you have and will become. Each planet in our solar system is connected energetically to our sun which is connected to our universal intelligence. 

Just think of the sun in our solar system and its connection to the sun in our form. It is the human heart; el corazo’n. If we have a heart attack, it is referred to as a coronary infarction, among other references. A total solar eclipse covers all but the sun’s corona. It also emits CME’s or coronal mass ejections that has the ability to corrupt the earth’s atmosphere with too much radiation energy and solar winds. When we think of the heart’s frequency, we can translate it in the Deutsch term for heart which is herz. Our sun is after all the heart of the solar system.

CME Hitting Earth’s Protective Magnetic Field

Not known to a lot of people is the fact that CME’s can produce coronaries in humans. You don’t have to believe in astrology; although, it was originally one of the seven liberal arts and sciences or seven pillars of knowledge as acknowledged by Pythagoras, Free Masons (Marcus, 2017) and others who sat at the feet of ancient Khemetans. This is where the word chemistry and alchemy are derived. Astrology which includes astronomy became obscured and astronomy took its place in the quadrivium (geometry, arithmetic, music, & astronomy). Planetary placements and configurations impact our lives whether we want to acknowledge them or not. All you have to do is look around you or at what’s happening in the US if you live abroad. Don’t worry, whatever happens in the US will have a ripple affect, according to astrologers worldwide. 

Therefore, meditation can be a useful technique for connecting with universal intelligence, as well as studying your natal chart so you can compare it to the present energies and potentiality. Astrology is not about making predictions, although it can be useful in determining possible outcomes. Those in the know, understand, inner-stand, and over-stand the conscious and subconscious connections. Collectively we are made in the image of our creator, hence are reflections of one another. So the energies we put out are the energies we get back. Many call it karma. 

Incidentally we are also reflected in the earth. The Schumann Resonance of the earth is its heartbeat. Named after German scientists Winfred Otto Schumann and H. L. Konig, It usually registers at 7.83hz in radio frequency. Remember we are energy, frequency and vibration. If you know what range the human resting heart rate should be, then you know its between 72-80 BPM. Although the Schumann resonance fluctuates like our own, when it is low, or high it affects wave frequencies in the earth which in turn affects us. 

Brother Ani’s heart is weighed against the feather of Ma’at

In conclusion, it is important to learn which energies offer you courage, wisdom, contentment, fulfillment, security and unconditional love. It requires checking in with self and others through our relationships. Fellowship is a part of that connection yet balance (ma’at) is the vital aspect of involution which requires quiet time in your own heart space. As your energy, frequency, and vibration expands so does your personal growth and development. This, my fellow galactic hue’mans, is an inside job.

Sheila T. Zimmerman


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7 Laws of the Universe


As three creates, seven organizes the universe. Yes, there are rules to this game. You’ve experienced them all. Some people identify these laws as principles but these words are interchangeable since principles are fundamental truths of a system. Although, there are billions of known galaxies at this point in time, the Milky Way demonstrates a system of law and order. Events turn out to by cyclical, such as the rising and setting of the sun; high and low tides, and the phases of the moon. Its all connected like the notes to a song or parts to a symphony. 

The universe is Mind; the Absolute, Source, or Consciousness operating in a collective and in the individual. The individual is able to choose and exercise free will, but it resides within the parameters of a society that expands throughout the world over, yet is a representative of the Law of Mentalism or Oneness. What’s your ‘worldview’? Are you “woke” or aware of your presence in the here and now? There are those who laugh and make fun of this trendy expression, but it actually asks a serious question. Are you aware of your history as a species, group or family? Are you aware of your surroundings, your connection to the planet, or even the cosmos? Are you aware of who you are?

At any given moment we can recenter ourselves and become aware of who we are, where we are and what we are doing. As principals expand on the laws of the universe, we can expand our level of consciousness and awareness. Upon answering the previous questions, we may then ask ourselves ‘how’ are we going to perform a task or reach an accomplishment, or conclusion, and finally, when do we project to complete this task or endeavor? The first step to healing is “awareness”. We have to be conscious of and acknowledge the issue. Isn’t that what the psychology world tells us?


The second is the Law of Duality. This is where we get to express ourselves in all manner of self expression. This is the principal of polarity or separation; black and white, rich and poor, good and bad, and everything in between. “Spirit having a human experience” we like to say. Are we ascending or descending in our personal journeys of involution and evolution? When we go within for the journey of involution, we learn who we are. We learn our preferences and prejudices based on our perception of reality and intent. Since there is no good nor bad, this concept is derived from our perceptions as a society, the collective; the earth school. 

