The Law of Gender: Masculine and Feminine Energy

Ausar & Auset

As taught in Hermetic wisdom, there are seven Universal Laws (Principals); Among them, the Law of Gender. If everything is energy, frequency and vibration, then the masculine and feminine aspects include man and woman. Yet, we are not exclusive; just more highly evolved. Regardless of our gender, we all carry masculine and feminine energy. There is a certain balance that differentiates us, and distinguishes us male from female. It is the Yin and Yang, the black and white, right and left. We compliment one another, challenge one another, and reflect one another. 

From the Oneness of the Absolute, or Universal God, we become separate, the “in.divi.dual”. The Law of Duality, or the Law of Polarity, as it is also known, is the mirrored image of the other; the North and South poles. As individual expressions of The One, we are an array of peoples. The ancients established a pantheon of gods and goddesses to illustrate the nature of our variation, in the form of the Neteru of Ancient Kemet, for example. Over thousands of years they studied heaven and earth to learn of our connection to the cosmos. 

From the waters of Nun, the spark of creation generated light out of darkness. The One became two with the quickening of vibration, which separated heaven and earth. Mother Earth is the reflection of Father Spirit (Air/Ether). The Son is the Power (Fire) and the Daughter is Potentiality (Water). This is The Royal Universal Family, as taught by SiStar MyRah Moss, Master Teacher. She explains:

   *   “Anywhere where you can balance opposites is where you complete the spiritual spiral, and open a Vortex, gaining access to the energies of the Universe.” 

According to SiStar MyRah Moss, this is the “Formula of Creation”. It is the X and Y chromosome, the Yin and Yang, as well as the macrocosm and the microcosm. A mirror of the heavens from earth’s perspective, as laid out at the Giza Plateau. It reflects the constellation of Ausar (Osiris, Orion). Sky God Ptah, represents creation from himself to form the first 11 Gods and Goddesses. His counterpart is Sekhmet, goddess of destruction who also embodies positive and creative attributes similar to Ptah. 

Khnum is considered the potter of man This neter represents the creator of the physical body out of clay. He is said to have fashioned man on the potter’s wheel. His counterpart is Heqet, the goddess of childbirth. The anthropologic nature of the neteru does not indicate the worship of multiple gods. As Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene explains in “Spirituality Before Religions” It is the anthropomorphic expression of the complexity of man. The primal, intellectual and spiritual nature of man is comparable to his mind, body and spirit. Within this constitution is the duality of gender (Kamene, 2019). For every god, there is a goddess, and each possessed different manifestations of the self, and their counterpart, the opposite. 

The individuation of “the self” was even expressed as different gods or goddesses. As an expansion of the 11 original pantheon, there are now more than 1,000 last count. I’ve seen and even larger number, but have yet to confirm with additional sources. As in the evolution of man in society, and culture, his involution allows him to rise up out of his animal nature. Heru em Aket (The Sphinx) symbolizes that very idea. The balance of the essence and the ego is only possible when we have come to know the self. 

Scholars like Associate Professor, Robert Schoch PhD, confirms the age of Heru em Aket (The Sphinx) as older than originally thought. He makes this contribution to books such as “Origins of The Sphinx: Celestial Guardian of Pre-Pharaonic Civilization” (Bauval & Schoch, 2017). Built in the age of Leo, it’s said to be at least 12,000 years old but if you calculate another 25,900, also known as The Great Year, Heru em Akhet is even older. The message has been replicated throughout other cultures. Rising out of the animal nature of the lower chakras allows us to vibrate on a higher frequency of enlightenment, consciousness and unconditional love. 

The constellation Leo is ruled by the power of the sun. It is the spiritual and archetypal nature of the lion, and dare I say, lioness. Fierce and courageous; it also has heart. Represented by the Royal star Regulus, “The heart of the lion”, it is the “Self”. Its opposite sign is Aquarius, the water bearer. S/He brings the cosmic waters of potentiality. This is the group consciousness, or humanity. 

However, this cosmic, amniotic fluid must be balanced. Like the ph balance of water, and systems of the body. Somewhere in that delicate balance is a sweet spot. Such as in the meridian of the Yin and Yang. The letter “S” which is serpentine or universal like the timing belt on your car. The Universal and common energy brings the Yin and Yang back to the One.  

If man carries the nobility of the lion, then he is responsible for taming his ego while elevating himself in consciousness. The ancients knew exercising self preservation while exercising compassion for humanity is a delicate balance. Ultimately, it starts with unconditional self love, which requires recognizing the Law of Gender. When the masculine and feminine energy of the self is not harmonious, Our world is out of balance. 

We feel it on an individual level of existence as well as on a group and collective level. As our level of consciousness expands, we become more aware of our need for balancing the masculine and feminine  aspects of our existence as a collective of the hue’man race. We need each other’s support, reflection, and encouragement in order to be more involved in our own personal evolution. Consequently, we evolve as a species to the Crystal City of the 5th dimension in the Age of Aquarius. Otherwise, we devolve in a downward spiral into the abyss, where no light escapes. 


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