Involution and Evolution

We are Galactic Hue’mans

Apes and chimpanzees are still here. So how did homo-erectus evolve from them? I don’t know if experts have a succinct answer to that question yet. Most people believe we were either created by an entity, divine spirit, or evolved from apes. Does the answer have to be either, or? Was the big bang more scientific than divine? In our scientific development, we now know how to identify stars, planets, super novas, gamma rays, pulsars, neutron stars, black holes and their possibilities, but wait…are they not all part of divinity?

It is also commonly known that atoms can never be destroyed. They can only be transformed, and yet atoms are not the smallest particle as proven in collider experiments. Yes, they’ve been smashing atoms in colliders, as we slept. Scientists are learning about neutrinos, quarks, leptons, taus and muons which can be erratic before they form particles of atoms and molecules. Physics has come a long way since Max Plank, as did biology since Jane Goodall. Among the cosmic dust that permeates our atmosphere, quarks and leptons containing muons, taus, and other short-lived particles have been proven to penetrate rock. One hundred trillion neutrinos pass through our bodies per hour.

Muons are particles that are 206.77 times heavier than electrons, yet they are said to decay within 2.2 microseconds. They were discovered as they produced a wobble during an experiment. That’s the only reason they became evident. So neutrinos, quarks and muons generate potentiality. This is a huge phenomenon in the world of quantum physics in determining whether we live in a parallel universe or multiverse. For me, it validates not only the energy we exchange with the sun but the energy we receive, and exchange with the planets in our solar system. This happens along the photon belt which is the light spectrum. It turns out we have more in common with the stars and planets than we thought.

Mt Kilamanjaro

If we are made of star dust (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, & nitrogen) while comets are credited for bringing water to earth, and astroids created by iron and other elements make their contribution, it offers an evolutionary image of the heavens coming to form. Then, around 200,000 years ago man, as originally formed with approximately 75% water,“ at the “foothills of the mountain of the moon where the God Hapi dwells”; as stated by Dr. Ben Jochannan, historian, refers to “Tanzania, Kenya’s Mt Kilimanjaro and DRC/Congo area”. This is where the ancients likely roamed until their migrations around the globe. As they circumnavigated the earth, they learned about their relationship with the world around them, to include the heavens. One of the most important lessons that came out of these teachings is, to know thyself


Which came first, the ameba or the trilobite? Geologists and anthropologists say the trilobite went extinct, yet it’s clear the ameba evolved into hearty fern, conifers and palm. Did the trilobite become extinct at the end of the Permian age or did they evolve into mammals? Well, we know plants have evolved into fruitful trees and beautiful flowers as minerals evolved into stunning gems beneath the earth, so what are we evolving into? I think we must experience involution to find out. 

Google and dictionary definitions refer to organs involuting (turning inward) after it goes through a procedural change. The uterus is used as an example ironically, to make the point of how it turns in on itself after childbirth. The mathematical definition refers to “an inverse number divided into itself to give it identity” (Meriam-Webster Dictionary). In other words, it goes inward to identify itself, to become a whole number. This is the definition with which I resonate. After all, the universe speaks to us in numbers, cycles and form.

The Early Cosmos

There is no external power, other than the collective consciousness, whether you identify this source as God, Creator, or the Absolute, the scaffolding darkness and light is the only acceptable and intuitive answer to our questions. If The All, Oneness or Universal Intelligence is within us, then there-in lies the answers. How do we go within? Lets explore our options. Our options are plentiful, yet we are usually prompted by some life experience or trauma.


We can use our collective experience with the latest pandemic as an example of how many of us have used this past year to reflect on our priorities. We realize we are only here for a nano-second in the space and time of earth’s existence. The average life span of 72 years which breaks down to 7+2=9 (completion) and travels through the progression of the equinox 1 single degree within one zodiacal sign. We are living in a profound time of transformation and regeneration which is represented by the dwarf planet Pluto. Pluto takes 248 years to make a revolution around the sun. The US is about to experience its Pluto return. 

Annually, we experience our solar return. We say, “Happy Birthday”. I say, “Happy B’Earthday” since this is when we took our first breath in this incarnation. At that moment in time the planetary energies were in a certain configuration and that combination created the potential for who you are and everything you have and will become. Each planet in our solar system is connected energetically to our sun which is connected to our universal intelligence. 

Just think of the sun in our solar system and its connection to the sun in our form. It is the human heart; el corazo’n. If we have a heart attack, it is referred to as a coronary infarction, among other references. A total solar eclipse covers all but the sun’s corona. It also emits CME’s or coronal mass ejections that has the ability to corrupt the earth’s atmosphere with too much radiation energy and solar winds. When we think of the heart’s frequency, we can translate it in the Deutsch term for heart which is herz. Our sun is after all the heart of the solar system.

CME Hitting Earth’s Protective Magnetic Field

Not known to a lot of people is the fact that CME’s can produce coronaries in humans. You don’t have to believe in astrology; although, it was originally one of the seven liberal arts and sciences or seven pillars of knowledge as acknowledged by Pythagoras, Free Masons (Marcus, 2017) and others who sat at the feet of ancient Khemetans. This is where the word chemistry and alchemy are derived. Astrology which includes astronomy became obscured and astronomy took its place in the quadrivium (geometry, arithmetic, music, & astronomy). Planetary placements and configurations impact our lives whether we want to acknowledge them or not. All you have to do is look around you or at what’s happening in the US if you live abroad. Don’t worry, whatever happens in the US will have a ripple affect, according to astrologers worldwide. 

Therefore, meditation can be a useful technique for connecting with universal intelligence, as well as studying your natal chart so you can compare it to the present energies and potentiality. Astrology is not about making predictions, although it can be useful in determining possible outcomes. Those in the know, understand, inner-stand, and over-stand the conscious and subconscious connections. Collectively we are made in the image of our creator, hence are reflections of one another. So the energies we put out are the energies we get back. Many call it karma. 

Incidentally we are also reflected in the earth. The Schumann Resonance of the earth is its heartbeat. Named after German scientists Winfred Otto Schumann and H. L. Konig, It usually registers at 7.83hz in radio frequency. Remember we are energy, frequency and vibration. If you know what range the human resting heart rate should be, then you know its between 72-80 BPM. Although the Schumann resonance fluctuates like our own, when it is low, or high it affects wave frequencies in the earth which in turn affects us. 

Brother Ani’s heart is weighed against the feather of Ma’at

In conclusion, it is important to learn which energies offer you courage, wisdom, contentment, fulfillment, security and unconditional love. It requires checking in with self and others through our relationships. Fellowship is a part of that connection yet balance (ma’at) is the vital aspect of involution which requires quiet time in your own heart space. As your energy, frequency, and vibration expands so does your personal growth and development. This, my fellow galactic hue’mans, is an inside job.

Sheila T. Zimmerman


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