Mutha-loving Earthlings!

Happy B’Earth’Day!

                                                           ~ Mother Earth /SZ
You Mutha-loving Earthlings (smh). You really need to get a grip.
You mutha-loving earthlings bout to slip.
My gravity embraced you from the abyss,
and somehow you think it’s ok to treat me like this.
Perhaps you need a good radiation dose;
if only to remind you of your place in the cosmos.
I’mma give you mutha-loving earthlings a tip.
You can use this one to plan your next trip.
You have medicinal plants, animal friends,
minerals, and feed;
water, flowers, pollinators; everything you need!
You have seasons for skiing, hiking,
chillin on my beaches, living life, having fun.
In the Goldie Locks zone at a perfect distance from the sun
What if the sun fries all your electronics? That’ll bring your attention
back to me.
…or maybe you prefer to be swallowed up by the sea.
You mutha-loving earthlings don’t have a clue.
So while you fight among yourselves, tell you what I’m
gonna do.
I’m bout to shake things up a bit; see if that helps you get it
in gear.
…release the fire from my belly, since you like to live in fear.
You tend to think, like Icelandic eruptions, things will always
be tame.
…that things you take for granted will always be the same.
Well, the truth is emerging. My temperament is surging, so the
message is one you mustn’t miss.
You’re running out of time, yeah I got your rhyme, so gimme a
beat to this.
While you search for the nearest asteroid, yet fight like atoms
on steroids, I’mma ask you mutha-loving earthlings one
mo’ gin.
With all your fracking, and animal tracking, ‘tween me and you,
who you think is gon' win?
This is not your original home. Keep studying the human genome
and eventually you’ll figure it out.
Though you’ve flown across my skies, mined resources, ignored
my cries.
You’ve always had freedom to move about.
Your body comes back to me you know. It’s all about me
you see; my cycles and systems flow.
If you can’t balance your destructive energy,
and work together with even a small sense of synergy, 
like the dinosaurs, you Mutha-Loving Earthlings have got to go!

Published by EarthtoneS

My love for writing extends back to the early years as a form of expression when my vocabulary was limited. I needed a way to validate my thoughts and feelings. I began with poetry which led to journaling, and songwriting. Ultimately, I began writing as a subcontractor in '08 for a freelancer who supplied articles to businesses. This is where I learned SEO content, keywords, and density. By the time I had written hundreds of articles of this nature, it was time to move forward in my quest to learn internet marketing as I honed my creative writing skillset. I began writing academically in 2015 so I could tighten up on how to cite my research. Now it's time to apply what I've learned to my body of work. My desire is to complete the book for which I've researched and compiled information, in addition to my personal experience. As I sojourn towards having my first full body of work published, I am available for writing projects to support my objective. I am grateful for the day you discover, acknowledge, and appreciate the passion in my words.

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