Mercury Retrograde

Looking back on the days of family road trips, I remember sitting in the back seat as we rode past traffic, 18 wheelers in particular. If traffic was heavy enough, we would ride alongside one for a while. After a few minutes, I would be hypnotized by the wheel rotation. It appeared as though oneContinue reading “Mercury Retrograde”

The Great Purge

Yoooo! Peace be still. I haven’t heard so many references to the word purge since the days of anorexia and bulimia awareness. What exactly are we purging? I guess that depends on who we pose the question to. There are so many planetary aspects happening between Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto; that last weekContinue reading “The Great Purge”

The Essence & The Ego

The dynamic duo is the essence and the ego. They’re like Batman and Robin complimented by the personality. The indivi’dual wants to express itself. It wants to thrive in the world through self actualization. It wants to express itself through the five and if developed, six senses. Who says we should relinquish our egos? OurContinue reading “The Essence & The Ego”

Involution and Evolution

Apes and chimpanzees are still here. So how did homo-erectus evolve from them? I don’t know if experts have a succinct answer to that question yet. Most people believe we were either created by an entity, divine spirit, or evolved from apes. Does the answer have to be either, or? Was the big bang moreContinue reading “Involution and Evolution”

7 Laws of the Universe

THE ABSOLUTE As three creates, seven organizes the universe. Yes, there are rules to this game. You’ve experienced them all. Some people identify these laws as principles but these words are interchangeable since principles are fundamental truths of a system. Although, there are billions of known galaxies at this point in time, the Milky WayContinue reading “7 Laws of the Universe”

The Conscious Breath

In the days of undue stress, I wonder how many of us are walking around, shallow breathing as we ‘react’ to every trigger facing us; as there is no shortage I might add. We don’t realize the connection of shallow breathing and hair trigger reactions. Sounds like a concept related to shadow boxing, huh? ItContinue reading “The Conscious Breath”

Mutha-loving Earthlings!

Happy B’Earth’Day! You Mutha-loving Earthlings (smh). You really need to get a grip. You mutha-loving earthlings bout to slip. My gravity embraced you from the abyss, and somehow you think it’s ok to treat me like this. Perhaps you need a good radiation dose; if only to remind you of your place in the cosmos.Continue reading “Mutha-loving Earthlings!”

7 Layers of the Body or Aura

Most of us are familiar with the word aura by now. This is our energy field or personal space. The word energy comes from the Greek word energeia, meaning actualization. Nothing energetic can be actualized without the process of birth. That which is material is matter, stemming from the word mater or mother. Matter is maternal.  All layers of our aura interconnectContinue reading “7 Layers of the Body or Aura”

A Journey of Involution

The Waves of Time Self discovery is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had the delight of pursuing. Is this not true happiness? Knowing one’s place in the world, one’s connection to our planet, in search of purpose. Isn’t it wonderful to find ourselves reflected in other people? To cultivate relationships that create memories ofContinue reading “A Journey of Involution”