The Planets: Administrators of Energy

The Planets/Energy Administrators

Part 1

We are free will thinkers, and therefore able to believe, achieve, and create whatever we choose. Despite our beliefs, the energies from our solar system are constantly at play. They influence, persuade, and manage our lives whether we acknowledge them or not. They could be described as The Administrators of destiny. The placement relationships between planets, as they interact with one another in the cosmos, can effect the individual, as well as collective conscious, in thought and action.  

The planetary aspects at present, are raising a bit of concern. We are in an evolutionary cycle that could help the collective consciousness of the planet ascend or descend. Are we spiraling up or down? Our collective choices will determine whether we have learned from our past experiences as a species. It is no longer a question whether the energies of the sun and moon impact the earth, as well as the human body. So, how is it these energies somehow escape the effects to the human mind, or collective level of consciousness? How can we exclude the energies of our Milky Way galaxy, and possible impacts on our psyche? 

 The magnetosphere is the ozone layer, or Earth’s aura. Her electromagnetic frequency (Schumann resonance), hovers around 7.83 Hertz. Although the frequency of humans in a standing position ranges from 9-14 hertz with an average of 10-12 Hz, The Ph balance of human blood however, is about 7.5, while our resting heart beats around 72 beats per minute.

The number 72 is repetitive in nature, and corresponds to the 72 years it takes earth to move on its axis one degree, through the procession of the equinoxes. This is the procession of the ages as taught in sidereal, or what many identify as Vedic astrology. It creates a cross at the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These are the four gospels as described in John’s Revelation (KJV 4:6-8), and Ezekiel (KJV 1;10). Yet, something is happening! Changes are occurring that we don’t see in the average 72 year life span.

Although the Schumann resonance averages around 7.83 hertz, it can spike as much as 40 Hz. Surprisingly, thats the range in which it has been spiking lately, causing an increase in gamma rays. They are the strongest of the photon(light) spectrum, with radio waves being the lowest. Meanwhile, we are exposed to a tremendous amount of these lower vibrational frequencies, such as micro, and infrared waves. Radio waves of the 5th generation or 5G, can emit waves as high as 300 GHz, while 4g only went up to 6 GHz. Although scientists have concluded in some studies microwave and infrared photons are superficial to the body, radio waves can penetrate  human tissue. 

On May 7, 2022, the Schumann resonance spiked to about 45 hertz, due to solar flares. The plasma filaments eject streams of radioactive space weather or solar winds to planet Earth. The sun has an 11, and a 400 year cycle of solar maxima and minima. During the maximum cycles, the sun is often riddled with sunspots, causing more coronal mass ejections or CME’s. 

According to studies of global advancements in health and medicine at the National Library of Medicine, the earth’s magnetic field is highly affected by the sun’s solar cycles. Recorded research from 1749-1926, yielded receipts to prove the impact geomagnetic energies had on the human brain, heart, and economic standings. Consequently, solar maximums effect society as a whole (Library of Medicine 2014). These invisible energies are in addition to those within the 7 colors of the visible light spectrum of waves. 

Schumann Resonance Spike May 7, 2022
Global Awakening Tracker

Radio waves from other planets are not as widely studied, although it is common knowledge to the scientific community they emit their own levels of radiation. Subatomic particles from the family of neutrinos are currently studied at several observatories around the world. What they are finding, is astonishing. Their conclusions also answer a lot of questions. 

As we apply the archetypes, left by our ancestors, and their significations, we learn the harmonic energies and frequencies of the spheres.  We also learn how to apply them to our lives according to our natal charts and current planetary transits. The transits indicate how the planets move through the constellational houses, relative to Earth’s position.

At the moment of birth, the planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies were at a particular point. These points of degrees are reflected in our individual natal charts. The moment we establish a particular place, as in a country, or project, as in a business, we create an origin, and thus a chart for that place or business. The US, for instance, was established July 4, 1776, and therefore has a chart of reference. 

