How the Caduceus Represents Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Energy

Although we’ve been conditioned to think of medicine when we see the caduceus, it carries a deeper meaning and relationship to healing. Dating back 3000-4000 yrs B.C.E. or more, the image of two serpents climbing a staff obviously relates to some type of ascension process. Serpents prove to be rather intimidating symbols of wisdom in several myths and stories. In metaphysics, they serve as the messengers of kundalini life force energy through the chakras to enlightenment. 

This energy force (prana) is represented throughout history in different cultures and religions. This kundalini energy represents the union of Lower and Upper Kemet (Egypt), as Queen of Sheba (Makeda/Merkaba)traveled to King Solomon (Sol-o-mon/Sol of man/Sun).There, she seeks and challenges his wisdom. If we apply the Law of Correspondence and note, as above, so below; as within, so without, we can make several references to the internal universe, earth school, and the cosmos. 

 The cobra Goddess Meretseger (She who sat in Silence) of Thebes, was guardian of the Valley of the Kings. She sat on a pyramid (Mir) like hill, that appeared to lead to the entrance of the underworld. The desert area in Necropolis was filled with snakes and scorpions. Meretseger punished violators with blinding venom, as well as gave safe passage to those who presented her with gifts and offerings. Furthermore, she was said to  have healed those afflicted…if she deemed them worthy. 

Thoth at Abydos

The Thoth at Abydos relief displays the original depiction of the caduceus. The cobra(protects lower Kemet), and vulture (protects Upper Kemet) at the end of each staff, represents success in ascension and higher consciousness. They join the lower and higher natures(Neters/Ntru). Note, the before and after enlightenment transformation of the initiate. The whole initiation process surely inspired, what many of us recognize as, The Lord’s prayer and The 23rd Psalm, in the Bible.    

Imhotep, the original father of medicine, practiced in the only temples/hospitals available for miles in ancient Kemet. It’s still written on the walls. In Divine timing, The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in various places. Teenaged boys found clay pots that contained the Edwin C. Smith papyri, as well as others while playing. Subsequent papyri found are too numerous to list. Although, not considered a publisher’s reference (anyone can revise it), this is a good list of medical papyri found thus far:

The caduceus was carried by Hermes/Mercury and represented “the message”. The staff also relates to the Greek God of medicine, Asclepius.  However, Asclepius’ staff had only one climbing serpent. Aaron and Moses saw the magic of serpent symbolism in The Book of Exodus 4:2 and 7:8-13. In Hindu, Lord Shiva has a cobra around his neck to symbolize the management of “ahamkar” or his ego. He is also the destroyer of darkness, which is ignorance in my interpretation.

Thoth: scribe and wise counsel

Hindus were entrusted with Hermetic wisdom by the Gnostics during the religious crusades and inquisition. As were the Free Masons. Consequently, many of the terms used are Hindu, yet by no means take away from this sacred wisdom. The Vedas teach the wisdom of Lord Khrisna’s Song, in The BhagaVad Gita which was translated from Sanskrit.

Ida and Pingala

In this school of thought, we learn the cosmic energy is coiled in the base of our root or Muladhara chakra. The energetic staff and two serpents are called nadis. These main nadis are composed of three energy vessels; the Shashumna, centralized along the spine, is where energy is released into the Ida and Pingala. Each of our seven chakras are opened like a portal or lotus flower, as we ascend in consciousness. The prana, or life force energy, climbs through the Ajna (3rd eye chakra), and ultimately the Sahasrara, or crown chakra. Here’s where we receive our wings, as shown in the Ancient Kemetian King’s diadem. S/He rules over upper and lower Kemet (Egypt). 

King Tutankhamun

The Ida(pronounced long e), is Luna energy, which feeds our emotions and is regulated by the moon. Where was the moon the day you were born? Look it up good people. We should know this! The Pingala (pronounced long e), is our Sol energy and comes from the sun and give power to the Luna energy. Together, the Ida and Pingala delivers information in the form of spinovial fluid to the brain and energy to the pineal and pituitary glands. This is the kundalini energy rising!

This energy is carried through the sympathetic nervous system which is connected to the central nervous system. This energetic exchange takes place through 72,000 nadis and 360 meridians in the body. This field is how we experience and interact with our environment and other people. 

Ophiolatreia, is a word used to describe serpent worship in esoteric circles. However, enlightenment is not about worshiping serpents. It’s about the symbolism that best illustrate the experience.  As we learn to stop looking to external sources for our truth, through meditation, mantras and recognizing the Law of Vibration, we can experience our own ascension. Is The Arc of the Covenant under lock and key somewhere on planet earth? I don’t really know, but what I do know, from empirical evidence, is its location in the metaphysical realms. I am happy to tell you, It is within you!

 Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22 


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