First blog post

The intent of this blog is to captivate an audience with my passion for writing, as expressed in beauty, authenticity, and information. Decades of self study combined with formal education, and the wisdom of experience makes me qualified to add commentary, facts, and/or resources to a treasure trove of topics; especially those of special interest. It is time to engage fellow readers in the experience of the now moment where we connect in another dimension of unified thought.

There are facts and then there are opinions. My posts may include both and will include that distinction. There are going to be those who may disagree with my information and sources. Any disagreeable information offered is not meant to offend anyone or create cognitive dissonance. These regular posts are simply to prompt a thought and encourage your own critical thinking abilities. Some information is intended to promote good health and harmony in relationships, while others are extended to persuade you to take action.

Whatever your motivation, we welcome your presence to A Small Corner of the Universe, ask you to open you mind and enjoy the journey!