Light energy is deflected, and redirected at certain angles of that chart depending on the transient relationships of the Administrators or planetary objects at that time, in space. Light does not always travel in a straight line. It usually travels in wave form, at different vibratory speeds, and on different frequencies. It also bends and curves, for two energies cannot occupy the same space, yet they can co-exist and vibrate harmoniously. 

Part II


The sun’s archetype Amun-Ra, is the Hidden One, which incorporates the sun’s destructive force and its life-giving force. It is representative of the Sol of man, or our essence. It is also representative of the ego, which is rooted in our personality and serves our need to survive. The sun represents the heart space in our world of duality. Whichever house the sun sits in your natal chart, tells others of the light you bring to the world. It teaches us what we need to work through on our shadow side. The sun is our center of gravity, as it is the center of gravity for the solar system. In Western Astrology, it is Leo, the lion. Its frequency is 126.22 Hz. The sun is currently in its home sign, where this masculine energy rules and influences the energy of courage.


Thoth is the archetype of the planet Mercury. In fact, Mercury is its Greek name. Apollo, is the name given by the citizens of Rome. He metaphorically brings the message of the rulers to earth. Mercury makes a revolution around the sun every 88 days. He resonates on a frequency of 141.27 Hz in the 30th octave of harmonic proportion. Thoth (Mercury) is said to be the morning star of Gemini and evening star of Virgo, the astrological signs of communication and intelligence. They are both ruled by Thoth (Mercury). This ruler is currently in the constellation of Leo. 


 Isis, is the archetype of Venus. Some call her Aphrodite, but she is the planet of love, sensuality, fertility and beauty. She does a revolution around the sun every 225 days. Her eclectic orbit around the sun makes a 5 petaled flower. Some say she forms the five pointed star. She oscillates at 221.23 Hz, in the 32nd octave. Venus rules Taurus, the sign of physical beauty, as well as Libra, the sign of Ma’at, truth and justice.


Geb, the archetype of earth has a counterpart, Nut who is the archetype of the sky. They are the children of Shu and Tefnut, neters of air and moisture. She is Gaia in Greek mythology, and Tallus Mater in ancient Rome. We set our clocks and calendars to the rotation of Earth around the sun which takes 365 days. During the days of ancient Kemet, we used a 360 day calendar and reserved the last five for the pantheon of neteru (spirits of nature). Earth resonates at 136.10 Hz on the 32nd octave of the year frequency. There is a Platonic frequency of Earth as well as a day frequency, as the Earth turns on its axis.


Set, the archetype of the next frontier is intriguing to modern day scientists and enthusiasts. Mars is considered the action planet represented by aggressive motion. Mars rules the signs of Aries, and Scorpio. It activates the energies of the zodiacal  houses and other planets within those houses. Mars makes an orbit around the sun every  687 days. It is currently making a conjunction, which is within 7 degrees of another celestial body. This conjunction is to the planet Uranus, and north node of the moon. 

This conjunction has the potential to bring the energies of sudden change, surprising events, weather conditions, and aggression. Set or Mars, if you like, usually moves within a constellation or house within 6 weeks. However, it is about to go retrograde in Gemini this fall, and spend the next six months traveling back and forth over the same degrees. Gemini influences communication. Set (Mars) oscillates at 144.72 Hz on the 33rd octave.


Horus is the ancient archetype for the planet Jupiter, as we know him today. We also know him as the Greek god, Zeus. Horus, rules the constellations Pisces and Sagittarius. This giant gas planet is considered the planet of spirituality, philosophy, joy, abundance and expansion. I associate the stormy red eye of Jupiter to the eye of Horus. Hathor restored his left eye after losing it in a fight with Set. 

Horus currently sits in the constellation Aries, where he is expanding Set (Mars) energy, the ruler of the first house. Horus orbits the sun every 12 years approximately. He oscillates at a frequency of 183.58 Hz in the 37th octave. 