Duality may be viewed like a light spectrum. There are some forms that are unseen or unheard. It is not necessary to experience every point or segment on the spectrum to know they exist nor to accomplish our objective in this life. Do we intend to go left or right? This is a choice of the individual and the collective. We can see it in our mind’s eye, yet the actions on the two dimensional plane creates the third dimension. This is the crossroad, and every moment in life determines what happens next.


The law of Correspondence is what fascinates me most. It demonstrates our connection to the cosmos by showing us synchronicities, “As Above; So Below; As Within; So Without”. There is a universe inside you. Did you know that fact? That is a powerful thought! It corresponds to the heavens and the earth. This is explained in the holy books and obvious in nature. These are the Ntrs of ancient Khemet. The Ntrs were expressed as part human and part animal to represent our relationship to nature in all forms. Most recognize them as the ancient Egyptian mythical Gods. We are even reflections of one another. What we put out is what we get back. We have correspondence with the sun, and planets, to include the earth as we correspond with each other, where words are unspoken.

It is amazing to learn our similarity to the apple, a gemstone or distant planet. Its also amazing to learn how close we are genetically to animals, especially the chimpanzee, but yet so different when the small differences are represented in such intricate ways, intelligence and form. Even the obvious differences within our species are representative of our oneness, for a pattern of common threads tend to repeat themselves within our different groups. For example Dolphin form a counter-clockwise spiral to lure schools of tuna, and everybody eats. Whales do the same to lure krill to one area. Hurricanes form a counter-clockwise spiral to lure clouds and energy. Tornados perform the same task on land.


All it took was a spark, a quickening of energy. The Law of Vibration is the quickening. Can you see the energy of whatever you imagine, taking form? Maybe not, but our thoughts create things. I am the entity created with thought; the word. Vibration is the fourth law of the universe. “In the beginning was the word. The word was God, and the word was with God” (KJV Bible, n.d.). When molecules vibrate and attract, we come up with all manner of minerals, plants, animals and homo sapien sapien. Homo sapien is early human who went extinct. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. 

Many are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment with water as he proved the relationship between thought and water molecules. But it was Ernst Chladni, the German physicist who brought our attention to sound vibrations in the 1800s, which we know now as cymatics. He placed sand on a smooth surface and subjected it to different frequencies of sound. The sand began to take forms that became more intricate with higher frequency. Moreover, it was Hans Jenny who pointed to the ‘order out of chaos’ when he noted the transitional period when molecules are gravitating to particular positions of form (Arnold, 2014). Are we becoming more complex human beings as we vibrate at a higher frequency?

Commonalities in groups of people allow us to vibe with one another. We are comfortable with those that are vibrating on our frequency in one way or the other. We are not limited to forging relationships with family alone. We have common characteristics, traits and interests with people with whom we choose to surround ourselves. As we involve, or go within, we determine other soul groups separate from biological family. We also learn “all skin folk ain’ kin folk”. We develop other soul groups such as the LGBTQ+ community who has evolved and strengthened over the decades. We even develop soul groups that vibrate on destructive frequencies. We learn from those relationships as well. 


Today is August, 22nd when the Sun is beside Regulus, the star that represents the heart of the lion. It is also a full, blue moon in Aquarius; meaning there were two full moons in this month, which is a rare instance that only happens “once in a blue moon”. It is also at the last degree of Leo before Sun moves into the Virgo constellation. You see every living thing has cycles of time according to the Law of Rhythm. Like the phases of the moon, and tides it sways, the river ebbs and flows. The musician, composes and plays music to the beat of the drum. My favorite quote about rhythm is by Dave Brubeck, who said; “The first thing we hear is our mother’s heartbeat. The last thing we hear is our own.” Just think of all the sounds you hear in between, in a lifetime. Really, let that marinate for a minute…

Some of the cycles of time are unseen. For instance the visible planets make a revolution around the sun several times in a lifetime. Although, Uranus is considered an outer planet, it takes 84 years to make a revolution around the sun. Some of us live to see 84, which is the average lifetime in modern society. Yet, Neptune takes 165 years to make a revolution around the sun. It takes 72 years for a constellation to move 1 degree on the Earth’s northern axis. It then takes 2,160 yrs for the constellations to progress around the sun’s ecliptic. These cycles are called the procession of the equinoxes. There is also a 25,900 approximate cycle of the Vernal equinox. This is when the sun rises in the 1st degree of the constellation Aries where it began its journey. This cycle is referred to by the Hindu as the Yugas


Masculine and feminine principals live in all of us. Males have feminine energy and females have masculine energy, but the Law of Gender goes further than the balance of energies in the sexes. The law of gender refers to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, straight lines represent masculine energy, while feminine energy is expressed in the curve; the circle. These energies compliment and repel one another. AC/DC is another example, for electricity and magnetism work together. “El” is representative of masculine while “Ma or Mo” represents the feminine. Even inanimate objects are identified as masculine and feminine in the Spanish language. 

