Water: The Ultimate Shape-Shifter

Its ironic, the more we pay for water, the more we are encouraged to “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate”.  We increasingly realize how crucial it is to our very existence and overall health. There seems to be an upset in the ebb and flow, however. There is too much water when and where it is not needed, yet not enough at the time and places it is.  Despite the shifts from solid to liquid, and gas, its all the same water; just recycled and redistributed throughout the planet as one of four forces of nature. 

Waves of communication and information flow through its currents.  Lately though, the larger bodies of water are about as aggressive as the human bodies that consume it.  If you’ve heard of Haley’s comet then you know comets are ice bodies that travel from the Oort Cloud or Kuiper Belt. Comets and meteorites brought water and matter to planet earth.  Our energies have traveled light years to get here. 

Tectonic plates produced by trapped water under lava fields distinguish earth from other rocky planets. This is how the earth’s mantle was formed over 13 billion years ago. Biologists found several small ponds of little Eco systems around volcanos, each one different from the other. Water, heat and the chemical elements of life bind together in a soup. The hydrothermal activity in this soup produces bubbles of cell membranes and amino acids, which are the basis for life. 

Snowball Earth

We’ve experienced at least two ice ages, one resulted in what is known as Snowball Earth. Only a few organisms survived under the ice. By the time we experienced the more recent mini ice age, approximately 11,600 years ago, human civilization was well developed. It was after this mini ice age that we experienced the Great Flood depicted in the Bible, other cultural holy books, and in oral history. 

 Drop stones were left behind as evidence of the power of water. It’s only been over the last couple of decades that geologists determined these huge stones were left across the plains by water. The most magnificent evidence of how it cuts through rock, is the Grand Canyon. Today, glaciers and ice shelves are melting. According to scientists, calving is increasing at alarming rates. Its rather fascinating to see them collapse and crash in the ocean though. With enough force they can cause tsunami waves,    

Water is spiritual energy and responds to vibration. Sound waves travel faster through water than through air. For nine months, we  are surrounded by amniotic fluid in the womb, before we even take our first breath of air. Miraculously, we already know our mother’s voice at birth. Not only is water a necessary sustenance for life, it is also a destructive force we often take for granted, but we should be forewarned. 

If water carries vibration, information and communication, it is only natural that we be concerned about the water we consume. What kind of information is contained in the bottled water we drink? Did you know you should transmit nice thoughts to your water? We bless our food, yet we are not concerned about the water, which is much more abundant in our bodies at around 72%. Dr. Masaru Emoto (7/22/43-10/17/14) proved how the power of thought and words impact the water we drink. His name and experiment has become world-renowned. 

While oxygen rises from ocean water during the day, carbon dioxide rises at night. This is when light is combined with carbon dioxide to produce plankton, the bottom of the food chain. Generating over 800 tons per day, according to scientists, everything from the smallest fish to humans  depend on phytoplankton. The sediments sink to the bottom of the ocean and become flakes of diatomite. These flakes are carried through dust across the desert to the Amazon, the lungs of Mother Earth. 

Water carries current through a jet stream which produces our weather conditions. Ice particles in the clouds are responsible for the static electricity that makes lightening. Nitrogen nitrates dissolve to produce rain, which makes chlorophyll for plants and the proteins necessary for the human body. Keeping the waterways of the body free flowing (blood, excrement, etc.) and replenished, is the fountain of youth! Large bodies of water seduce us to partake in its inviting waves.

Restricted water energy is a prelude to a dam break. It causes all types of back-ups and toxicity. These days, we are restricted water energy being summoned to our larger bodies. Although close to 30% of the population live near the shores already, its summertime and tourists will yet again encroach on the locals. We’ve been cooped up inside, and as in anything we anxiously anticipate, we wanna get outside and play. As we run around in the upcoming heatwaves, most of us will feel the urge to hydrate the body with water, find a large enough body of water, and dive right in.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


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