7 Laws of the Universe


As three creates, seven organizes the universe. Yes, there are rules to this game. You’ve experienced them all. Some people identify these laws as principles but these words are interchangeable since principles are fundamental truths of a system. Although, there are billions of known galaxies at this point in time, the Milky Way demonstrates a system of law and order. Events turn out to by cyclical, such as the rising and setting of the sun; high and low tides, and the phases of the moon. Its all connected like the notes to a song or parts to a symphony. 

The universe is Mind; the Absolute, Source, or Consciousness operating in a collective and in the individual. The individual is able to choose and exercise free will, but it resides within the parameters of a society that expands throughout the world over, yet is a representative of the Law of Mentalism or Oneness. What’s your ‘worldview’? Are you “woke” or aware of your presence in the here and now? There are those who laugh and make fun of this trendy expression, but it actually asks a serious question. Are you aware of your history as a species, group or family? Are you aware of your surroundings, your connection to the planet, or even the cosmos? Are you aware of who you are?

At any given moment we can recenter ourselves and become aware of who we are, where we are and what we are doing. As principals expand on the laws of the universe, we can expand our level of consciousness and awareness. Upon answering the previous questions, we may then ask ourselves ‘how’ are we going to perform a task or reach an accomplishment, or conclusion, and finally, when do we project to complete this task or endeavor? The first step to healing is “awareness”. We have to be conscious of and acknowledge the issue. Isn’t that what the psychology world tells us?


The second is the Law of Duality. This is where we get to express ourselves in all manner of self expression. This is the principal of polarity or separation; black and white, rich and poor, good and bad, and everything in between. “Spirit having a human experience” we like to say. Are we ascending or descending in our personal journeys of involution and evolution? When we go within for the journey of involution, we learn who we are. We learn our preferences and prejudices based on our perception of reality and intent. Since there is no good nor bad, this concept is derived from our perceptions as a society, the collective; the earth school. 

Duality may be viewed like a light spectrum. There are some forms that are unseen or unheard. It is not necessary to experience every point or segment on the spectrum to know they exist nor to accomplish our objective in this life. Do we intend to go left or right? This is a choice of the individual and the collective. We can see it in our mind’s eye, yet the actions on the two dimensional plane creates the third dimension. This is the crossroad, and every moment in life determines what happens next.


The law of Correspondence is what fascinates me most. It demonstrates our connection to the cosmos by showing us synchronicities, “As Above; So Below; As Within; So Without”. There is a universe inside you. Did you know that fact? That is a powerful thought! It corresponds to the heavens and the earth. This is explained in the holy books and obvious in nature. These are the Ntrs of ancient Khemet. The Ntrs were expressed as part human and part animal to represent our relationship to nature in all forms. Most recognize them as the ancient Egyptian mythical Gods. We are even reflections of one another. What we put out is what we get back. We have correspondence with the sun, and planets, to include the earth as we correspond with each other, where words are unspoken.

It is amazing to learn our similarity to the apple, a gemstone or distant planet. Its also amazing to learn how close we are genetically to animals, especially the chimpanzee, but yet so different when the small differences are represented in such intricate ways, intelligence and form. Even the obvious differences within our species are representative of our oneness, for a pattern of common threads tend to repeat themselves within our different groups. For example Dolphin form a counter-clockwise spiral to lure schools of tuna, and everybody eats. Whales do the same to lure krill to one area. Hurricanes form a counter-clockwise spiral to lure clouds and energy. Tornados perform the same task on land.


All it took was a spark, a quickening of energy. The Law of Vibration is the quickening. Can you see the energy of whatever you imagine, taking form? Maybe not, but our thoughts create things. I am the entity created with thought; the word. Vibration is the fourth law of the universe. “In the beginning was the word. The word was God, and the word was with God” (KJV Bible, n.d.). When molecules vibrate and attract, we come up with all manner of minerals, plants, animals and homo sapien sapien. Homo sapien is early human who went extinct. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. 

Many are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment with water as he proved the relationship between thought and water molecules. But it was Ernst Chladni, the German physicist who brought our attention to sound vibrations in the 1800s, which we know now as cymatics. He placed sand on a smooth surface and subjected it to different frequencies of sound. The sand began to take forms that became more intricate with higher frequency. Moreover, it was Hans Jenny who pointed to the ‘order out of chaos’ when he noted the transitional period when molecules are gravitating to particular positions of form (Arnold, 2014). Are we becoming more complex human beings as we vibrate at a higher frequency?