Planets are recognized for their masculine and feminine aspects. The sun is masculine while the moon is feminine. Mars is masculine and Venus represents the feminine. The Earth is recognized as our mother whereas Jupiter and Saturn are considered masculine energies. Modalities are associated with these energies as well. The sun is fiery and associated with aggression and competition. It’s electric and responsible for sparking the flames of fire. The moon is responsible for the tides and all things water related; yes even our bodily fluids are regulated by the moon. Although the moon itself does not have a strong magnetic field, it regulates Earth’s magnetic field and magnetism of the water on Earth’s surface. 


Ahhh, “The Secret” had many people thinking the Law of Attraction was some new concept exclusive to those in inner circles. Even the Universal Laws have the Law of Cause and Effect associated with them. Several universal laws interconnect with one another. When you expand on these intersections, the higher octave of universal laws become evident, which is the reason some identify 12 laws as opposed to just 7. Whenever there is an action taken, there is an equal and opposite reaction as Einstein concluded. We can cite many examples of this principle as it is what we have reaped as a result of what we have sown at some point. This is karma, or the harvest. 

Whatever we send out to the cosmos is what we receive in return. That could be in the form of a smile to our neighbor or denial of liberties and dignity of another person. Our actions are the effects of thought. Thoughts begin on an energetic level. We have the universal intelligence to reason with our thoughts before we act on them. This is one of the advantages we have at the top of the food chain; however, we can also make irrational and unreasonable decisions that result in a cascade of events that impact others. Often times we are strongly motivated by money which is the consideration for what we do with most of our day. Money may be the by-product of something we love doing and brings us joy. This is the fulfilling effect of what we do on a daily if we are fortunate. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


Arnold, Lynda, (November, 2014), “How Sound Affect You: Cymatics, An Emerging Science”, AskAudio.com

Science of Cycles Image

The Conscious Breath

In the days of undue stress, I wonder how many of us are walking around, shallow breathing as we ‘react’ to every trigger facing us; as there is no shortage I might add. We don’t realize the connection of shallow breathing and hair trigger reactions. Sounds like a concept related to shadow boxing, huh? It may be a good time to recognize the ancient Kemetic concept of ‘Ma’at’. Ma’at includes homeostasis, justice and all that is equivalent, yet defined as balance. A sense of balance is easily attainable with little effort. It only requires a technique called’ voluntary breathing’, and this type of breathing is simply the conscious breath. 

The breath is considered the foundation of life, or ‘breath of life’. Some might call it the medium by which we maintain life, or our life-force. In Sanskrit, our life-force is the ‘Prana’. In Chinese culture, this is ‘Chi’. The breath can also be described as the one action we do voluntarily, and involuntarily. In other words we can breathe without even thinking about it, or not. This is what happens under stress. Although we breathe involuntarily anyway, under certain conditions we tend to constrict the process and therefore block the life-force in certain vital areas of the physical and emotional body. 

A Dove Press Journal publication featured a study with 30 participants with mild to moderate COPD. The study was to provide conclusions for potential usage of a respiratory device. The participants were observed for oxidative stress, cytokine response, and pulmonary function. The cytokine response is one related to oxidative stress and is an inflammatory response in the lungs we should all be familiar with by now. They were divided into two groups. One was asked to engage in a slow deep breathing technique (SDBT) and the other a fast deep breathing technique (FDBT). The objective of the spirometry device is to increase  lung muscle strength. 

The conclusion proved the device, as per instructions, was effective in increasing lung muscle strength; however, it was the FDBT vs. the SDBT technique that made the study a success. The participants who used the FDBT were able to walk further at the end of the 30 day study. There was no notable difference in pulmonary function.(Leelarungrayub, J. et, al. 2018). The good news is, the average person can achieve the same results without the device. 

