Earth’s Luminaries: Sun(Sol) and Moon(Luna)

The Sun in the light spectrum (Ultra Violet to Infrared)

The best disinfectant on the planet; if needed, rest assured, the sun will sterilize it.  Seven rays of the sun illuminate the earth, and the hearts of man, likewise, the moon is a reflection of its essence. Therefore, the eight phases of the moon is a reflection of our hearts and minds. Its manifestation is Earth, the place we call home. We tend to take our luminaries for granted when we should really know more about them. They sustain life on earth.

7 Rays of the Sun 

  1. Blue Ray – The Will or Strength & Power of the Divine
  2. Yellow Ray – Divine Wisdom, Intelligence and Understanding
  3. Soft Pink Ray – Higher octave of Love, and Beauty
  4. White Crystal Ray – Purity, and Joy
  5. Green Gold Ray – Truth, Health, and Focus
  6. Orange, Ruby Ray – Peace and Abundance, 
  7. Purple Ray – Justice, Freedom and Compassion

Our sun is the star of the galaxy. It projects an electric plasma across the Milky Way, with radiation capable of sterilizing planets.The seven rays are the 7 stars in the right hand of Christ in the Book of Revelation (1:20). They appear in several other mythologies as well. Nicolaus Copernicus, sat on his heliocentric view of the heavens until his dying days, during the Renaissance. Fearing heresy, he eventually helped society veer away from Ptolemaic, earth centric views. 

When scientists discovered black holes in  other galaxies, I knew there had to be a black hole in the Milky Way. I wasn’t aware of  previous research, but It’s spiraling after all. Where do spirals lead? Well, usually to some type of vortex. That’s just my logic, yet scientists found it in Sagittarius A in the mid 1970s, via radio waves and old technology. Although they weren’t able to get a good image until April 2019, the Milky Way’s black hole turns out to be a huge one! Ancient Kemetians probably knew of its existence just as they knew the earth orbited the sun. 

 As the sun travels the ecliptic, it’s never more than 23.5° from the earth’s plane. It travels in a wave pattern called the sine wave. Most of us have seen it in old world maps. The distance of the earth to the sun is approximately 93 million miles. The distance of the earth to the moon is approximately 238 thousand miles. The radius of the sun is 432 thousand miles, while the radius of the moon is approximately 1080 miles. A comparison of these numbers to multiples of 9 are amazing, and are available in “Afterskool” videos.  

The path of the sun travels through the constellations, and this process is called the procession of the equinox. Although we are most familiar with 12 (some say 13) constellations, there are many more. Many we have linked to mythologies.The twelve to which we relate, are those through which our luminaries travel. The ecliptic was given its name based on the eclipses that occur when the earth, sun and moon are aligned on the same plane. The directional points, north, south, east and west create the vernal or spring, and autumnal equinoxes. The ancients knew the power of both luminaries; sun and moon

Our astrological birth charts are either diurnal, meaning daytime, or nocturnal meaning a night birth. This is indicated in the western or tropical charts, divided by the ascendant and descendant. A diurnal birth will show the sun’s glyph above the dividing center line, or below for those born at night.

The ascendant is simply the moon’s position at the time of conception and fertilization. This is where the sun was located on the horizon at birth. It dictates our physical form, which is based on the combination of our parent’s natal moon placements (Master E.K. 2015). I found that to be fascinating stuff, and had to let it marinate for a minute. 

The Moon

Master E.K.’s “Spiritual Astrology” explains much of the Secret Doctrine (Isis Unveiled) by Madam Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891). Madam Blavatsky, born in central Ukraine, was an initiate of sacred wisdom and cosmology, She was also co-founder of the Theosophical Society. She explains the seven rays of the sun as sound and colored numbers from a central source. The sun in the heavens are radiations of the Unity, in Blavatsky’s view. Our inner sun projects our personalities to the world, while the moon reflects our emotions and feelings. 

Phases of the Moon

The moon has eight phases, and can be expanded to 16. The Moon is called Chandra in sacred texts, and its Luna principal, Soma. The four main phases include:

  1. New Moon – Initiate new beginnings, Set intention and release emotions 
  2. Waxing Moon – Get it in gear, and get moving. Rising energy 
  3. Full Moon – Intense, reactive and strong sensitivity. Time for gratitude.
  4. Waning Moon – Refinement, clarification and releasing (let it go)

The magnetism of the moon is responsible for our material state of being. The moon holds us down, so to speak. Its responsible for the magnetism in plants and animals also. The perfect time to lay eggs for amphibians, reptiles and crabs, as well as other animals, depend on moon cycles. It also impacts our magnetic polarity as well. We should be aware of the cycles of the moon for dental and surgical procedures.

We should not, unless it’s an emergency, have surgery when the moon is in our sun sign nor the sign which rules that body part. We can have a propensity to bleed more at this time. As the moon becomes full, so do we. We have a tendency to retain fluid and experience more births, heart attacks and strokes during full moon.  We should eat light meals at this time and increase our water intake. Feminine menses occur every 28 days which is a complete moon cycle. 

Ovulation occurs at the half moon phase; day 14. This is when females are most fertile. When we reduce the numbers, 2+8 = 10 and 1+4=5; one and five are significant to beginnings and creation (conception), for the material world. Remember, six represents the material  The Luna energy has a strong impact on our mental and emotional health. This is why we’ve coined the term, lunatic. The moon’s Soma principal in our natal charts assists us in processing our lessons of karma during our journey also.

When we are sleep deprived, we experience anxiety. When we go too long without sun, we can become depressed. Take a stroll in the morning before 10am when the sun is in Aries or Taurus which rules the head, and neck. Sol energy is good for the immune system, teeth and bones. The last hour of the day is as beneficial, as the sun produces vitamin D. 

Bathing under the full moon is grounding, especially if you are barefoot in the grass. Grounding in Luna energy reconnects us with our Mother Earth, Geb or Gaia. Shucks, if no one’s around, go ahead and howl. Still feeling yourself the next day?  Share with the family, friends or neighbors. The world needs your Sol energy. Just try not to singe anyone, nor let ‘em take your shine.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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