As expressions of divinity, we occupy only a tiny spec of space and time in the grand scheme of the Milky Way and all the surrounding galaxies. This is A Small Corner of the Universe; the place we call our personal space as first frequency of the human species. This site is dedicated to the EarthtoneS brand https://earthtonez1.wixsite.com/earthtones and its founder Sheila T. Zimmerman. As a poet, author, freelance writer and entrepreneur, Ms. Z as she’s often called, is devoted to providing the best content, research, resources and information available in one location.

Decades of study qualifies this mystic to speak on several subjects with expertise. Minus a degree in any particular area of study, it was at Virginia Commonwealth University that Sheila Z. took core theological courses in the Old and New Testaments, human sexuality, marriage and family relations as well as psychology. She went on to study paralegal assistance at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College, in Richmond after a hiatus for marriage and family. It was then that her interest in real estate ignited.

She was licensed as a salesperson in 1986 and served in the VA and GA markets for over two decades as she worked temporary jobs to supplement her budding career. Ms. Z also excelled in appraisal studies as well. It was the temp jobs coupled with the full-time affiliation with a major insurance carrier that financed real estate school and helped to maintain responsibilities during times of feast and famine that real estate can bring. Family has always been second only to self; and even self played second fiddle to the demands of family at times. “Sheila”, as family refers to her, can be counted on for support.

Music is an intricate part of Ms. Z’s life. She became a musician in third grade and studied through high school to include choreography for the marching band. EWF, Incognito, and Loose Ends were major music influences not just for composition, but for lyrical content. She also performed as a vocalist as well. Combined with nature loving practices, including holistic and Ayurvedic, science and astrological research and application, it all constitutes the wealth of information gathered on subjects helpful to our involution and evolution. However in 1996 Ms. Z was introduced to The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology in Richmond, VA.

Seshat ~ Scribe, Architect, Astrologer, and Counterpart to Thoth.

The universal knowledge of self is the most valuable gift one can give to the person in the mirror. This is where her-story began. The foundation was set with an interest in astronomy, astrology, medicine, and nature. Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Plato, Carl Jung, and others, books gave way to interest in even more scholars and philosophers. As she contemplated the culmination of knowledge and experience, Ms. Z enrolled for a few semesters, at the University of Phoenix School of Business; business management. In 2012 society seems to have taken a quantum leap in consciousness and the emergence of YouTube became a worldwide virtual classroom.

Her story parallels the social media age where information and misinformation is king. It became clear, the time to share the accumulation of this knowledge with others, who want to empower themselves, is now. The path to involution is complex and simple at the same time. In order to evolve on a higher frequency with others of a higher frequency, you must be able to tune in to that frequency. With all the static and white noise distraction, involution is the necessary tool for balance, ma’at and recognition of your place in the midst of it all… A Small Corner of the Universe. This site is the central platform for Ms Z’s writings. You are invited to explore and take advantage of the recommendations, reading, products and services offered throughout. Welcome.

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