Health and Wellness

Crystal Healing

Buried in the earths mines and caves for millennia, crystals are fossilized elements to compliment natural healing.

Wo’Man Know Thyself

Knowing your history will build confidence and help you avoid repeating the worst of it. When you know where you’ve been, you can map where you’re going.

Yoga and Exercise

Who says you have to twist yourself like a pretzel to get the benefits of yoga? It is unity with the body. Mix it up, if you like. Walk on alternate days or include your favorite way to sweat. When was the last time you danced?

The Arts

Sights and sounds take us to infinite possibilities. Whether its our own creative expression or the enjoyment of others; it changes our energy, frequency and vibration.

Reboot your brain and boost your immune system. Meditation helps us to recenter ourselves with a sense of Ma’at

Guided Meditations

Super Foods & Recipes

If you want super powers, you’d better eat your vegetables. Your temple requires sustenance for optimal nutrition.

Connecting with Nature

When all else fails… go out in nature. It doesn’t judge, nor will it tell your secrets. The benefit; you learn its secrets.


We need a support network on this side and the other side. Once we’ve established self-love, we’re then ready to share it with others.

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