Meditation has become more widely practiced to include different forms and preparatory aids. The conscious breath is one such aid, and can be of benefit in relaxation and initiating the meditation practice. Pranayama is only one form of technique or ‘yoga breathing’. “Yoga breathing can be considered a form of meditation also. Moreover, certain breathing practices prepare the mind for deeper meditation. (Brown & Gerbarg p. 56). Other aids include guided practice with a facilitator, singing bowls, and music, among others.

Most of us can hardly close our eyes and sit quietly in one place for five minutes; not-to-mention clearing the mind of racing thoughts. It takes practice starting with five minutes and building with the conscious breath. Most people give up the first time or two. Here’s where aids are helpful to relax from the stress we all carry. “Trying to meditate while under severe stress sometimes magnifies the subjective sense of distress”. (Brown & Gerbarg,p. 56). Concentration on technique and counting each breath helps to center our focus and reduce these racing thoughts. 

Ultimately, we find the conscious breath not only useful in preparing our bodies and minds for meditation through relaxation, it also builds muscle strength in the lungs,  in addition to reducing stress. It is recommended we ask ourselves three questions with three breaths anytime throughout the day we feel the need to center ourselves. Where Am I? Who Am I? What Am I Doing? The result of this exercise should be an instant sense of balance and clarity. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’21


Leelarungrayub, J., Puntumetakul, R., Sriboonreung, T., Pothasak, Y., & Klaphajone, J. (2018). Preliminary study: comparative effects of lung volume therapy between slow and fast deep-breathing techniques on pulmonary function, respiratory muscle strength, oxidative stress, cytokines, 6-minute walking distance, and quality of life in persons with COPD. International journal of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 13, 3909–3921.

Brown, Richard P. and Gerbarg, Patricia L., M.D, “Yoga Breathing , Meditation, and Longevity, Regeneration, and Optimal Health”, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (Vol. 1172)p.56 & 57.,

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Mutha-loving Earthlings!

Happy B’Earth’Day!

                                                           ~ Mother Earth /SZ
You Mutha-loving Earthlings (smh). You really need to get a grip.
You mutha-loving earthlings bout to slip.
My gravity embraced you from the abyss,
and somehow you think it’s ok to treat me like this.
Perhaps you need a good radiation dose;
if only to remind you of your place in the cosmos.
I’mma give you mutha-loving earthlings a tip.
You can use this one to plan your next trip.
You have medicinal plants, animal friends,
minerals, and feed;
water, flowers, pollinators; everything you need!
You have seasons for skiing, hiking,
chillin on my beaches, living life, having fun.
In the Goldie Locks zone at a perfect distance from the sun
What if the sun fries all your electronics? That’ll bring your attention
back to me.
…or maybe you prefer to be swallowed up by the sea.
You mutha-loving earthlings don’t have a clue.
So while you fight among yourselves, tell you what I’m
gonna do.
I’m bout to shake things up a bit; see if that helps you get it
in gear.
…release the fire from my belly, since you like to live in fear.
You tend to think, like Icelandic eruptions, things will always
be tame.
…that things you take for granted will always be the same.
Well, the truth is emerging. My temperament is surging, so the
message is one you mustn’t miss.
You’re running out of time, yeah I got your rhyme, so gimme a
beat to this.
While you search for the nearest asteroid, yet fight like atoms
on steroids, I’mma ask you mutha-loving earthlings one
mo’ gin.
With all your fracking, and animal tracking, ‘tween me and you,
who you think is gon' win?
This is not your original home. Keep studying the human genome
and eventually you’ll figure it out.
Though you’ve flown across my skies, mined resources, ignored
my cries.
You’ve always had freedom to move about.
Your body comes back to me you know. It’s all about me
you see; my cycles and systems flow.
If you can’t balance your destructive energy,
and work together with even a small sense of synergy, 
like the dinosaurs, you Mutha-Loving Earthlings have got to go!

7 Layers of the Body or Aura

Most of us are familiar with the word aura by now. This is our energy field or personal space. The word energy comes from the Greek word energeia, meaning actualization. Nothing energetic can be actualized without the process of birth. That which is material is matter, stemming from the word mater or mother. Matter is maternal. 

All layers of our aura interconnect with one another. Our aura is said to extend approximately three feet from the physical body. Most lightworkers illustrate the aura in the shape of an egg which reflects the earth’s orbit. It’s layers also reflect the colors of the rainbow and chakra representations.

The first body is the Etheric Body, or temple from the aether. This is the lower aspect of Self. It is also recognized as the subtle body. If you place your hand as close to your body as possible without touching it, there is a heat that emanates. It is also associated with the root chakra. 

