Lion’s Gate 88: The Path of Ausar/Osiris

Sothis (Sirius) over the Great Pyramid

The cycle of Sothis, the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) name for the blue star Sirius, brought new life to the River Nile same time every year. This window of time, we call the Lion’s Gate, is when the constellation Leo is in alignment with the pyramids of Giza, Khufu, Khafre, and Merkaure. The alignment of Sothis (Sirius), our Sun, and planet Earth occurs between July 26 and August 12th, and peaks on August 8th (8/8). Sothis (Sirius) is the brightest star in the visible night sky, in the constellation of Canis Major. We sometimes call it the “dog star” in connection with the dog days of summer, but the Dogon, of Mali, and ancient Kemetians had knowledge of an even deeper meaning;  

Ausar (Osiris) aka Orion

As we migrate from our comfort zones, we tend to travel with things that are precious to us, along with our accumulated knowledge. It has become apparent to contemporary minds, the people of ancient Kemet (Egypt), brought existing knowledge to this land. The temples show a progression of knowledge that obviously came from the South and spread north, east and west. The Dogon of Mali certainly had knowledge similar to that of ancient Kemetians (Egyptians). The star Sothis (Sirius), and its white dwarf, dark companion, Sopdu, which is Sirius B is a star system. Some of us call it Home.

Inside the Great Pyramid Chambers

The universal Law of Polarity, or duality was sacredly recognized by the Kings and Queens of antiquity. Every god had a goddess, even in their different states of being. The human experience is only temporary; therefore, our ancestors left us a cast of divine feminines and masculines to help us in the interpretation of 3D history, as well as the 5D realm. The name “Sirius” is a combination of the Greek names Isis and Osiris. Orion is also Greek. In ancient Kemet, Ausar and Auset are the most familiar of divine lovers.

The Stars of Ausar’s (Orion’s) Belt

Eight and a half light-years away, Sothis (Sirius), is most bright right before dawn, and dips below the horizon in December, for 3 days, at the winter solstice. It rises in alignment with the sun, which shines on the face of Amun-Ra’s Holy of Holies, in the temple of Ipet-Isu (Karnak) on December 24th, in the constellation of Virgo. Heru (Horus), the son of Ausar (Osiris), and Auset (Isis) is our Sun. We see Horus on the horizon, every morning. He’s the rising Sun (Son). 

Sopdit (Sirius A) & Sopdu (Sirius B)

The Hidden One is Sopdu (Sirius B), which is 10,000 times dimmer than his feminine counterpart Sopdit (Sirius A/Horus in Sothis), yet equal to the mass of our Sun. Horus in Sothis is the state of potentiality, and possesses the key to the Lion’s Gate. Heru (Horus) is dawning in the underworld, and about to choose his path. The Lion Path: You Can Take it With You, by author Musaios, uses the butterfly in the chrysalis example. The butterfly creates a cocoon similar to Ausar (Osiris) in mummified form. 

He goes through the initiation steps of the underworld in the book Coming Forth into Day, otherwise known as The Book of the Dead. While the great moon Sopdu (Sirius B) decides who is regenerated, Sopdit (Sirius A) regenerates those who pass their initiation. Sopdu (Sirius B) provides the power and Sopdit (Sirius A) provides nourishment in the chrysalis. 

The initiation starts after the death of Ausar (Osiris), who is regenerated in the duat (unlike purgatory). After achieving 70 hours, and a wave of 13 dual steps of development, with a single step at number 14, he can access the door to heaven. There is a total of 27 sessions, and they were represented in 9 steps, each with three levels. 

Nine gods occupy the steps while Ausar carries his own scales of ma’at (balance). This is the dark night of the soul. As above, so below, as within, so without; and so is the Law of Correspondence. 

These steps of the duat are the administrators of power; the 7 visible planets and their higher octaves. They are Wadjet (Uranus), Nephthys (Neptune), Anubis (Pluto), Pan, and Vulcan. The last two are dwarf planets near Pluto. Pan is extra-Plutonian, and Vulcan is infra-Mercurial. What does that mean to me, you might ask? Well, as Heru (Horus) climbs the initiation stairs in the duat, or dark night of the soul, so do we in the 3rd dimension. This is our soul’s journey, and the S/Hero’s Journey. Just as Khepra, the scarab beetle climbs to high noon and becomes Ra, after he bursts from his chrysalis. 

These stairs correspond with the powers of the planets and their higher octaves, which we access before birth. This combination becomes our birth chart. The 13th dual step is the Eye of Horus, Sopdu (Sirius B)’s power and Sothis (Sirius A)’s nourishing regeneration. This energy is accessible right before Heru (Horus) gets his wings and breaks through the chrysalis. There are three paths in the duat, Bardo or Berzakh (duat inter-state), but only one leads to the regenerative powers of Anubis (Pluto), in addition to the powers of the rays of Heru (Horus). The Book of the Three Paths, is under re-construction, for it dates back as far as the book, Coming Forth into Day. It teaches us how our ancestors perceived our developmental walk through life as well as our walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

We can take the Hippopotamus monster’s path that leads to disintegration of the soul. The soul is re-cycled back to the earth plane without choice. We can also take the cow’s path, which offers us an option of the path of regeneration while in the duat, if we have not already entered that path on earth. However, it is the Lion’s path that gives us both the powers of Sothis (Sirius), and that of Heru (Horus). So, it is not the path on the left, of the Hippo-monster, nor the cow’s path on the right, which is the unconscious dream state. It is the central path, which is the Lion’s Gate, that leads to higher consciousness.

 Sothis (Sirius) has a special relationship with Auset (Isis), who is Venus, Heru (Horus)’s mother. Sothis nourished him in the underworld as he was regenerated from his father’s energy to his own. He is the Lion of Judah. Sothis (Sirius) was with him as Hathor assisted. On a passage of the Coffin Texts, Utterance 6 reads:

The Lion’s Path, 

“Your Mother Sothis nurses you on the celestial horizon. As Isis she makes you bright and fair on this happy day”. ~(Pg 56)

The harmony of the spheres create windows of time when their celestial bodies generate combinations of light, which elevates our consciousness on a quantum level. An example was October 26, 1984 through March 20, 1989. All you have to do is study the children born with Anubis (Pluto) in Scorpio during those years. The aspects made by the outer bodies to the seven visible planets bends, and folds light energy in ways that are not present without these aspects. Since they slowly orbit the sun, we are forced to re-member what the ancients already knew. So, we are currently standing at the fork in the road. Which path do we take? Who dares to take the path of courage, of love and regeneration? 

Finally, as you receive your downloads, light codes, and upgrades, I’ll leave you with, “Dialouge Between the Disciple and a Master” from The Lion Path: You can Take it With You.

Disciple to Master: “What is love in it’s highest strength and power, in its height and greatness?”

Master to Disciple: “It’s height is as high as God in one sense, greater than the highest manifest

Godhead since Love contains the mysteries of even unmanifest divinity…

Love has poured itself into all and is the innermost cause of all things. 

                                      Even hell parasitizes on its power…Love is brighter

                                       than the sun, sweeter than food or drink and more 

                                       joyous than all joy, who attains is richer than any king on earth.”

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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