Sobek is Saturn, the Roman god, and Kronos the Greek’s representation of time. Sobek is the dragon-crocodile head neter, who acts as Set in the underworld. This is his archetype after he kills Osiris, in Kemetian (Egyptian) mythology. This battle of the old vs the new is one we are facing as a society today. Sobek or Saturn represents restriction, limitations, loss, and lessons learned through karma. Sobek orbits the sun between 28 and 29 years. Sobek is the warrior spirit of duality. He represents the struggle we all share in this life, duality.

We feel our Saturn returns, and are probably able to associate the energies of Saturn to our experiences between the ages of 28-30 and 56-60, which is our second Saturn return.  Many of us will not live to see a third, since the average lifetime is 72. Sobek(Saturn) has a frequency of 147.86 Hz. He rules the signs of Capricorn, and lower frequency of Aquarius.


Wadjet, is Uranus in ancient Kemet (Egypt). She is the awakener, and brings about sudden change, breakdowns and breakthroughs. She is the cobra head warrior who tussled with Sobek to bring about the new. She is but one of the “Two Ladies” who protected Upper and Lower Kemet. The other is Nekhbet, the vulcher head warrior spirit. 

Wadjet (Uranus) is the higher octave of the planet Mercury (Thoth), the mind of man. Wadjet represents the mind of the cosmos, and collective consciousness; the higher mind. She is the first representation of change, as brought about by the outer planets. Her energy is swift and unpredictable enough to make quantum leaps into the unknown. 

Wadjet is currently in the constellation of Taurus, which represents our foundation, and stability. She does a revolution around the sun every 84 years. Many of us have not had the experience of the energies offered at her current position and degree. She oscillates at a frequency of 207.36 Hz.


Nephthys is the ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) counterpart of Neptune, the Roman god of the seas. Poseidon ruled the seas in Greece, as did Shiva in India. Nephthys is the high Priestess, and veil of Isis (Venus) as explained in the book Shamanic Egyptian Astrology (Star Wolf & Faulkner 2010). This is her shadow side as she moves slowly and rigidly around the sun every 160 years. She is mysterious and “full of illusion, delusion, and confusion” (Ibid. p 67). On the other hand, Nephthys influences our intuition and imagination, especially in the sign of Pisces.

When we have Nephyths highlighted in relation to other planets and houses of the natal chart, she can represent addictions and mental illness. Nephthys or Neptune has a frequency of 211.44 Hz, and oscillates on the 40th octave. She currently sits in the constellation of Pisces where she is comfortable in her dreamy state. Pisces is the 12th house on the zodiacal wheel, where things are hidden, and mysterious as the outer planets. 


Osiris, the brother of Set, is the higher octave of Mars. Despite the power Pluto carries in astrology, it has been downgraded to a dwarf planet. It’s size doesn’t qualify for planet status. Pluto is the Roman god and Hedes, the Greek god of the underworld or death. While Mars is the planet of motion and aggression, Osiris (Pluto) represents total annihilation, destruction, transformation, and rebirth, or regeneration. This is the higher octave of the red planet. Set killed his brother Osiris, who was pieced back together by his beloved Isis. One missing piece was his phallic, which she manifested with her regenerative power. Horus was the offspring of this union, representing new energy, and the next generation.

Osiris (Pluto) currently sits retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Osiris rules the sign of Scorpio, whose natives are curious about the occult, or hidden knowledge. Scorpio represents transformation and regeneration. Pluto’s (Osiris’) frequency is 140.25 Hz, and resonates on the 40th octave. 

This dwarf planet takes about 250 years to orbit the sun, at 17 degrees above the ecliptic plane. It stays in one constellation 18-20 years, what we consider, a generation of people. The US is experiencing its Osiris (Pluto) return, and collective transformation. The future of our planet is a mystery. Not only is this dwarf planet harmonious to its mysterious neighbor Nephthys (Neptune), but he is harmonious with Khonsu, Earth’s moon. I think I’ll just let that one drift off into deep space…


Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


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