Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Solar Eclipse Over Kemet

Eclipses bring us so much intrigue, we just wanna go outside and spontaneously look up to the sky. ”DON’T DO IT MON” (In my Jamaican accent)! Most of us know not to look directly at an eclipse, but are you aware of other ways eclipse energy effects us? They have been the harbingers of many fears and superstitions, yet they have the potential to be markers for positive change and personal growth as well. Every six months, we are given a nudge; ok, more like a backhand slap to the face, to check us along our spiritual journey. Lovingly of course.

 Auset (Venus/Isis) can be a real force to be reckoned with in the sign ruled by Set(Mars), and its higher octave Ausar (Pluto/Osiris). The energy of eclipses tend to be three times stronger than a regular full or new moon. They are the more gentle nudges of change. Eclipses are life changing events. Depending on the houses they occupy, we are somehow forever changed. 

Auset (Venus/Isis) moves into Scorpio/Libra (Vedic astrology), right before the October 25th 2022, solar eclipse. She brings a sense of compassion to the energies of the eclipse for a softer observation and processing of the energies. If the sun is our shine, the moon, which represents our emotions, block that shine. Scorpio is the underworld and Libra is truth, justice and balance. Therefore, this time is related to the most intense subjects of our times, love and money. 

A solar eclipse is when the moon obscures the sun as it lines up with the earth between the two. The North and south lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology), crosses the sun’s ecliptic. The North lunar node, Rahu marks our future and Ketu relates to the past. The North lunar node is currently in Taurus; opposite Scorpio, and relates to our stability, how we plant our seeds for the harvest, and how we make our money. This is also how we provide for ourselves; our possessions.

The eclipse is happening in it’s opposing sign Scorpio, which rules the eighth house of other peoples money, mortgages, taxes, inheritance and insurance. It also deals with mystery, endings, sexuality, and secrets. It rules forbidden knowledge, and taboo subjects. It urges us to dig deep for the truth for our own personal growth.

Wadjet (Uranus), the shocker, and planet of scientific breakthroughs, breakdown, and lightning, is traveling with the North lunar node. She is the planet of higher consciousness. We are encouraged to elevate the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. When we add Auset (Venus/Isis), who is making a conjunction to Ra, the sun in Scorpio/Libra, we are able to see the beauty in ourselves and what adjustments may be needed in our way of thinking. She will be at 2° Scorpio by the time the eclipse takes place.

Most of us become excited on the day of the eclipse and give little thought to the fact that the energies can impact us as soon as a month before and six months after.  We should give ourselves a couple mental health days after the eclipse, while the moon transits to Sagittarius. The two weeks between solar and lunar eclipses should be a time for peace and bringing balance to our spaces.

The sudden energies of Wadjet (Uranus) in Taurus, work together with Set (Mars), the planet of action, which stations to go retrograde in Gemini a few days later. This may trigger a sudden earthly event or discovery that changes the trajectory of life as we know it. This transformation could occur in our personal lives as well. Gemini is information, data, and communication of all types. As our emotions bubble up from the depths of our scorpio planetary natal positions and aspects, we are confronted with them.

We are inspired to deal with our childhood traumas and triggers with grace. Feelings of betrayal, abandonment, and other vulnerabilities become difficult to control at this time. The lunar eclipse in Taurus/Aries (Vedic astrology) on November 8th, occurs on the same axis. This is when the earth cast a shadow and obscures the light of the moon. This is when our feelings start to become clearer. Although, Nephtys (Neptune), the veiled High Priestess, and sister of Auset (Venus/Isis), is squaring this eclipse. This is not the time for major decisions, yet it is a time to let go of what does not serve us. As we meditate or go within during the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse paves the way for the new shine. This could be new information, a new path in life, new births, or simply a new perspective. 

The beauty of Auset (Venus/Isis) allows us to compassionately face ourselves and the deep wounds that are in need of healing. Set (Mars), and its higher octave Ausar (Pluto/Osiris) allows us to travel to the underworld of our lives, our culture and ancestry to heal ancestral wounds, and break generational patterns. We may even change our relationships dealing with love and/or money. We are urged to re-evaluate our relationships overall and forgive those who need forgiveness. Forgiveness is not only for releasing the person who hurt us, but for our own well being. Even more important is for us to be able to forgive ourselves for engaging in whatever may have taken us off our paths to success; whatever that means to you. It could be a costly mistake related to money, or love for that matter.

Eclipses create an optical illusion in the sky, albeit an intersection of spirit and matter. For a short while, a solar eclipse gives us the illusion of night during the day. Not only does the lunar eclipse throw us into complete darkness at night, it blocks our intuition. In the feminine houses of Hathor (Taurus) and Bast (Scorpio), we combine earth and water elements to create, and express our deep rooted desires with unconditional love. Who knows, we may even be able to generate a means of sustaining ourselves with this mysterious, yet beautiful combination. After all, we are creating our future.

Eclipses can bring chaotic energy as well. Some describe the energy as impure. There are certain things that some say should not be done during an eclipse besides looking at it directly without proper eyewear. Others see these recommendations as superstitious. Are they superstitions? We know the damage to the eyes is real talk, so, use this list with your own discretion. The suggestions include the avoidance of the following activities:

  • Taking naps or sleeping
  • Showering  or bathing
  • Eating (said to generate toxic gases in the body or an overgrowth of bacteria in food)
  • Sexual activity
  • Charging your crystals
  • Making intentions (the energy is chaotic)

Whether these recommendations are fact or fiction, it is certainly a good time for contemplation and self evaluation. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to eat a couple hours before the eclipse, or a couple hours after. Pregnant women are advised to take a cool bath a couple hours after the eclipse, as desired. This is a good time for meditation and healing. The Scorpio/Taurus axis of your birth chart will determine how this eclipse season will effect change in your life. The sun (Ra) and Venus (Auset/Isis) conjunction will shine light on our relationship with self and those in our lives. 

Lunar Eclipse Over Kemet

This eclipse season is an intense one for sure, as we assess our personal and collective finances and relationships. Therefore, it is important to recognize what comes up and analyze our role. If we analyze things from a place of authenticity, we may find we need to change our perspective on a few things and adjust them accordingly. Our clear emotions are only blocked While under construction. When this eclipse season is over, we should be able to distinguish love for self versus sacrificing self for love. Oh, but will we be able to distinguish the original version of Nights Over Egypt from the covers?

“Three things that cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth”


Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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The Jones Girls. “Nights Over Egypt”. Cynthia Biggs & Dexter Wansel/Philadelphia International Records. 1981.

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