7 Layers of the Body or Aura

Most of us are familiar with the word aura by now. This is our energy field or personal space. The word energy comes from the Greek word energeia, meaning actualization. Nothing energetic can be actualized without the process of birth. That which is material is matter, stemming from the word mater or mother. Matter is maternal. 

All layers of our aura interconnect with one another. Our aura is said to extend approximately three feet from the physical body. Most lightworkers illustrate the aura in the shape of an egg which reflects the earth’s orbit. It’s layers also reflect the colors of the rainbow and chakra representations.

The first body is the Etheric Body, or temple from the aether. This is the lower aspect of Self. It is also recognized as the subtle body. If you place your hand as close to your body as possible without touching it, there is a heat that emanates. It is also associated with the root chakra. 

Aura Colors Meaning - 7 Human Aura Bodies

The second is the Emotional Body which is the lower aspect of our emotions. This is our driving force, our energy in motion. Before we are able to manage our joy and pain, it swings like the pendulum. As we evolve, we are able to balance these forces associated with the navel or sacral chakra. 

Our third body is the lower mental aspect called the Mental Body. This is where we regulate our emotions, carry our faith or belief systems and knowledge. Whether it be our memories, imagination, or journey of evolution in consciousness, the mental body houses the powers of the mind. According to A.E. Powell, there are four mental sub-planes and is also associated with the 7th body, or Causal. This is also where we house the Akashic Records which supposedly carries memories from all incarnations. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra, or power center; the fire in the belly.

The fourth is the Astral Body which is our Merkaba, Merkabah, or Merkavah (Torah), Mer (light), Ka (spirit), ba(body), originating from the Zulu Tribe as our space-time-diminsion vehicle. This body connects us with the spiritual realms. When we meditate and sleep, it is the astral body that projects to the heavens/cosmos to receive information necessary for our evolution. We can travel anywhere at lightning speed in this vehicle. The light vehicle is signified by the Star of David, the inverted and upright trianglemerged.We are allegedly attached or tethered to the astral body with a silver cord so that we can find our way back to the earth plane. The heart chakra is associated with the astral body.

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The Etheric Template is the fifth body. This is the divine template of the physical and blueprint of our uniqueness one from another. It is also our potentiality, or what we can become. Another identifier is the first higher aspect of our Essence or Light body, separating the lower aspects of the Ego. It is reflective of the physical body, as well as part of our conscious journey to separate the essence from the ego. The throat chakra is associated with this body.

Our Celestial Body reigns sixth. It is described by many as the pastel, luminescent, divine body that connects us to the angelic realms. We have to do the spiritual work necessary to connect to this source of power. It is the higher aspect of our emotional body. This is the level where we experience unconditional love for Self and our fellow human beings. Some recognize this degree as Agape love. The higher or spiritual emotional body is associated with the Third eye chakra. 

Learn to See (and read) Auras - The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing

The Causal Body orbits our layers of existence in this dimension as 7th. Some may recognize it as the Ketheric Template. It is associated with the crown chakra. This body unifies us with the All, the Creator, the One, regardless of how we identify its existence. This body connects us with the higher realms of the divine and holds the experiences of our lifetimes. It also embraces the other layers of the aura. 

As vibrating light bodies, our aura corresponds with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition at any given time. It is where dis-ease manifests before we see symptoms on the physical level. This is why it is so important to meditate and go within, so we can recognize when we are not in a healthy range of equilibrium. Since we are always fluctuating in our attempt to achieve homeostasis, we can recognize when we need to bring ourselves back to a healthy Ph balance.  

Sheila T. Zimmerman


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My love for writing extends back to the early years as a form of expression when my vocabulary was limited. I needed a way to validate my thoughts and feelings. I began with poetry which led to journaling, and songwriting. Ultimately, I began writing as a subcontractor in '08 for a freelancer who supplied articles to businesses. This is where I learned SEO content, keywords, and density. By the time I had written hundreds of articles of this nature, it was time to move forward in my quest to learn internet marketing as I honed my creative writing skillset. I began writing academically in 2015 so I could tighten up on how to cite my research. Now it's time to apply what I've learned to my body of work. My desire is to complete the book for which I've researched and compiled information, in addition to my personal experience. As I sojourn towards having my first full body of work published, I am available for writing projects to support my objective. I am grateful for the day you discover, acknowledge, and appreciate the passion in my words.

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