We Remember!

Everything that was, is, and ever will be is still lingering. The tension is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. We often use this cliche’ to describe the obvious energy present when we walk into a room. Somehow we can tell whether it’s lighthearted or dense and dark. It eventually dissipates, but does it ever go away? The Book of Life, Hall of Records, or The Akashic Records is a phenomenon; an archive of our thoughts, deeds, and other actions. 

Scientifically, we know energy can never be destroyed. Metaphysically, we create elemental structures with our thoughts and they eventually become their own entity, visible or invisible. The Akasha presents us with a forcefield of choices from which to draw. We only experience past, present and future in space-time. Otherwise, it all happens in the now moment. Regardless of space and time, cause or effect. It’s done.

Although our ancestors are no longer with us to guide us in the physical, their genes are in us and their energies are always with us. They will help us if we ask. It is our human experience and our own will; therefore, it is ultimately our own choice. There is no right or wrong, it just is. Cause and effect is the underlying principal at work. 

The Akasha (Field of Records), and the Amenta (Cosmic Heaven) seem to be the same space, yet different energetic experiences. Sadhguru explains the Akashic records as “always there”; therefore he doesn’t have to carry it with him (Sadhguru, 2021). We can draw from this data using vasanas, which means smell in Hindu. It makes sense in that animals learn things from their strong sense of smell. As the intellectual, we’re able to use our minds, and still smell it a mile away…metaphorically that is.

Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene simplified the correspondences and cross references apparent to me on my path. Baba Kaba, as we refer to him, says, “Spirituality is unseen science, and science is unseen spirituality”. He gives a detailed account of the Amenta in his book Spirituality Before Religions. There are 12 hours in the AmDuat; the soul’s journey through the 12 gates of the underworld as told in ancient Kemet (Egypt), and the Book of the Coming Forth to Day, by Night (The Pert Em Heru). 

The Akashic records are entrusted to Anubis, the abandoned son of Osiris. Although he was never really alone, he represents our evolutionary ascension in consciousness. He protects and guides us through the shadow of death. Anubis, the jackal shaman, prepares us through the embalming and mummification process. It is necessary for our journey, so we won’t get burned in the lake of fire. Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer, authors of, “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology“, identifies the lake of fire as the abyss. 

During daylight hours Anubis is Leo, the lion, who stands as guardian of the solsestial gates (the lions gate). He is also Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron returns to the position of our natal charts around the age of 50. It is like our annual solar return (birthday), and Saturn return every 28-30 yrs. 

Similar to many stories of triumph and courage, Anubis takes off on the hero’s journey and overcomes life’s challenges. The worst of which are the proverbial darkest before dawn. He then returns home and claims his birthright; his place on the throne.

Our collective consciousness is one with the All, the Creator. It cannot be divided as the individual; consequently, we may experience a sense of déjà vu that could be from a past life. It could also be genetic memory. The spirits of our ancestors reside within us, not outside. So when we call on them, they are activated from the inside, out. Along with their gifts, we carry their traumas and phobias.

It may be that we have a phobia to heights, spiders, etc. We can also go back in history, and see repetitious decisions made. At first they may seem original, but only under new and different circumstances. If you don’t implement that idea you have, someone else will beat you to it. It’s already in the collective consciousness. There is nothing new under the sun, as taught to us in religious texts.

Everything we need to know is already within us. This is becoming more apparent as we evolve as a species. We simply need to tap in and connect to Source. Whether that be through our ancestors, spirit guides, or archangels, the answers are there. We must be able to see it, smell it, taste, it, hear it and ultimately feel it though. This is but one of our challenges in the ascension process.

The Akashic records may be accessed with a quiet mind. Carl Jung talks about the importance of “Our Dreaming Minds” in his book titled the same. In a trance-like state, Edgar Cayce accessed the Akashic records through his subconscious mind. In meditation, we experience alpha/beta waves as we consciously access our subconscious. We can access the past, get answers in the present and receive direction and guidance for our future. 

In our Vedic astrology birth chart, the South node of the moon, Rahu, highlights what we have mastered in previous lifetimes, as tools for this life. It is the IC or 4th house (the bottom of the sky/midnight). The North node or MC is directly opposite, at high noon, and tells us which direction we should be going. It is commonly called the “midheaven”. If we tap into the Akashic records of our past, perhaps we can find a clue to our future. 

The key to the future lies within. If we can remember who we are, maybe we can determine our purpose here in this lifetime. Whatever is our purpose, we are in an interesting time of transitions and transformation. Some people just know their purpose. Others of us have to figure it out. It helps to have GPS for navigation. If we have anything to do with bringing balance to the our collective consciousness, we must face the brutal, honest truth in front of us in order to see the beauty of life intended for us.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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