I See Sacred Numbers

The Absolute is One with All there is, period. Exogenous, omnipotent, and omniscient, there is no name. Universal Intelligence has many names at the same time.The One is Creator; the Waters of Nun is pregnant with possibility and has the potential to be overwhelming. At best, its force is exponential and in harmonic proportion. Are you one with the One? That divine spark; the sine wave; first frequency, the I Am that I Am, is that you? Word is born.

We can make a long list of opposing forces. The masculine principal initiates linear, projected energy while the curved, creative and receptive energy is feminine. One pole is blue shift and magnetic while the other is red shift and electric (AC/DC). Love, desire, and that which can only be expressed through experience, reconciles the Two opposing forces with the Trinity. 

The Three principals of creation are Salt, which represents the Mother, Sulphur, the Father and Mercury, the child. It is the Sun, Moon and Stars. The Trinity in ancient Kemet is Ausar, Auset, and Heru. Many recognize it as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Quickening is “The Word” and the principal of Vibration. E-motion can only take place at the heart space, like the musician to his/her instrument. The creation is “The Song”. It’s the spiritual relationship with the divine that makes 3 special. It brings the relationship of 2 back into union with The One.

Three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas, are thrown to the Four corners of the earth. In Heliopolis (The City of the Sun), Geb and Nut produce four children, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. The directions of possibility being north, south, east and west while 4 seasons created the conditions for life to thrive. In time and space, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and carbon are representative of the four basic elements. It is scaffolding and structure for the Primordial Scission.

The primordial scission separates heaven and earth. It gives way to Five via the principal of male and female polarities plus reconciliation represented by three. Two plus three equals Five (2+3=5), which is procreation; love in the physical sense. From the root of 2, 3, and 5, harmonic proportion is established. This is where the interplay of ideas and possibilities in time and space form the pentagram or five pointed star. The Golden Ratio of 1.6186… brings balance and harmony to all fractions of the whole, as the circle of fifths bring forth the song  to the third dimension. Abracadabra, and the sixth point produces form in 3D.

Six is wo/man, in time and space; the physical. Have you ever noticed the hexagon on Saturn’s north pole? “Mmm” a few thoughts follow that question. It was discovered in 1981. This is the last of the visible planets. We have associated time with Chronos, who is“Father Time”. Isn’t that why we count numbers chronologically? Seems we are “The Beast” Big Baby. The carbon atomic mass has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, (666). Whereas the first five sacred numbers are spiritual and metaphysical in nature, numbers six through nine include form. It’s the prima materia’, or first matter

Seven is representative of growth. We call it God’s number, for it organizes the progression of heaven and earth. Matter comes into union with spirit and calm is restored. The seventh house in the zodiac is Libra, the scales. Ma’at rules here, along with the planet Venus (Love).This is the quantum leap in the increments of time, as in 7 days of the week, and every 7 years of human development. 

Add the number 5 and it becomes the higher octave of systems which is 12. The higher realms of time and space are not only represented on the chromatic musical scale, but the clock, the zodiacal wheel, (Ezekiel’s  wheel).months of the year, 12 systems of the body, 12 disciples and 12 judges (people of the jury), for example. Before we double down with double digits, we must complete the cycles. There is still potential growth here.

Turn the number Eight on its side and we are looking at infinity. Our continuous pursuit of spiritual growth and infinite knowledge, wisdom and understanding are essential. Surely we can call it “King Solomon’s wealth”.This representation of dharma and karma are our debits and credits. Sowing seeds and reaping harvests is the wheel of fortune incessantly turning in our favor, and for our highest good. At the end of each cycle, there is rebirth and resurrection. Nine completes the cycle.

A multiple of itself produces the product of Nine when we reduce it; for example, 9,18,27, 36, 45, 54, 72, and 81; (1+8=9, 2+7=9, etc.). When we complete our cyclic lessons in life, we can level up to 10 and experience new advanced cycles and beginnings in double digits as wise adults. Some of us are old souls and somehow we know it. Moreover, the signs are there. If you calculate your birthday by adding the digits and reducing them to a single digit, you will discover your life path number; for example someone born 5/29/22 will be calculated by adding 5+2+9+2+0+2+2= 4. This person has a life path number of “4”. This person is practical, and makes rational decisions, they also desire stability. The destiny number is determined by adding the 2 digits of the birthday. This person is born on the 29th and 2+9 is 11. We don’t reduce master numbers. I would suspect this person is an old soul.

You are now conscious and creative. You see the vision represented by the “pillars” or “portal” of Master 11, The master builder 22, is the architect who builds his/her masterpiece using  intuition to bring  the vision to manifestation,  and the master teachers 33 carry the message to the world. The master healer is number 44, and so on across the world stage.

Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) studied the heavens intently to identify the cycles of time and our relationship to them. They went through cataclysms and catastrophe’s (possibly Atlantis), and left a fragmented account of what happened written in stone. Myth was infused with reality as in the Great Flood. Numbers in single digits were represented with one strike, while the symbols in the Mdu Ntr (hieroglyphics) represented increments of ten, hundreds, etc. Researchers are still attempting to sort through the ruble of chaos and restore order, as we seek answers to our past. 

Somewhere in our collective subconscious, there is a knowing that is being unveiled. Numbers and symbols are the gems dropped in our individual subconscious bubbling up to consciousness. It makes some people nervous, but this initiation forges on. There is something under Horemahket (The Sphinx), or is it in the Akashic records of our subconscious minds?  Only time will tell us, as we move out of the age of believing and into the age of knowing; Aquarius. Perhaps as we come to know, our energies will vibe on a higher wave frequency, and in harmonic proportion. At least that’s where I’m headed…and that’s my word!

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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