The Houses in Astrology: The Path of the Sun

The Zodiac Wheel

Somewhere in the world, there is a new soul coming into our midst from the House of Virgo sun. From today forward, every twelve months, the sun will cross the same degree, in the same house until the new addition to our population transitions back to the spirit realm. Virgo (Auset) occupies the sixth house of the zodiacal wheel and is ruled by the planet Mercury (Thoth). The location of the other planets and points in this person’s natal chart will mark the path of their journey throughout time, in this life. As above, so below; as in the Law of Correspondence; and so their journey begins.

The Dendera Temple to Hathor (Het Heru) is the complex in ancient Kemet, dedicated to the path of the sun. Hathor or Het Heru represents fertility, love, and beauty. Her image is of the cow, whose udders provide milk from the Milky Way. Her ears and face remind us of the fallopian tubes and uterus of the female. Although her temple earns the respect of all who enter, it honors the feminine principal. As the Goddess Nut represents the sky, and Geb the earth, other Gods and Goddesses in the ancient Kemetians’ pantheon of constellations and planets stand guard at important angles and points in the sky. 

The Dendera Temple
(House of Het Heru/Hathor)

These angles and points form the twelve houses of the zodiac, with the native (person/soul) in the center. Although Vedic or Hindu astrology is more predictable, and is actually from the perspective of the stars, the Babylonians influenced Tropical astrology, as we know it in the Western world. The Babylonians narrowed the zodiacal wheel down from 36 houses, as shown on the Dendera Temple ceiling, to the 12 houses, as seen today. This is from the earth’s perspective at the solstices and equinoxes. 

The solstices and equinoxes form the Grand Cross at the cardinal signs, Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn. The zoological aspect is where the name zodiac is derived. Asian and Aztec cultures use animal totem spirits to describe the timely cycles and characteristics of the cosmos as well. It was the ancient Kemetians; however, who introduced the astrological cycles to the world.  

Zodiac with 36 Houses
(Dendera Temple Ceiling)

The pie or wheel chart is the easiest to explain and is most recognizable. The first house of astrology is called the ascendant, which is where the sun is rising at the moment of birth. This is where we start in interpreting the birth chart. The relationship between the planets are called aspects. An aspect less than seven degrees forms a conjunction, 30° is a semi-sextile, 90° forms a square and 180°, an opposition, and so on. Each house represents our path through life. The sun’s position, in the lower half or upper half shows whether we were born during the day or night. A daytime birth would show a diurnal chart and if born at night, a nocturnal chart. 

Diurnal and Nocturnal Chart

The First house represents our appearance, the personality or the ego . The first house’s declaration is “I Am”. This is how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us. The ascendent is our everyday self. It represents our childhood, independence, and self-esteem. The house of Aries (Khepera) is ruled by the planet Mars (Set). More experienced astrologers in the field, can look at a person and have an idea of their sun or ascendent. Taurean natives, for instance, have thick necks. 

The Second house is Hathor’s (Het Heru’s) house; significant for our survival. It is where we plant the seeds of harvest, thus “Taurus the bull” pulling the plow. This house represents liquid assets, cultural inheritance, personal possessions, income, emotional security, ethics, values, and talents. The declaration of the 2nd house is “I have”. The second house is ruled by Venus (Isis). Think of all the strength and beauty you possess.

The Third house is the house of mobility, siblings, communication, media, and transportation, or short distance travel. The 3rd house of Gemini(Sphinx) represents our neighbors, networking, information, ideas and inquiries. It is our k-12 education, and conscious mind. The 3rd house’s declaration is “I think”. It is ruled by the planet Mercury (Thoth), who retrieves the message for communication. 

The nadir or IC is the Imum Coeli(Latin), which is the bottom of our sky; the IC is located on the cusp of the Fourth house. It is the part of our sky that is home, our roots, and where we come from. The Fourth house is our mother, physical security, and the affairs of the home. It represents real estate, domesticity, and all of the creature comforts of home. It is lastly, the end of things. This house is occupied by Cancer (Geb and Nut), and ruled by the Moon (Khonsu). The declaration of this house is “I feel”.