Aura Colors Meaning - 7 Human Aura Bodies

The second is the Emotional Body which is the lower aspect of our emotions. This is our driving force, our energy in motion. Before we are able to manage our joy and pain, it swings like the pendulum. As we evolve, we are able to balance these forces associated with the navel or sacral chakra. 

Our third body is the lower mental aspect called the Mental Body. This is where we regulate our emotions, carry our faith or belief systems and knowledge. Whether it be our memories, imagination, or journey of evolution in consciousness, the mental body houses the powers of the mind. According to A.E. Powell, there are four mental sub-planes and is also associated with the 7th body, or Causal. This is also where we house the Akashic Records which supposedly carries memories from all incarnations. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra, or power center; the fire in the belly.

The fourth is the Astral Body which is our Merkaba, Merkabah, or Merkavah (Torah), Mer (light), Ka (spirit), ba(body), originating from the Zulu Tribe as our space-time-diminsion vehicle. This body connects us with the spiritual realms. When we meditate and sleep, it is the astral body that projects to the heavens/cosmos to receive information necessary for our evolution. We can travel anywhere at lightning speed in this vehicle. The light vehicle is signified by the Star of David, the inverted and upright trianglemerged.We are allegedly attached or tethered to the astral body with a silver cord so that we can find our way back to the earth plane. The heart chakra is associated with the astral body.

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The Etheric Template is the fifth body. This is the divine template of the physical and blueprint of our uniqueness one from another. It is also our potentiality, or what we can become. Another identifier is the first higher aspect of our Essence or Light body, separating the lower aspects of the Ego. It is reflective of the physical body, as well as part of our conscious journey to separate the essence from the ego. The throat chakra is associated with this body.

Our Celestial Body reigns sixth. It is described by many as the pastel, luminescent, divine body that connects us to the angelic realms. We have to do the spiritual work necessary to connect to this source of power. It is the higher aspect of our emotional body. This is the level where we experience unconditional love for Self and our fellow human beings. Some recognize this degree as Agape love. The higher or spiritual emotional body is associated with the Third eye chakra. 

Learn to See (and read) Auras - The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing

The Causal Body orbits our layers of existence in this dimension as 7th. Some may recognize it as the Ketheric Template. It is associated with the crown chakra. This body unifies us with the All, the Creator, the One, regardless of how we identify its existence. This body connects us with the higher realms of the divine and holds the experiences of our lifetimes. It also embraces the other layers of the aura. 

As vibrating light bodies, our aura corresponds with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition at any given time. It is where dis-ease manifests before we see symptoms on the physical level. This is why it is so important to meditate and go within, so we can recognize when we are not in a healthy range of equilibrium. Since we are always fluctuating in our attempt to achieve homeostasis, we can recognize when we need to bring ourselves back to a healthy Ph balance.  

Sheila T. Zimmerman

A Journey of Involution

The Waves of Time

A Lonesome Journey

Self discovery is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had the delight of pursuing. Is this not true happiness? Knowing one’s place in the world, one’s connection to our planet, in search of purpose. Isn’t it wonderful to find ourselves reflected in other people? To cultivate relationships that create memories of lifetime? What a joy it is to find love in another human being; a friend to call your own. Not in a possessive sense, but in a sense of oneness. Then there’s duality; you, me, the good and evil that started it all. Spells as are created in etymology; in language. How I learned the law of correspondence; as above, so below; the law of rhythm, its’ ebb and flow. I’m acquiring the ability to correspond to the rhythm of the planets, the procession of the stars. This is how my small corner of the universe evolves. It is the road map of my angels; my angles, simply life’s navigational tool. It’s a beautiful thing; a “butiful” thing as a famous comedian once said. It’s a knowing… as contagious as yawning; infectious as laughter. 

Nature’s Journey

So vast is the earth, and so necessary to connect with it everyday. The more our world becomes technologically advanced, the more we need to recognize and engage with nature. Whether we stroll in the morning sun or brisk walk in the eve, it’s the benefits we gain. The poles are shifting. Continents are on the move. Energy is in motion, it’s the constant we can count on. Balancing our emotions, it’s a harmonious task… ma’at, the law of the pendulum, cause and effect. To the degree we swing right, to the same degree we swing left. Birds sing, the wind blows, while fire and ice in all it’s forms play percussion, in all of its’ forms…and the spheres keep harmony. The ether is the structure, the conductor of this symphony, holding it together in a song.  

~ Sheila T. Zimmerman