Commonalities in groups of people allow us to vibe with one another. We are comfortable with those that are vibrating on our frequency in one way or the other. We are not limited to forging relationships with family alone. We have common characteristics, traits and interests with people with whom we choose to surround ourselves. As we involve, or go within, we determine other soul groups separate from biological family. We also learn “all skin folk ain’ kin folk”. We develop other soul groups such as the LGBTQ+ community who has evolved and strengthened over the decades. We even develop soul groups that vibrate on destructive frequencies. We learn from those relationships as well. 


Today is August, 22nd when the Sun is beside Regulus, the star that represents the heart of the lion. It is also a full, blue moon in Aquarius; meaning there were two full moons in this month, which is a rare instance that only happens “once in a blue moon”. It is also at the last degree of Leo before Sun moves into the Virgo constellation. You see every living thing has cycles of time according to the Law of Rhythm. Like the phases of the moon, and tides it sways, the river ebbs and flows. The musician, composes and plays music to the beat of the drum. My favorite quote about rhythm is by Dave Brubeck, who said; “The first thing we hear is our mother’s heartbeat. The last thing we hear is our own.” Just think of all the sounds you hear in between, in a lifetime. Really, let that marinate for a minute…

Some of the cycles of time are unseen. For instance the visible planets make a revolution around the sun several times in a lifetime. Although, Uranus is considered an outer planet, it takes 84 years to make a revolution around the sun. Some of us live to see 84, which is the average lifetime in modern society. Yet, Neptune takes 165 years to make a revolution around the sun. It takes 72 years for a constellation to move 1 degree on the Earth’s northern axis. It then takes 2,160 yrs for the constellations to progress around the sun’s ecliptic. These cycles are called the procession of the equinoxes. There is also a 25,900 approximate cycle of the Vernal equinox. This is when the sun rises in the 1st degree of the constellation Aries where it began its journey. This cycle is referred to by the Hindu as the Yugas


Masculine and feminine principals live in all of us. Males have feminine energy and females have masculine energy, but the Law of Gender goes further than the balance of energies in the sexes. The law of gender refers to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, straight lines represent masculine energy, while feminine energy is expressed in the curve; the circle. These energies compliment and repel one another. AC/DC is another example, for electricity and magnetism work together. “El” is representative of masculine while “Ma or Mo” represents the feminine. Even inanimate objects are identified as masculine and feminine in the Spanish language. 

Planets are recognized for their masculine and feminine aspects. The sun is masculine while the moon is feminine. Mars is masculine and Venus represents the feminine. The Earth is recognized as our mother whereas Jupiter and Saturn are considered masculine energies. Modalities are associated with these energies as well. The sun is fiery and associated with aggression and competition. It’s electric and responsible for sparking the flames of fire. The moon is responsible for the tides and all things water related; yes even our bodily fluids are regulated by the moon. Although the moon itself does not have a strong magnetic field, it regulates Earth’s magnetic field and magnetism of the water on Earth’s surface. 


Ahhh, “The Secret” had many people thinking the Law of Attraction was some new concept exclusive to those in inner circles. Even the Universal Laws have the Law of Cause and Effect associated with them. Several universal laws interconnect with one another. When you expand on these intersections, the higher octave of universal laws become evident, which is the reason some identify 12 laws as opposed to just 7. Whenever there is an action taken, there is an equal and opposite reaction as Einstein concluded. We can cite many examples of this principle as it is what we have reaped as a result of what we have sown at some point. This is karma, or the harvest. 

Whatever we send out to the cosmos is what we receive in return. That could be in the form of a smile to our neighbor or denial of liberties and dignity of another person. Our actions are the effects of thought. Thoughts begin on an energetic level. We have the universal intelligence to reason with our thoughts before we act on them. This is one of the advantages we have at the top of the food chain; however, we can also make irrational and unreasonable decisions that result in a cascade of events that impact others. Often times we are strongly motivated by money which is the consideration for what we do with most of our day. Money may be the by-product of something we love doing and brings us joy. This is the fulfilling effect of what we do on a daily if we are fortunate. 

Sheila T. Zimmerman ’22


Arnold, Lynda, (November, 2014), “How Sound Affect You: Cymatics, An Emerging Science”, AskAudio.comhttps://ask.audio/articles/how-sound-affects-you-cymatics-an-emerging-science.

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