The Fifth house is the house of fun! It represents children, love affairs, sex, entertainment, games, confidence, creativity, drama, and luxury. This is the house of innovation, new starts, risks, pioneering, and endeavors. The fifth house is the house of Leo (Anubis), who rules the heart. It is ruled by none other than the sun. The fifth house’s declaration is “I will”. 

Dendera Temple Relief

The Sixth house is the house of Virgo (Nekhbet). This house is also ruled by Mercury (Thoth), but here the information is analyzed or critiqued. “I analyze” is the declaration of the sixth house. It represents health in the physical body, service, meditation, mystics, healing, and spirituality. This house also represents our pets, work, details, devotion and sacrifice. The sixth house angle is the location of the descendent, which is our sunset. It leads to the outside world and relationships outside our immediate family.

The Seventh house is the house of committed relationships such as marriage, business partnerships, cooperation with others. This is the outside world. Everything that involves teamwork, and co-existence is related to this house. It’s the change house, balance and harmony. The seventh house is occupied by Libra (Ma’at), which is ruled by the planet Venus (Auset). Its declaration is “I balance”. 

The Eighth house is the house of other people’s wealth and money. This may be related to mortgages, taxes or insurance, stocks and bonds. It’s all about joint finances, inheritances, and contracts. This house also represents death, and transformation. It is responsible for the astral (star) plane and spiritual experiences, or occult topics. Eighth house’s declaration is “I desire”. It is occupied by Scorpio (Bast), and ruled by Mars (Set). 

The Ninth house is the house of consciousness, philosophy, and higher education. Its related to expansion and spirituality. It also represents, religion, foreign affairs, and long distance travel. This house is where mass media, publishing, and marketing resides as well. The ninth house is that of Sagittarius (Sekhmet) and is ruled by Saturn(Sobek). Seventh house’s declaration is “I aspire”.   

Dendera Temple Relief

The Tenth house is the house of Capricorn (Khnum), and is ruled by Saturn(Sobek). Tenth house is the Medium Coeli or MC of the birth chart, and is located at the cusp of the tenth house. It is opposite the IC, which is at the cusp of the fourth, signifying home.The tenth house, at the MC, represents the zenith or top of our sky, highlighting life and career. This is the house of achievements and leadership.

The sun sits at 0° of Capricorn (khnum), opposite 0° Cancer (Geb & Nut) on the winter and summer solstices. Tenth house and fourth houses sit on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, whereas the 10th is the house of the father or  disciplinarian, the 4th represents the mother or nurturing parent. When we look at it this way, there are six axis with dual characteristics. Finally, the tenth house is where we see our fame, and destiny, Its declaration is “I use”. 

The Eleventh house is the house of our hopes, visions and dreams. Its where we see our friend groups, trends, and organizations. This is the house of culture, and society. This is the collective. It is ruled by Saturn(Sobek), and occupied by Aquarius (Ptah). Its declaration is “I know”. Peace and harmony on the larger scale lives here, as does arts and humanities. Cooperation and all manner of shared activities occupy this house. 

The Twelfth house is the house of inspiration, illusion, escapism, institutions, illness, and karma. It is the where we see conclusions, and hidden enemies. We also see resolutions and problem solving, hidden support, systems, tools, and skills here. It is ruled by Jupiter (Heru) and is occupied by Pisces (Sothis). The twelfth house’s declaration is “I believe”

The houses of astrology are not confined to this order. We can place any sign at the ascendent and interpret any birth chart from there. Often, we will see the absence of a planet in a particular house. This simply means there is no particular emphasis except when the sun, moon and other planets transit, or pass over these houses. The significations of the zodiac houses lay out the possibilities for our experience. We can capitalize on these planetary traveling transits, by making choices that make the best of this procession. From the spring and fall equinoxes to the winter and summer solstices. Where do your natal planets live?

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Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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