Seven Chakras: Our Power Generators

Generation, Operation, Destruction (GOD), return and repeat…perhaps more consciously this time. We are powerhouses of energy held together by seven main generators; our chakra system. They hold the seven layers of the body together for this 3D or third dimensional experience, we call life. These generators function automatically, but to operate with full efficiency and proficiency, the “Seven Seals”,(KJV, Book of Rev) must be broken. If we do not crack open these seals, we will not receive the light downloads necessary to reach our full potential. We suffer from arrested human development and ultimately premature destruction, for lack of knowledge.

The vibration of the chakra system is the data base of communication throughout the body, and all its systems. Chakra is translated from Sanskrit meaning circle of energy (light). We actually have 114 chakras, 2 of which are outside the body. 108 are able to be adjusted, and 4 open spontaneously in response to the others (Sadhguru, 2021). There is a sacred geometric and electromagnetic relationship between the universe external and internal, significant to the Law of Correspondence: As above, so below; as within, so, without. We transmute energy from the earth at her resonance frequency of around 7,8 hertz. 

As we stand barefoot, preferably, we literally ground ourselves. Energy travels through the secondary chakras in the feet to the root or base chakra. If we live above the equator, the primary base chakra spins clockwise, and counter-clockwise if we live in the southern hemisphere. Energy travels through the auric fields, nadis and meridians. Energy then proceeds through the nervous system, mental, emotional and ultimately, the physical body. The root chakra is generative, and is responsible for our survival.

Represented by the color red, the Muladhara (Sanskrit for root) chakra, controls primal energy. Our fight or flight responses generate pure adrenaline in the warm climate of the lower chakras. Stress loves to reside here as it produces all manner of ailments. We tease our loved ones and co-workers about being anal retentive when in fact, it may be true. Bacteria and viruses reside and proliferate here. This chakra is located between the anus and testes or vagina. It is known as the perineum. Life is generated via intercourse or union of genitals. The root chakra’s mantra is “I Am” and spins with a positive polarity. It opens with four petals since it is the densest.

The Great Heru-em-Akhet

Self preservation is the first law of nature, yet we are challenged to rise out of our animal nature as symbolized by The Great Heru-em-Akhet (The Sphinx). This is how the late archeologist, John A. West describes what he learned from Rene Schwaller de Lubicz. De Lubicz spent thirteen years studying the remains of ancient Kemet. The name Egypt or Aegyptos is Greek, and means “mansion of the Spirit of Ptah”. This was the name given to “Hwt-Ka-Ptah”, the City of Memphis, which was the capital city and main trading hub, according to elders, such as, Karakhamun (Anthony Browder), historian/excavator, and Professor James Smalls. Feeling a sense of safety and security gives us the confidence to thrive. It is common to develop blocks in the lower chakras. Was it by coincidence that it was built facing the constellation Leo? Ancient Kemetians erected all temples and monuments with purpose and symbolism for generations to come. 

Orange is the color of the Sadhisthana, or sacral chakra. The main nadis, Ida and Pingala via the Shushumna draws energy upwards, through each chakra’s vortex as it spins and opens like the symbolic lotus flower. The sacral chakra opens with six petals and is associated with our social relationships, intimacy, creativity and artistic expression. It is our pleasure center. Passion operates in the sacrum; the fire in the belly. Its mantra is “I Feel”. It spins with a negative polarity. Imbalances manifest in the kidneys, large intestine and reproductive organs. 

The body’s power center is represented by the color yellow. The Manipura chakra is where the nerve control center (our other mind) or sympathetic nervous system communicates with major organs. The network of braided nerves appear like the rays of the sun, thus the name. It determines the level of power and confidence we experience. Our egos tend to raise up from the solar plexus. it is also where we get that gut feeling we all experience. It is our genetic memory center. All diseases start in the belly. Its where the body’s filtration system is affected when blockages exist. It spins with a positive polarity and opens to ten petals. The mantra associated with this power wheel is “I Can”. The solar plexus is where we rest our hands when our power light goes out, soul leaves the body and becomes spirit.

The heart chakra is represented by the color green and a soft pink. It divides the higher chakras from the lower. The Anahata chakra energy expands further in the auric field than any other. It represents love in all forms. Forgiveness, empathy, and compassion are the operative words related to this chakra. It opens to 12 petals and spins in a negative polarity. Its mantra is “I Love”. Do you love unconditionally? Unconditional love is healing, as the lack thereof manifest in unhealthy ways. I love the Dave Brubeck quote; “Our mother’s heartbeat is the first sound we hear, and the last sound we hear, is our own”.


Represented by blue, the throat or Vishuddah chakra is where we speak our truth and communicate our needs. It opens to 16 petals and spins in a positive polarity. All systems communicate with the brain through the neck. A broken neck is definitely not equivalent to a broken leg. “Protect your neck”. We can literally feel the throat chakra’s vibration through the larynx and vocal cords. As energy climbs to the higher chakras, vibratory frequency is increased. The Vishuddah chakra’s mantra is “I talk”.


 The Ajna chakra is called the third eye, when in fact, it’s the first eye. This is Central Command. It contains rods and cones like the retina of the visible eye. It is our conscious awareness, insight and intuition. It should be acknowledged first in our decision making process and speech. We all have psychic ability. It’s a matter of developing our abilities with practice. The pineal and pituitary glands form a 90 degree angle and project light information from the Ajna chakra like the iris projects light to form colored objects in the visible eye. Ironically it only opens to two petals. Its polarity is negative and is represented by the calming color indigo. 

The Sarasrara, or crown chakra opens to one thousand (972) petals. It is represented by the color white or violet. This is our connection to spirit or Universal Intelligence. Some say its the seat of the soul. Others consider the Ajna chakra as such. When we are born the triangular fontanelle bones fold over one another to allow the head to pass through the birth canal. It closes six to eight weeks after birth. It is said to be the portal of spirit. There are 22 bones of the skull. 

Balancing our chakra system is not complicated. It is as simple as making a conscious and consistent effort. Is it not ironic that we have 22 chakras in our hands alone and 27 bones. Are you seeing these numbers? We can activate hand chakras using mudras (finger positions). We can stimulate our hands by generating heat, and heal ourselves simply by placing our hands in the area afflicted. Conscious breathing exercises like pranayama, or uijayi, used often in Vinyasa yoga practice, is another tool. I like to fashion it to making a hole or “O” in my throat. Others describe it like ocean or Darth Vader breathing. It allows breath to flow freely to the base of the spine. 

Imbalances in the chakra.system can be corrected by a little color coordination. We transmute energy from the planets relative to our chakras as well as the foods we consume for sustenance. Red root veggies and fruits align the root chakra, while beta carotene in carrots and cantaloupe balance the sacral chakra. Leafy greens are crucial to our overall well being. Why? Because it operates the heart chakra. The first and last hours of sunlight are best for vitamin D consumption, which is a lasting remedy to balance.

UCLA studies conducted in the 70’s, concluded, those who mediate consistently for three years maintain opened chakras throughout the rest of life. Other great tools for balancing our chakras include crystals which should be color coordinated also. Essential oils are an excellent addition to bringing balance as well. Rolfing is deep tissue massage, and serves to open blockages.

We have the ability to be the Generator, Operator and Destroyer (GOD) of this incarnation. We only need 21 of our chakras to participate in spirit having this human experience. Are we gonna allow the other chakras to shine like cloudy oxidized headlights? They won’t pass inspection! Take it from me, I’ve tried. Its like driving in inclement weather. We must polish the headlights and turn on the windshield wipers to avoid crashing. As conscious beings, we are wise to unblock our light paths so we can see clearly.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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