Energy Healing

As a plant receives energy from the sun, it grows from a seedling to maturity. The health and strength of the plant is determined by the amount of chlorophyll and life force energy produced. Once the plant is mature, it can be used for fuel. We consume the plant and therefore, harness its energy source. Whether consumed vicariously or directly, we are fueled by energy sources, most of which are powered by the sun. 

Ancient civilizations practiced energy healing for their ailments, and supplemented the healing process with nature. Integrated medicine is presented to us as many traditional medical professionals have taken early retirement or left the profession all together. This transformation of the medical community does not negate the need for doctors, yet teaches us how to be more proactive in learning to heal ourselves with proper nutrition and pranic, or life force energy. 

Sekhem which means power and/or might. is a living light energy and was the inspiration behind the name Sekhmet. Sekhmet, the goddess counterpart of Ptah, represented destruction in the absence of ma’at, or balance and order. She did not tolerate evil. She was also the patroness of healing, and advocated physicians of ancient Kemet (Egypt), who were educated in her healing powers. Sekham became a healing energy practice of ancient Kemet.

The healing practice of Sekhem or Seichem, as also spelled, has been revived by Patrick Zeigler and Helen Belot according to a Wanderlust article by Jaha Browne. This technique is similar to Reiki, a Japanese form of healing, using the hands to channel energy through the body. Sekham is used on a higher vibratory level, in that it works with the energy in the auric field. It is  complimentary to Reiki which works best in the physical body. Sekham therapy is excellent for therapeutic emotional adjustments and chakra realignment.

Energy gets trapped in the body and auric field as a result of trauma and stresses. These stresses may include environmental factors which may seem minute, yet may lead to respiratory issues and chronic diseases if not addressed. There are several forms of energy vampires that rob us of our vitality. Sekham, as ancient as it is known, is not the only form of energy healing emerging in our communities. Several of them, we can perform ourselves with a short tutorial.

There is an array of alternative medicine resources we can tap into without spending a dime. One of the simplest forms of energy healing, and my fave, is sound therapy, otherwise known as listening to music. It has to match the levels of healing frequencies, however. If we are vibrating on a low frequency and add low vibrational elements, we get more low frequency as a result. Qigong, Shamanic drumming, and meridian healing is favored in many holistic circles as well as breathing exercises, or aromatherapy.

There are many alternative healing modalities available to us today. Many of them are considered trends and have become obsolete. Examples of that obsolescence is colonics. ear candling, and camel urine. Some may still engage in these practices, but not many. Although there are some in the science community who consider alternative medicine as pseudoscience, they do not fully appreciate the body’s intelligence and resilience. 

Managing stress levels in the body is important to homeostasis or a balanced, harmonious state of being. To prevent imbalances in the body, which may lead to more imbalances that eventually manifest as disease, we must maintain, protect and preserve our energy fields. Sometimes that means removing ourselves from toxic environments, wherever they may be in our lives. The benefits will add years to the life span, plus minimize trips to the doctor.

If we are all energy, frequency and vibration, it is necessary to use the same to get results. When there is trauma to the physical body, it is often necessary to see a doctor. It is also advisable for emotional or psychological trauma that is more serious than a bout of depression or anxiety. Once we receive an acceptable diagnosis, it is up to us to follow our doctor’s instruction, and follow it up with a lil self TLC. Although a lil throwback to “Waterfalls” would get my energy moving again, self tender loving care is my prescription. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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