The Essence & The Ego

The dynamic duo is the essence and the ego. They’re like Batman and Robin complimented by the personality. The indivi’dual wants to express itself. It wants to thrive in the world through self actualization. It wants to express itself through the five and if developed, six senses. Who says we should relinquish our egos? Our egos drive us through the bush of self preservation. Its primal and tribal, and yet, at the heart lies the truth. Its strong, but vulnerable, sometimes fearful, and connects us to the whole world of oneness. 

We’re not forced to react to everything that offends us, nor do we have to dignify it with a response. However, if we want our boundaries known, we must step up and say, “awww nah, you can’t cross that line; not without consequences”. If we choose to provide a response; does it have to be a snappy fusion of wit and sarcasm? If people are around, will a lack-luster reaction bring us shame? Is a comeback even appropriate? Depending on the situation, we can allow the offense to marinate in our minds and address it in due time. We can strive to relate with a sense of humility, although its good to have a healthy ego that exudes confidence, boundaries and potential. Its when confidence and over zealous ambition is used to abuse or exploit others that the ego reveals imbalance.  

Where do we draw the line of dignity? How much vulnerability do we subject to the ill-willed, malicious and inhumane forces of society? When we exercise tolerance, where do we draw the line of intolerance, respect and disrespect, dignity and indignation? This is the process of discernment for the essence and the ego. As we divide ourselves amongst our commonalities, we decide which roles we want to play. This is where possibility lies. It’s the present moment that determines the outcome. Does the heart agree with the mind?

We came to the Earth School to experience duality, and man are we experiencing duality today. It’s “us vs them” on so many levels of our so-called hierarchies. Despite a collective desire for new challenges, on a basic level, we are confronted with the same challenges in a different time with different people and events. Imagine the spiral, for the line is obsolete. Are we going to continue to solve our problems on the superficial level of intelligence, and go back to “normal” or are we going to finally confront the human experience from the essence of who we are as intelligent groups of beings? What we create today in our society is going to benchmark future times in which we live.

Truth, justice and an open heart and mind is all that is required of me. If the ego intends to hurt people, it will surely backfire. The way may be clear for a season, but at some point the cycle wanes and the seasons change. Does the empath then trade places with the narcissist? Maybe not if they meet somewhere in the middle. Carl Jung said, “The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories”. Perhaps that’s the summation, but with a bit more to it than the ability or inability to tell our stories. In addition to the struggle for resources and basic needs, I am able to hear and feel the breezes, smell the flowers, taste the rain, and see the setting sun, Does my life serve a specific purpose? Who cares? Will those I’ve opened my heart to remember my name?

Karen Kliethermes

Heartbreak is no laughing matter, and everything we protect is either someone or something close to our hearts. We may justify our actions with buffers and scapegoats but when it comes to what makes us vulnerable, it’s that which matters to the heart. If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak then you know it sometimes causes physical heartache, and scientists have recently proven this fact, as well as the subsequent heart attacks that followed in some cases.

The desires of the heart often include material things that protect the heart from loneliness and contemplation. In fact the Buddhata means little soul. We suffer for our desires. Buddhists say, it is desire that is the cause of our suffering. Perception and momentary intention is universal intelligence engaging all five (or six) senses. We should always act with the best of intentions. Do one thing at a time, with intent. Consequently, we desire less to fill in the gap. Perhaps we will lessen our suffering. 

Although we’ve deserted the heart as the center of our existence, we still yearn to love and be loved. We must keep in mind however, when our emotions tower over logic or logic towers over emotion we are imbalanced. The level of imbalance ultimately becomes obvious if it strays too far to the left or right. You’ll know if or when you start to display signs of sociopathy, psychopathy, and narcissistic behaviors that make people around you go “hmmm” and look at you sideways. Furthermore, despite the attempts to hide behind the money of which we give limitless value, it is only a form of currency and consideration for our necessities and desires. 

Have you ever made a comment in anger expecting an argument, only to have the person drop their defenses and reveal how terrible the comment made them feel? Do you stand there in shame, or find an excuse to leave the room? The experience makes us think twice about the necessity for aggression in the first place.The essence of who we are is open to learning how to recognize that the thing we don’t like about another is usually reflective of something we don’t like about ourselves. It’s called projection.

Experts say we build the personality between ages 7-21 although it starts to show itself earlier in our terrible twos and threes. Did Freud give us a fraudulent explanation about the ID and the ego? Are we regulated to our egos through self gratification? We can exist without the ego as exemplified by the ascended masters. The ego is conscious and regulates the ID, or does it? Although the personality is developed through our conscious and unconscious thinking, the subconscious knows all since the essence of who we are remembers far beyond this life time.

The accumulation of experiences assist in the balancing act. Exploring reasons why we developed certain beliefs is important to our ascension in consciousness. However, we don’t usually explore our own imbalances, idiosyncrasies, and belief systems until we are forced to by some trauma, grief, and other life altering excruciating pain. If we want relief, we must go through the fire to get to the other side. The fire burns inside, and I’m not talking bout acid reflux. Transformation is like growth spurts; hard, painful and awkward. 

Combined, the essence and the ego, the dynamic duo works harmonious to one another when we show up for ourselves by doing the internal work. Then and only then can we reach out to share unconditional love in all its forms. If we can look in the mirror and ask “how you like me now?” We can be so bold as to stand on our soap box, roof top, or ground if you prefer, and yell, “Blaooh! How you like me now?” Do it… I dare you.

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


Karen Kliethermes

Published by EarthtoneS

My love for writing extends back to the early years as a form of expression when my vocabulary was limited. I needed a way to validate my thoughts and feelings. I began with poetry which led to journaling, and songwriting. Ultimately, I began writing as a subcontractor in '08 for a freelancer who supplied articles to businesses. This is where I learned SEO content, keywords, and density. By the time I had written hundreds of articles of this nature, it was time to move forward in my quest to learn internet marketing as I honed my creative writing skillset. I began writing academically in 2015 so I could tighten up on how to cite my research. Now it's time to apply what I've learned to my body of work. My desire is to complete the book for which I've researched and compiled information, in addition to my personal experience. As I sojourn towards having my first full body of work published, I am available for writing projects to support my objective. I am grateful for the day you discover, acknowledge, and appreciate the passion in my words.

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