The S/Hero’s Journey

Ptah and Sekhmet

So we’re trapped in 3D; now what? If you know the answers, share them with the rest of us. The winding road is narrow with high cliff elevations and jagged rocks to  greet you at the bottom. Its like driving blindfold as we attempt to stay in our lanes. The uncertainty around the corner of life, and the attempt to avoid the proverbial fall from grace is analogous to The S/Hero’s Journey. 

The story has been told in many allegories. The immaculate conception has at least 16 different interpretations. The many mythologies and every nursery rhyme tells the story of the s/hero’s journey. We cannot limit our walk to Joseph Campbell’s version, albeit a classic. We have our own. We can associate our story with the archetypal pantheon of choice. We are a bouquet of peoples. Take your pick, just don’t forget to buckle your seatbelt because its quite a ride. 

Insomuch as numbers are significant in the cosmos, myths are also significant to our overstanding, innerstanding and understanding of the s/hero’s journey. John Anthony West, author of “A Serpent in the Sky” gives his account in the following statement: “Myth dramatizes cosmic laws, principals, processes, relationships, and functions, which in turn may be described by numbers and the interplay between numbers” (West, 1993). One example of this is how we identify the number three with creation, while the number seven organizes. 

The sun has seven rays and there are seven octaves on the musical scale. There are also seven notes, just to mention a few examples. The notes and octaves are in harmonic proportion. Our bodies too are made in harmonic proportion. It is amazing stuff. 

We’ve descended from our galactic home to our earthly home. In the whirlwind, we collected the elements that construct life. Universal intelligence packed us up, and sent us to the hell plane! Separation has taken place. The hermaphrodite is now male and female. What did we do to deserve this? How do we to get back home? Most of us will claim plausible deniability and cling to our childhood mantra; “I didn’t ask to come here.” Uh, yes you did. Well, at least your soul did…numerous times it seems.

Spinning at it’s polarities, vertices, and angles, the Mer *Ka*Ba plays our particular song, and creates our uniqueness apart from any other creature on earth. The Ka represents the spirit and Ba, the body. We are the five pointed star as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The “Merkaba” is our chariot, light-body, our energetic vehicle, the star tetrahedron.

Metatron’s cube contains our superpowers, our genetic memory, and our electro-magnetic energy. Its all enveloped in a matrix destined to become a combination of the 5 platonic solids:

  1. Tetrahedron – 4 faces, 6 vertices, 4 edges       
  2. Cube – 6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges
  3. Octahedron – 8 faces, 6 vertices, 12 edges
  4. Icosahedron – 20 faces, 12 vertices, 30 edges
  5. Dodecahedron-12 faces, 20 vertices, 30 edges

Seven circles represent the seed of life and expands to thirteen, representative of the flower of life. Finally, the egg or ovum is fertilized at conception. Mitosis begins and while some say by day 42, others may argue when spirit enters the body. Through the tropic of Cancer, the angel has fallen. S/he has many names, to include Neo.

As we spiral through the solar system, we pick up planetary energies. The moment of birth is indicative of the planetary aspects present. The moon is the last orb before we reach earth. It moves our emotions with the tides. It’s logical since our bodies hold the same percentage of water as the earth. Depending on the energies present at birth, there are parts of the body that will be sensitive and require extra attention.

Our energetic body (chakra system) is connected to our physical body through the endocrine system. The endocrine system consist of glands, to include:

  •  1. Testes/Ovaries                                 5. Thyroid Gland
  • 2. Adrenal Glands                                6. Pituitary Gland/Hypothalamus
  • 3. Pancreas (endo & exocrine)        7. Pineal Gland
  • 4. Thymus

We receive our talents, our personality traits, genetics and even epigenetic composition from our ancestors. Dr. Joy DeGruy and Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how we potentially carry the imprints and engrained experiences of our environment as far back as fourteen generations. These DNA proteins are crystalized in its structure. One X or Y chromosome from each cell is a contributing factor. 

The Tree of Life is also the Tree of Knowledge. Universal Intelligence has order. The Kabbalah, known in Hebrew for “traditional, received knowledge” is the most common presentation, yet not the only. It is the major arcana of the tarot. It is also the foundation for all possibilities; a pathway.

 Star-seed. It’s your B’earthday! We’re allowed to create here on the earth plane. Any image that comes to mind can be made three dimensional. Shucks, we have 3D printers now. Who thought of that idea? Something tells me it’ll be in my social media recommendations tomorrow. We can bring whatever comes to our mind’s eye to fruition and completion. 

The dung beetle is the strongest creature on earth with proportion to size. It rolls animal dung over a thousand times its own weight, home. This insect tills the soil as the recycling process cleans the environment. It is also represented over the doorway of every temple of ancient Kemet. Its Khepra (Khepri, Khepera); the morning sun, as it pushes its way towards noon; the pinnacle of success!


At the noon day hour, Ra shines the brightest. It’s the highest point in the sky; its June 21st. in the great year of life. You’re shining! How do you feel? Does integrity rule the day or are there regrets? If there are regrets, we are allowed to make mistakes as long as we are willing to reflect and correct. It’s all about the will. Resistance gets us in trouble, and taking the path of least resistance is not always the answer. 

With every cause there is an effect and vise versa. The cycle of life can also be described in seven stages. Along the way, we are faced with challenges to overcome. If we don’t overcome them in a loving way, we experience pain. Then we are faced with a different challenge to learn that same lesson.

The objective is to experience this life using our senses. Then its important for each one to teach one before Set, representing the setting sun, finds us at dusk. We will continue to be faced with opportunities to exercise self love, and ultimately love for others until we get it right. If we don’t learn this lifetime, perhaps we’ll learn in the next. 

Each time we climb out the asteroid craters of life, we are rewarded with a new outlook along with new tools and resources. Eventually we learn the opposite of love is not hate, but fear. Although indifference is the logical opposite, we’ve even given fear an acronym for false evidence appearing real (F.EA.R). Soon thereafter we learn how to recognize our fears and plow through them anyway. With love for self, and the understanding that the experience is all an illusion, we simply learn to confront challenges with grace. As we continue to seek the kingdom of heaven within, we will eventually escape the external wheel of Samsara and find our way home. 

                                                                                          Sheila T. Zimmerman ‘22


DeGruy, Joy. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome


Lipton, Bruce. The Biology of Belief. 

West, John A. “A Serpent In the Sky”. Quest Books. Theosophical Publishing House. 1993. 

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