The Macrocosm and the Microcosm:  

The Macrocosm and the Microcosm
(Old World Geocentric View)

I am the universe and the universe is me. I am the light of the sun which shines bright in me. Just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so does the blood and life force within. The microcosm is man, a reflection of the macrocosm, the universe. They contain one another; they are one another. The Law of Correspondence proves this paradox over and over in nature. The ancients did not take this for granted as we do today. They left us knowledge of the sacred science to teach us of our connection to the cosmos. 

A Fingerprint and the Milky Way

Spirals, toruses, spots, and branches are examples of the fractal patterns in nature. Ontology; the first philosophy, coined by Aristotle, is the study of being or existing. From the fingerprint to the spiral of the Milky Way, and other galaxies, we all have something in common with all living things. Only entities with something in common can interact. If we slice an apple, orange or other fruit we can identify the torus that surrounds the core. When we eat it, we receive nutritious energy to fuel our bodies.

Although our torus is invisible to the naked eye, it is our aura or energy field, with the physical body at the core. This is called the toroidal field, and emanates from the heart. When we interact with other people, we interact with their toroidal field. We feel their energy as we share our energy with them, and the planet. The energy we share with the planet is the energy we share with the sun. Positive energy enters the body through the crown chakra and negative energy enters through the root chakra, and like the earth’s polarity, that energy is transmuted at the core and is reversed and expressed outward. 

The harmony of the spheres correlate with the harmony required for balance on the earth plane. It is the balance and harmony which keeps all living things associated with time and space in a natural, cyclical, and orderly flow of energy. The purpose of actions and activities in nature is to maintain balance and harmony. Dr. Surendra Pathak offers the familiar rock in the pond example, which causes a ripple effect in the water. It ripples back and forth until balance and harmony is restored. She offers the following Existential Harmonic Chart of the microcosm and macrocosm.

* EH in the Cosmos – Nature – Material/Mineral order – Ecology Environment – Chemical Order – EH in Molecules – EH in Atoms, Particles, & Quarks

* EH in Bio Order – Animal Order – Plant Order – The Human Body – EH in Cells – EH in Genes – EH in DNA/RNA

* EH in Human Activities Evidences and Reference – Historical/Religious Reference – Philosophical/Theology Reference – Legal/Constitutional Reference – Socio/Political/Economic – Relationships in Society – Family Life – Individuals as Expectation

(Pathak, S 2014)

The image created by the imagination is what we draw from to create in the physical. We are reflecting and mirroring the picture in our minds. At the same time, corresponding images naturally occur in nature as part of cosmic order. The Nile Valley is the central nervous system of the earth according to geographic lay lines. It resembles man’s central nervous system. The heart shaped Faiyum Oasis on the picture is located in the same place as the heart of man.

A paradox, contrary to our belief, presents itself repetitively. We separate ourselves from nature as if we are not a part of the grand scheme. The ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) knew the correlation between humans and the cosmos. They built temples to teach us about ourselves, and life’s journey. They devoted a lot to the soul’s immortality, as we are all curious about what happens after our transition to the spirit realm. The Temple of Ipet Isu (Karnak), or Temple of Man, where the monoliths are constructed as if they are living and evolving, must be interpreted in order to understand, inner-stand and over-stand this particular paradox.

Temple of Ipet Isu (Karnak)
Magical Egypt Series

The temple arch displays the winged disc at the position of the pineal gland, while the two adjoining sides represent the two hemispheres of the brain. The “Hall of 12 Columns” represent the 12 optical nerves, 12 hours of day and night, and 12 hours of the duat as explained by John Anthony West in the Magical Egypt series. I highly recommend this series featuring scholars like Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and Micheal Schneider, who informed us of the binary math used by ancient Kemetians. The ancients used sacred geometry to build these temples to perfection. They knew the importance of ma’at in nature and in man.

As the heart electrifies, so do the synapses and neurotransmitters of the brain. The branches of veins throughout the body carry the life force energy like lightning in the sky. We can make many references to the macrocosm and the microcosm like this. From the moment of conception, there is a phenomenal cycle that appears to begin at this point, but does it really? Do our souls rest in the Amenti, with purpose, before descending to the earth plane? Do we actually come to balance our energy or karma?

As we explore these questions, we are left to fend for ourselves from the age of adulthood, while interacting with dual forces. Dual forces come in the form of relationships and situations. People whose energies vibrate in low frequencies challenge our ability to maintain harmony. Those who vibrate in high frequencies challenge us to be a better person than we were the day before. Once we recognize that higher frequency in others, we begin to self reflect and become aware of the disharmony in ourselves. 

A lack of harmony in a group of people is like singing or playing off key. Everyone else notices the disharmony and strives to bring balance. Meanwhile, the person out of tune may not know, or continue in denial and impose their disharmony onto others. It sends a ripple effect of cognitive dissonance in the other band members. At some point balance and harmony has to be restored in order for the song to flow, and create pleasant music to the ears. With practice, we will eventually get it right…on earth, as it is in heaven. Ase’

 Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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