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What is Involution?

I Am My First love 🧡

Love Energy is the force that will change society’s path in a new direction. There is a need to embrace the universal law of oneness. As the pendulum swings to the dark 30º, then 30º to the light, we learn to appreciate that which emanates from the heart space in its purest form…its essence.

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…and so the journey begins


We all need a little motivation every now and again. Whether in business, health, or life path. It’s good to get a different perspective from an objective source.

Wellness Tips

Wellness is living in a state of homeostasis. It is balance, Ma’at. Beauty is in the imperfections; however with wellness tips, we can adjust our way of life, dietary needs, and focus on what brings us optimal functionality.


Sometimes we just need some direction. If we don’t know, we will help you find it. Often it’s a matter of referral. We can point you in the right direction and even advocate you in your objective.

Navigating the Waters of Nun

“With universal intelligence, I scribble, scrabble a Picasso in audio.”

~ Le’Vell Zimmerman (Universal Brothers and Sisters)

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

~ Bob Marley

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The Law of Gender: Masculine and Feminine Energy

As taught in Hermetic wisdom, there are seven Universal Laws (Principals); Among them, the Law of Gender. If everything is energy, frequency and vibration, then the masculine and feminine aspects include man and woman. Yet, we are not exclusive; just more highly evolved. Regardless of our gender, we all carry masculine and feminine energy. There…

What are Mudras?

No, mudras are not gang signs, nor do they symbolize signals of the illuminati. There are 22 chakras in the hands along with meridians and nadis. Mudras transfer life force energy through the body as the energy balances the hemispheres of the brain and its components. It’s an alchemical process. It’s all elemental. The physical…

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Eclipses bring us so much intrigue, we just wanna go outside and spontaneously look up to the sky. ”DON’T DO IT MON” (In my Jamaican accent)! Most of us know not to look directly at an eclipse, but are you aware of other ways eclipse energy effects us? They have been the harbingers of many…

The Power is in Your “I Am” Presence

By Sheila Zimmerman
by Sheila Zimmerman

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