A Journey of Involution

The Waves of Time

A Lonesome Journey

Self discovery is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had the delight of pursuing. Is this not true happiness? Knowing one’s place in the world, one’s connection to our planet, in search of purpose. Isn’t it wonderful to find ourselves reflected in other people? To cultivate relationships that create memories of lifetime? What a joy it is to find love in another human being; a friend to call your own. Not in a possessive sense, but in a sense of oneness. Then there’s duality; you, me, the good and evil that started it all. Spells as are created in etymology; in language. How I learned the law of correspondence; as above, so below; the law of rhythm, its’ ebb and flow. I’m acquiring the ability to correspond to the rhythm of the planets, the procession of the stars. This is how my small corner of the universe evolves. It is the road map of my angels; my angles, simply life’s navigational tool. It’s a beautiful thing; a “butiful” thing as a famous comedian once said. It’s a knowing… as contagious as yawning; infectious as laughter. 

Nature’s Journey

So vast is the earth, and so necessary to connect with it everyday. The more our world becomes technologically advanced, the more we need to recognize and engage with nature. Whether we stroll in the morning sun or brisk walk in the eve, it’s the benefits we gain. The poles are shifting. Continents are on the move. Energy is in motion, it’s the constant we can count on. Balancing our emotions, it’s a harmonious task… ma’at, the law of the pendulum, cause and effect. To the degree we swing right, to the same degree we swing left. Birds sing, the wind blows, while fire and ice in all it’s forms play percussion, in all of its’ forms…and the spheres keep harmony. The ether is the structure, the conductor of this symphony, holding it together in a song.  

~ Sheila T. Zimmerman

Published by EarthtoneS

My love for writing extends back to the early years as a form of expression when my vocabulary was limited. I needed a way to validate my thoughts and feelings. I began with poetry which led to journaling, and songwriting. Ultimately, I began writing as a subcontractor in '08 for a freelancer who supplied articles to businesses. This is where I learned SEO content, keywords, and density. By the time I had written hundreds of articles of this nature, it was time to move forward in my quest to learn internet marketing as I honed my creative writing skillset. I began writing academically in 2015 so I could tighten up on how to cite my research. Now it's time to apply what I've learned to my body of work. My desire is to complete the book for which I've researched and compiled information, in addition to my personal experience. As I sojourn towards having my first full body of work published, I am available for writing projects to support my objective. I am grateful for the day you discover, acknowledge, and appreciate the passion in my words.

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